Two worlds collide

Two worlds collide is about a story when vampires and mermaids come into eachothers lives and soon run into 5 other boys will they be vampires or mermans and will they become friends or couples read the story to find out!!!!


1. Ema

Emma's pov

 i heared screaming in the alley i run straight over there shit!!! There's 5 vampires sucking blood from 2 girls i screamed and tried to run but this guy with blond hair grabs me and says blondie-go to sleep i fell asleep not knowing why.i wake up in a room but its not mine I'm  guessing its one of the vampires rooms they probably didnt drink from me since I'm a mermaid because vampires hate fish blood.the door suddenly opened it was the blonde blonde-hi my name is niall and I'm a vampire ME-obviously....why Dufy take me here? NIALL-i don't know anyways i know your a mermaid.ME-I know I guessed because i don't have any bite marks.It got quiet and then I finally said ME-so........... NIALL-so yeah I better get going.ME-ok see you later.he left did i really have feelings for him?

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