One Direction Imagines

Who's your favorite member of 1D? Whoever it is I've got imagines for you. Skip around if you like. Tell me what you think in the comments.
I do take requests. (1D requests only on this one)


3. Liam

You and Liam were going to an arena. You were going with him to watch him practice for a show tonight. When you guys got there, fans were surrounding the place. Liam decided to greet some fans. About 5 minutes later a fan shouted to you and said "(Y/N) you are so ugly. You don't deserve Liam! Hes mine!" You looked at her and smirked. Then you grabbed Liam and pulled him in and kissed him. After you were done kissing him, you looked to the fan who shouted at you and said with a smile "Sorry hun, but I think hes actually mine." You looked away from her and grabbed Liam's hand then you walked towards the doors of the arena as the fan looked embaressed.





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