With Love,

Earan Edwards; your 17 year old typical girl, had just moved back to her Texas small town from the Philippines to enter another journey, 'college life'. Her life honestly was a bit of a bumpy road; a long list of trial, let's just say. But suddenly, after her rough teen years, something lightens her. A weakness; A secret admirer. Extreme secret admirer. Months after the mystery , she realized she's possibly in love with this guy.. Not having a clue on who he is. Think about it, when it comes to the time where she finds out, what'll change?


3. Runaway

It only took Dylan 30 minutes to be in deep sleep. 

I decided to text Sarah.

<Me: Dude.. Are you still awake?>

<Sarah: Yeah. Why?>

I called her instead. 

I couldn't hold back feels for much longer. 

"Hey, what's up?"
She seemed a bit worried about me.

*Sarah's POV* 

I was confused. I don't know what was going on with Earan. 

"Dude... I think I'm crushing."

"Earan, that's too obvious! 
It's okay! Besides, William is cute! 
He seems like a really good guy."

"Ugh. I'm afraid to be in love again...
After stuff with Zach.. Just.. I don't know.  
It's hard to trust and love and.. I don't know."

"Just forget him!" I yelled. 

I was angry that he had hurt her so badly, almost ruining her whole life. 

Earan started to cry.

"I'm sorry. 
I'm sorry this is the kind of crap you're going through.

But you live and learn, that's life."

I like William.. But... I don't know. Maybe he doesn't even--"

"Don't even say it. I know he's interested! Now, get some sleep! It's late! Goodnight!" 

I hung up the phone without her even saying good night. I sprawled on my bed and passed out. 

*Earan's POV* 

I hope Sarah was right. 

Usually, she is. 
I continued my tv marathon, soon falling asleep. 


*The next day* 

I woke up. 

Of course, the first thing I do is check my phone. 

Two texts from him.

I smiled from ear to ear. 

<William: Good morning :) 
Did you sleep well?>

He was concerned about me as my sleep?

As I was thinking, another text appeared. 

<William: We should hang out, you got any plans for later?>

Holy shit! What am I gonna say to that?!

It was around 9:46 on a Monday morning. 

I jumped out of my bed and sprang on to Dylan's, jumping up and down.

"What the hell!" He threw a pillow at my face. 

"Eeepp! Look!!" I squealed in excitement. 

"Just shut up and go back to sleep."
He grumpily said in his scratchy voice. 


I call up Sarah once again. 


"Dude... I don't wanna go to work today."

Sarah and I were cashiers at a gas station. 

"I know right? I'm too lazy to get ready."

"By the wag, William texted me!" 
I burst out.

"AHHH!!!! What did he say?!?!"

"He said he wants to hang out later.. But.. We have work until 4." 
I sighed. 

"You two could go out after?"

"I don't know. Maybe just this--
Hold on, he's calling!"

"Three way! I'll mute myself."

I switched the conversation to three way.


I think I sounded to joyful. 

"Hey, did you get my texts?"

"Uh.. Yeah. I was just about to reply."
I was a little shaky.

"Alright. Well then do you wanna hang out later?"

"I have work today."

"Where? I'll pick you up."

"No! I won't even look goo--"

"Place and time, I'll pick you up."
William sounded demanding. 

I sighed again.
"You really wanna know?
I work at a Chevron station, there on high way 167. My shift ends at 4pm."

"Alright. Movie and dinner tonight."
He hung up.

Sarah took herself off mute. 

"I'm right, as always! Gotta get ready. Bye!" 
She hung up too.

I threw my phone on my bed, then stepped into the shower. 

I slipped on my tightest skinny jeans, my royal blue vans and my blue and white polo shit with the lame Chevron logo.
I didn't know what to do with my hair today.
I finally decided to go with my natural waves.

I picked up Sarah and we went to work.

We had arrived at the station, on duty.  
"I'm so scared for tonight!"

"Why?!?? You shouldn't be! 

He actually likes you! Just accept that."


*Hours later*

The time was fast, it was already 3:57. 
The other cashiers had came in for their shifts. 

Sarah and I sat outside, waiting.

"Since I'm getting picked up, take my car back."
I tossed her the keys.

I check the time on my phone as I saw William drive up. 

"Good luck." 
She teased, standing up and making her way to my car. 

William parked right in front of where I was sitting, stepping out. 

He put his hand out for me to reach for.
Shyly, I took it.

"I hope you don't mind, but I changed plans tonight." 
He said as we sat in his car for a moment. 

We drove to an empty field, he had set up a picnic.
Simple, but sweet.

It wasn't anything too special. 
Just talking, laughing & eating. 

When the clock struck 8pm, we left. 

"I had a great time.."  

William smiled while driving, not making eye contact with me.
The drive was silent and peaceful. 

We had arrived to Dylan's house. 
He smiled once again, it was indescribable, even though he does it a lot. 

"Goodnight." He whispered.

I stepped out of his car and just waved at him, then made my way inside.


*One month later* 

It was only a 3 weeks before college would start.

Finally, I had made my decision on what to do and where to go.

Sarah had walked into the room. 

She came over today to help Dylan and I pack our things. 

She was already done with her share of stuff. 

"I'm glad you decided to stick with us at Stanford." 

Sarah warmly smiled, folding some of my clothes. 

"Do you know what course you'll take?"  Dylan asked. 

"Yes! I wanted to wait and tell you today."

"Than go ahead!!" Dylan yelled.

"I'm gonna major in tourism."

Sarah and Dylan clapped their hands and cheered.

"Oh shut up you two!" I threw some of my clothes at them. 

"Hey Earan, I don't want you to get upset or anything, but have you still not heard from William?"

I sighed. 

I don't know what happened.
One minute, William liked me.
Now, it's been a month and he is no more.
I don't know what happened.
I text him.
But no answer.
I think maybe he's just busy.
Maybe later on, he'll make time for me. 

Sarah kept shut. 
She guessed I didn't want to talk about it. 
She had guessed correctly. 

Finally we finished the packing spree. 

It was around 9pm. 

Sarah had called up a moving truck to get all our things. 

About an hour later, we got situated. We had all made our goodbyes to our families and headed out. 

Road trip, California here we come.

As we're leaving the town, I look out the window.
Taking a last glimpse at the old and making space in my heart and mind for the new.

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