The 3 Bestfriends

This story is about 3 best friend that bump into guys on a beach in London, England. After a while of knowing the 5 guys something was wrong about them and they noticed. The girls go to a club one night and they get extremely drunk not knowing what they are doing. They pick up some good looking guys not noticing that they are the guys they bumped into at the beach. Will they fall in love? Will the girls find out what their secret is? What will the guys do to the 3 best friends when they find out the secret?


1. The Characters:

The Characters:


Cheyenne: She is 19 , outgoing, funny, flity, loud, fun, nice, fisty (sometimes), and loves Zayn Malik.

Savannah: She is 19, sarcastic, mean, not outgoing (into herself), loud, halarious, and loves Louis Tomlinson.

Brandi: She is 19, fisty, outgoing, fun (sometimes), loud, clumsby, and loves Harry Styles.

Issac: He is 20, a singer, fun, outgoing+shy, loves looking at his self in mirrors, smexy, and British.

Seth: He is 21, a singer, very outgoing, little mean, crazy, smexy, he loves girls that have the taste of carrots, and Britsh.

Brandon: He is 18, a singer, flirty, outgoing, sensative, has amazing dimples, smexy, loves cats, and British.

Tyler: He is 19, a singer, mature, outgoing, funny, smexy, the big daddy of the group, and British.

Mason: He is 19, a singer, very outgoing, funny, loves Nandoes, smexy, and Irish. 

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