With Love,

Earan Edwards; your 17 year old typical girl, had just moved back to her Texas small town from the Philippines to enter another journey, 'college life'. Her life honestly was a bit of a bumpy road; a long list of trial, let's just say. But suddenly, after her rough teen years, something lightens her. A weakness; A secret admirer. Extreme secret admirer. Months after the mystery , she realized she's possibly in love with this guy.. Not having a clue on who he is. Think about it, when it comes to the time where she finds out, what'll change?


1. Once Upon a Me

Once upon a ti - ...

What's going on through my mind?

I'm not quite sure why, but I keep returning to my pasts.

From the time my mom was still around, to the time Sarah and Dylan became an item.

This isn't exactly the perfect place in time for reminiscing though.

"Earan..?! Earan?..." Sarah had been questioning my name, while Dylan joined her by poking my face. 

I was leisurely zoned out; drinking my mocha latte, here at Starbucks, when my two knit-whits bothered. 

"What?!? Can't you see I'm happy being alone?" 
Annoyed, I slammed my drink down on the table. 

"What the hell's wrong?" Dylan asked. 

I thought about it.

What the hell is wrong with me?

I'm stressed enough already. 

One, it's summer. 

We've just graduated high school. 

Next stop, college. 

Sarah and Dylan seem to have their life planned ahead already. 

Sarah's taking zoology.
As for Dylan, he's taking engineering.

Both of them at Stanford University in California. 

Here I am, stuck in the mud and having no clue where I'll go or what I'll do.

Two, I'm 17 years old. 
According to most, I'm beautiful. 

But then again, if I'm "beautiful", why am I single?! 

For a while, I'd been quite lonely. 

My mother had died 2 years back due to cancer, and my dad died a few months ago from a heart attack. 

Plus, leaving the Philippines meant leaving my autistic brother, Vincent.

Although I guess I can't say I'm too lonely, I've got my two bestfriends and my God family to stick around my side. 

But whatever, I'm still here as a single pringle. 

I snap back to reality to answer him.

"Just.. Meh, nevermind. Don't  mind me. I'm irrelevant."

Finishing our drinks, Dylan sang that song from Dora that he knows I cannot stand.


Sarah covering his mouth to shut him up, I speak.

"Let there be a silence to you!"

Walking out, we all headed to my car. 

We sat for a minute, not knowing what to do next. 

"Okay guys, it's 2pm on a Sunday. What are we gonna do now?" I asked. 

"You guys remember my friend Josh, right?" 
Dylan asked us. 

Sarah not having a good first impression with him, became hot headed.

"Oh yeah.. You mean that guy who tried to have a one night stand with Earan after we went to see Fast and Furious 6? Yep. Remember that one."

"Anyways," Dylan continued,

"It's almost his 18th birthday, he'll be having a party tonight an--"

It's like I had become deaf. 
All I had heard was '18th birthday' and 'party'. 

My mind was not filtered at the moment, so of course I spat out a few words of my own.

"Don't tell me this is gonna be like Project X! I don't wanna call up my grandma there in the Philippines and be all like, 'Hey grandma, I'm in jail for partying too hard and shit'."

Dylan in the shotgun seat turns over to Sarah.

"Babe, can lighten her up?"

He was really aggravating me. 

"Oh shut up Dylan, you don't know a thing!" 

"Dylan, you know for a fact that me and Earan have NEVER been to any sort of party like that.." 

"Sarah, what do you mean... 'Like that'?" Dylan asked her. 

"It's just that... You know.. Josh is  like, the most popular guy in school. 

Also you yourself are quite popular. 

We haven't really tried drinking and passing out on someone's front yard before.

Let me just explain the definition of Earan and I;

- Two girls fiddle around on social media everyday, do school work, behave and do absolutely nothing."

I couldn't hold it. After she said that, I had to leak out some smart ass remark.

"Oh, so you saying we're Perry the Platypus?" 

"Pretty much." 

"Gah! Alright alright. For the sake of our social lives, we're in! Geez!"

I jammed keys in and started the car. 

"Besides Earan, Josh likes you! And yo--"

"Woah woah woah Dylan, what the fuck! 
I slammed the breaks hard, due to the shock. 

"But Earan!"

"'But' NO Dylan!
From his reputation and the fact that 
2728949270969 girls like him, not even gonna try. 

Plus, he's NOT my type. He's like, one of those jerk guys."

"That's why he's looking for a girl like you! 

He wants a change and believes you're it, Earan. C'mon!"


"Alright then, I'm not gonna push you to him. 

I will tell you, he has a lot of friends. Some from different states, cities, schools.
I hope tonight you'll find someone special, becaus--"

"So Dylan, you're telling me to find someone special at a party where everyone will probably be acting drunk and careless? Might as well go to a bar."

All Sarah did was laugh at our ridiculous fight. 

It's not a first time, this happens almost everyday. 

Dylan and I fight over the dumbest shit. 

"Whatever. Party starts at 7. Make sure you two are looking hot.. Well... Just Sarah, I don't care about you Earan. How about you go with the homeless look.
You know? The look you look like at the house?" 
Dylan chuckles. 

"You know.. 
If I wasn't driving, I'd probably just punch your balls right now with 
no hesitations."

I was still pissed, but now mostly nervous from thinking about tonight. 

"What will I wear?!"
"How will I fix my hair?!"
"Crap, I'll be going alone."
"Maybe I'll take a couple shots..?"
"What if something extremely terrible happens?!"
All the thoughts shot through my mind. 

I always hear all sorts of stuff that happens at those teen house parties.
Knowing myself, I'm slightly innocent. 

"So Sarah, you excited?" Dylan questioned. 

"Kind of..? 
I'm a little nervous. This is our first house party and all.. So.. Yeah." 
She answered him. 

"What kind of stuff should we wear? Dresses, shorts, what?" 

I had to ask Dylan.
I was ignorant. 

I had seen stuff on TV, but I was never sure. 

Of course, his answer was one I expected. 

"Don't wear dresses or skirts, it would be easy for you to get laid."

Sarah was surprised on what he had said. 

"Babe, seriously right now?"

"Sorry... I just.. Uh. Yeah. Never mind." 

"Alrighty then, I guess me and Sarah need to do a bit of shopping today."

"What about me?"
Dylan gave me the puppy dog face. 

"No." I answer, 
"I'll drop you off at the house and see you at 7-ish at Josh's."

"It literally takes you 5 hours to get ready for one night?" 
Dylan was curious.  

Sarah leans up from the back seat,
"Babe, if we could, we would spend the whole day!" 

Dylan spoke in relief,
"I'm glad I don't have the hard ship of being a girl."

We had arrived to Dylan's house. 

"Just shut up and get out of my car!"

I pushed him out as he opened the door. 

Sarah exited the back seat and came up front with me. 

Going into reverse, Sarah waved goodbye to him. 

As we're driving through the neighborhood, out onto the highway, the question popped out of my mouth.

"What are you gonna go with tonight?"

"It is our first party. 

I wanna look hot.
But I'll go with simple me.
Maybe a loose t-shirt? Some jea--"

I interrupt her. 

"Don't even say jeans! 

It's an oven up here in Texas!
Plus you should try showing off your legs!
You'll look hot in shorts, trust me!"

"Alright alright, I'll find some shorts. But you can't stop me from wearing Converse or Toms, sorry!"

"I knew you wouldn't let them go in a million years!"

"What about you? What are you planning to go in?"

As we reached another stop light, I thought again. 

What WILL I wear?!

I want to look hot. 

Many guys = many chances. 

I just quickly answered her,

"Gah! I have no absolute idea!"

We get to the mall and enter. 

For about three hours, 
we go to every clothing store. 
One by one. 

Before we left, we stopped to get some ice cream and went back to the car. 

We sat in the parking lot for around 15 minutes munching on the ice cream. 

"I honestly don't even know how you convinced me to buy these.." 

Sarah shook her head and held up the studded black shorts I convinced her to buy. 

Her legs are lean and long. 
For sure, Dylan would be proud of me for picking those out for her. 

"I think you'll look hot tonight! Besides! It's our first party. 
I want you to look amazing!" 

I tried to encourage her. 

"Alright, whatever you say."

She rolled her eyes as I started the car. 

We had decided to do hair and make up at her place. 

We drop our bags and ran to the bathroom to heat up the curling iron as the straightener. 

"Curly or straight?" 
Sarah held up both machines.

"For you... I say curly. Cause I want my hair straight tonight." 

Doing our hair and makeup, the time kept ticking. 

At last, we slipped into our clothes. 

"Screw it. I'm wearing wedges tonight!" 

"That's the spirit Sarah!" 
I cheered as she slid on the shoes. 

Along with that, she had a loose, white tank top with two leopards on it, along with the studded shorts I had picked for her. 

As for me, I tried to look mysterious tonight. 

I went with a black tank top that read the words 'Youth Gone Wild', I thought it fit for the night. 
Paired with white shorts with gold studs & black wedges as well. But not the same as Sarah's.

I tucked my shirt a little in the front, but let the back go out. 

I checked the time on my phone. 

Sarah walked out of the bathroom after checking herself for once more,

"Dude. It's 7:05 already. We're so late!"

"Dude, shut up. We can totally make a dramatic scene now! Party crashers!"
I was a little enthusiastic, but still nervous. 

Sarah looked quite eager as well. 

"Alright. Let's do this!"
I let out my hand for a fist bump. 

We make our way to the car. 

Before I slip the keys in the slot, I pause. 

"What are you waiting for Earan!? 
We're hot.
We're fab.
Now let's roll."

I started the car,

When Sarah pushed the button for the radio, the song 'Last Friday Night' by Katy Perry was just beginning. 

"Ironic? I think not."
I said as we heard. 

After 20 minutes, we had finally arrived. 

We sat in the car for a moment of silence and peace. 

"Okay... Breathe in... Breathe out..."

I definitely needed some peace before I would step out into a chaotic mess. 

"Earan, you're gonna be fine!"

"I don't understand how you don't feel nervous!"

I was confused. 

"I have you and Dylan. There's nothing to worry about!"

"Alright. Let's go?"

"Let's go."
Sarah flashed a smile to me, letting me know everything would be okay. 

We step out and I lock up my car. 

I'm pretty sure around 50+ people were already there. 

As we walk up and around to find Dylan, everyone stared at us. 

"Now that you think about it, this is slightly awkward.." Sarah looked around a little freaked out. 

I saw that Josh had noticed me and Sarah. 

He ran up to us with arms wide open, pulling us for a group hug. 

"Happy birthday!" Sarah and I had spoken at the same time.

"Damn, you two look good!" 
He scans us each. 

"I guess that's a 'thank you'?" I smirked at him. 

"Where's Dylan?" Sarah asked him. 

"He's right inside the house with some friends." 
Josh pointed to the house. 

"Let's go in?"
He suggested.

Josh walked ahead, Sarah and I just followed his lead. 

We followed him to reach our destination, the kitchen. 

A decent game of beer pong was going on. 

"Sarah!" Dylan said as he saw Sarah had arrived and leaned for a hug. 

"Annnnd.. Earan.... Yeah.. Ugh. Get out. You don't belong here.. Just leave.."

I knew he was kidding just to embarrass me or whatever. 

"I keep telling you, one day.. I'm gonna straight up punch you in the balls." 
I rolled my eyes at him. 

"Lighten up! Damn, you're uptight! You look fine! Just shut up and join the game of beer long, will ya?"
Dylan patted my back, trying to make me feel comfy. 

I gave in, but made Sarah participate too. 

Between the game, I noticed a bunch of girls squealing and turning their heads. 

I was confused on what was going on, but soon I understood..


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