Two worlds collide

Two worlds collide is about a story when vampires and mermaids come into eachothers lives and soon run into 5 other boys will they be vampires or mermans and will they become friends or couples read the story to find out!!!!




i was in the car listening to one way or another and then i finally arrived at harrys house i was happy to see him but mad because i knew he was the one that killed ema hes the only one that goes innto that dark alley i opened the door and was about to go to harrys room when i bumped right into him HARRY-hi elizabeth what are you doing here STRANGER-elizabeth!!!!! i turn to see a girl that looks like ema......OMG it is ema i run straight to her and gave her a hug ELIZABETH-ema i need to tell you something EMA-anything ELIZBETH-im a vampire that eats humans and animals dont freak out!! ema drops her jaw and stares at me for what feels like a century EMA-WHATT YOUR ONE OF THEM!!!!! ELIZABETH-finally you say something.

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