One Direction Imagines

Who's your favorite member of 1D? Whoever it is I've got imagines for you. Skip around if you like. Tell me what you think in the comments.
I do take requests. (1D requests only on this one)


2. Zayn

You and Zayn have been dating for about two weeks, and nobody has sent you hate or ever gotten in your way. You were happy that everything was going good between you two.


You and Zayn were out on a date to the mall. Everything was going great until some fans saw Zayn and ran straight into you knocking you down. Zayn was angry. "Hey thats my girl! Don't push her down!" He ran straight to you and helped you up. "Are you OK (Y/N)?" "Yes I'm fine Zayn." You said. Zayn looked back at the fans. "Forget it I'm not doing anything for you guys." "But Zayn why?" "Cause no one treats my girl like that." You looked at him and smiled. You guys continued your day and had a great time spending time with eachother.




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