The 3 Bestfriends

This story is about 3 best friend that bump into guys on a beach in London, England. After a while of knowing the 5 guys something was wrong about them and they noticed. The girls go to a club one night and they get extremely drunk not knowing what they are doing. They pick up some good looking guys not noticing that they are the guys they bumped into at the beach. Will they fall in love? Will the girls find out what their secret is? What will the guys do to the 3 best friends when they find out the secret?


4. The Perfect Day We Will Never Forget....

The Perfect Day We Will Never Forget....

Savannah's POV:

When I woke up it was dark. 

So how do you like the vampire life so far? He laughed and put his arm around me. 

I'm hungry. I said standing up. Seth stood up after me. There's someone just try not to kill them. I ran as fast as u could to the guy and i grabbed his head and bite his neck until Seth pulled me off if him. What the hell was that for! I yelled.

You were going to kill him? He asked.

I don't care! I yelled.

Savannah! He grabbed my shoulders and turned me to him and kissed me. Come on lets go back to your place. He said and grabbed my hand and we left.

Cheyenne's POV:

I am so happy you told me the truth about you. I said then smiled shyly.

Me too. He said and smiled back.

Hey Isaac i need to tell you something. I said looking down.

Yeah what is it?? He asked.

It is just that I flirt with any guy that is cute but then it never works out between us. I said still looking down.

Cheyenne i am not going to abandon you like the other dudes. He said.

No they never broke up with me i would break up with them because all they ever wanted was sex, sex, sex like literally why do guys like it so much? I asked.

Uh it feels nice but still i usually wait until the girls are ready because i am patient. He said.

Really? I ask.

Yeah. He said then takes my hand in his.

I lay my head on his shoulder and he puts his head on mine. We sit there just looking at the ocean it was so beautiful at night i love watching it at this time.

Cheyenne when will we be going on the date?? He asked.

When would you like?? I asked smiling still having my head on his shoulder.

Now would be good. He said.

Ok. I said then took my head off his shoulder and stood up and he got up.

Where would you like to go? He asked.

Hmm how about Outback?? I asked.

Sure, lets go. He said then takes my hand again.

We walked to the parking lot then i didn't see my car so i figured ether Brandi or Savannah took it darn them but then i seen he had a nice car too. 

What is Brandon and Brandi going to drive in?? I asked.

If Brandi knows how to drive then we have another car here too. I think Tyler and Mason left already. He said.

Oh ok then lets go. I said then i jumped into the front seat of his convertible. 

We drive to Outback and it seemed to be like a half hour away but i was listening to the radio and was humming to the music and Isaac just looked at me.

What?? I asked.

You know you can sing out loud. He said smiling at me.

No i prefer not too. I said.

Why not i doubt you sound bad. He said.

Hahahaha your funny i sound horrible. I said.

Come on one song please. He said.

No. I said.

If you don't i will pull the car over until you do. He said.

Seriously Isaac that's not fair. I said.

Then sing. He said. 

Fine but i get to choose. I said then took my phone out then typed in "Untitled By Simple Plan" then it started.

I open my eyes

I try to see but I'm blinded

By the white light


I can't remember how?

I can't remember why?

I'm lying here tonight


And I can't stand the pain

And I can't make it go away

No, I can't stand the pain


How could this happen to me?

I've made my mistakes

Got nowhere to run

The night goes on


As I'm fading away

I'm sick of this life

I just wanna scream

How could this happen to me?


Everybody's screaming

I try to make a sound

But no one hears me


I'm slipping off the edge

I'm hanging by a thread

I wanna start this over again


So I try to hold onto a time when nothing mattered

And I can't explain what happened

And I can't erase the things that I've done, no I can't


How could this happen to me?

I've made my mistakes

Got nowhere to run

The night goes on


As I'm fading away

I'm sick of this life

I just wanna scream

How could this happen to me?


I've made my mistakes

I've got nowhere to run

The night goes on


As I'm fading away

I'm sick of this life

I just wanna scream

How could this happen to me?


I look over to him and his mouth was wide open.

What the heck are you looking at me like that weirdo. I said.

Y-you are a amazing singer you should go for The X Factor. He said.

Oh no no no no. I said.

And why not? He asked.

First of all i am not that good and second of all i don't want to leave my friends behind just to be famous. No! I yelled the last part.

Fine. He said.

Now lets go to dinner. I said.

Ok we are here now. He said.

Great i am starving to death. I said sarcastically.

Yup totally. He said.

I was being sarcastic. I said.

I know i was too. He said.

Oh. I said.

We talk and talk and we had a lot in common plus we had so much fun at dinner i even ate like 10 of those brown bread they were delicious. We get done eating he paid the waiter which was totally checking Isaac out and i couldn't help it but laugh when she was because it was so noticeable. So when she came back to grab are check i grabbed his shirt and pulled him into a kiss and she just walked away and rolled her eyes.

She was totally jealous. I said laughing.

Yeah but i would of like that kiss to last longer. He said.

Maybe later. I said and laughed.

Shall we go? He asked.

We shall. I said.

Then he got up out of his seat and took my hand and helped me up then pushed my chair in. When we arrived to the car he opened my door and shut it when i got in. Then he got in on his side and turned the car on and we drove back to my place. We arrived to my place in silence because we talked out everything. 

I had a amazing night with you even the fact your a wolf i still had fun. I said.

Me too. He said.

Can we do this again soon? I asked.

Yeah of course love. He said and we looked into eachothers eyes and we both leaned in and kissed for about 30 seconds then i got out and waved to him and went inside and went to bed because i was exhasted. I soon fell asleep.

Brandi's POV:

Brandon i really had a amazing time but i have to go and i am really happy you told me your big secret i am glad you can trust me. I said.

No problem. He said then kissed me passionatly and i kissed back.

We stopped kissing and he drove me home and he stopped me before i got out of the car.

Brandi do you think we can do this again soon? He asked.

Yeah of course and i always thought you didn't know how to drive? She asked.

Well that is another little secret of ares. He said then kissed me again.

Bye Brandon. I said after i pulled away.

Bye love. He said then i got out shut the door and went upstairs and went to bed fastly because i was extremly tired.

Savannah's POV:

Hey Seth I think Brandon is waiting to go home. I said.

Oh yeah right well i should go. He said.

Yeah hope we can do this again. I said.

Oh trust me it will my little vampire. He said.

Ok bye. I said then he kissed me and left.

I was just sitting on my bed and i started dozing off because i wasn't a full vampire yet. I fell asleep thinking of Seth all night in my dreams.


A/N: Heya guys tell me what you think favorite please thanks loves!!! Lots of love, CheyenneAllen06.

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