Two worlds collide

Two worlds collide is about a story when vampires and mermaids come into eachothers lives and soon run into 5 other boys will they be vampires or mermans and will they become friends or couples read the story to find out!!!!


4. elizabeth

Elizabeth POV

im visiting ema im driving there right now i wanna tell her my secret.

i knocked on the door emas mom opened the door crying EMAS MOM-h-hi elizabeth

ELIZABETH-wats wrong EMAS MOM-emas missing ELIZABETH-WAT!!! where was the last place you saw her? EMAS MOM-she went to the store and its been a day since shes been gone and we went to the store and the owner said he saw her go in the dark alley and that nobody goes there ever because they go missing and then you find their bodys with no blood in their body.ELIZABETH-thats so sad i was so happy to tell her something and now shes gone!!!!.i left and went to harrys house.

Emas pov

i have feelings for him yeahh.the door opens and this guy with alot of hair comes in GUY-hi im harry

EMA-hi im wonder why his name is harry.HARRY-ok umm i just came in here too see if your okay because someone likes you and you know who that is dont you?EMA-niall? HARRY-yeah anyways bye.all of a suuden someone familiar bumps into him while hes getting out of the room.

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