With Love,

Earan Edwards; your 17 year old typical girl, had just moved back to her Texas small town from the Philippines to enter another journey, 'college life'. Her life honestly was a bit of a bumpy road; a long list of trial, let's just say. But suddenly, after her rough teen years, something lightens her. A weakness; A secret admirer. Extreme secret admirer. Months after the mystery , she realized she's possibly in love with this guy.. Not having a clue on who he is. Think about it, when it comes to the time where she finds out, what'll change?


5. Love-Struck

I just wanted to eat and wash my mind. 

I couldn't quit thinking about what Josh had said to me.

He really likes me?

I mean, Josh is ... 


As we were eating, his face kept popping up in my head. 

"Guys.. I'm not hungry anymore.."

I pushed my plate away from me.

"What the hell! 
20 minutes ago, 
you were a starving beast 
and now you've just lost your appetite?"

Sarah was quite puzzled. 

"You've got the love, darling!"

"Dylan, shut up!"

"You know it's true. 

You know you're coming down with feelings towards him, 
face it. 

You can't hide shit from me, 
I've known you forever.

You're the grade level book, 

I know you. 

And I know you're starting to like him."


I hate you so much!"

"Sure." He said back in a sarcastic tone. 

He was right. 

I am coming coming down with the love-bug. 

When I begin to have a crush,
I usually don't eat as much as usual, it's hard for me to sleep, I only think about that one person and I become denial.

But I'm still scared to be in love.
It's all too much for me.
Some people just don't get it,
especially Josh.

We finished and headed back to the truck.

After I situated myself, 
I got my phone out; dialing Josh's number.

"Earan, what's up?"

Uh.. When will you be in Cali?"

"I'll be flying out tomorrow. Why?"

"I uh..."

Dylan was laughing in the back.

"Excuse me for just a second, Josh."

I slapped Dylan's legs multiple times.

"You little fag!"

I whispered it though, hoping Josh wouldn't hear.


"Yeah, still here. So you were saying?"


Just wanted to know if you... 


Wanna hang out or...


Something when we're both there or...




I mean, if you don't want to, 
it's okay."

I'd love to. 
Sounds great. 
Just hit me up when you're there."

You're not planning on calling me anymore?"

I joked, but I think he was serious, and a bit nervous.

"No no.. That's not what I mean.
Gah, dammit. 

I'll just call you later. Alright?"

I giggled.

"Okay, bye."

I hung up the phone.

Dylan's silent laugh grew louder. 

"That was the stupidest thing I've ever done!"

"Heck yeah it was!"
Sarah seemed slightly pissed. 

"He's not SO bad,
Besides, I just said HANG out. 
Not GO out."

"I'm not even gonna say anything, I'm gonna let you be. 
I don't wanna argue."

"Blah blah blah, 
you two might not be dating yet, but you will!"
Dylan nagged.

"I just.. 
I don't know.

After things with--"

"You can't just stay single forever because of that!"
He was getting frustrated. 

"Well I can't just say 'yes' to anyone because of that either, okay?"

"You just have to trust him, he won't hurt you."

"I just have to really get closer to him."

"But admit it, you DO like him."

I do, but just a little bit! 
But like I said, I just need more time to know him personally and stuff.


"But you like him!

Hey Josh, did you hear that?!"

"Holy shit! YOU FAG! Is he on the line?!"

I was so embarrassed, I couldn't even believe Dylan right now..
Well, I could. 
But I was too mad to.

"Sad to say YOU don't know me so well, 
and we've know each other for years! 
Ha, I'm a master mind."

I snatched his phone straight out of his hands. 
"Hey Josh."

I kept calm.

"Uh... Did you just hear all that?"
I was shy to ask, but I had to.

"Ha, yeah. 
I did.. But, it's okay.
I already told you, I like you too. So don't worry."

"So we're good?"

"Yeah, we're great."

"You're both perfect, 
now shut up and give me my phone back!"
Dylan yelled in the back.

"I gotta go, 
Dylan's being a fag."

"It's cool, 
I'll just call you later."

"Here's your phone faggot."

"Talk to you later Josh, 
Dylan hung up.


"Hey, he asked for it."
He surrendered his hands in the air.

"I think either way, you would've done it.

Sometimes, I don't understand how in the world we're even best friends."

"No matter what we stick together."

"Yeah yeah yeah, I know
I know!"

We were all silent for the moment.

Sarah tried breaking the silence.
"So now what are we gonna go for the next hours until lunch?"

"I don't know about you two, but I'm gonna play some Chuzzle."
I unzipped my backpack, taking out my laptop.

"I think I'm gonna sleep."

"Guys, don't leave me here bored!"
Sarah whined. 

"I got it!"
I pushed the button of the radio.

"Awh hell yeah! Here's To Never Growing Up!"

We literally yelled the lyrics.

Of course Dylan made a smart-ass comment after the song.

"This song is bullshit, we have to grow up."

"Nuh-uh! That's why there's the song, Forever Young!"

"Nice one."
I high five Sarah for her lame come back. 

We jammed out and made parodies to every song played for hours. 

The sun was starting to set. 

"Sarah. Time check?"
She pulled out her phone.

"6:4- oh crap, my mom's calling.

Yes, I'm okay. Don--
Mo- mo- MOM. I'm oka-

I turned around, 
yelling into Sarah's phone.

"She says hi."


"Hi Mrs.Martin!"
Dylan gave it a try.

"Okay mom..
Love you. 
She hung up.

"Didn't you mom say anything back to me?"



"Ugh! Shut up." Dylan pushed my face. 

"Guys, I'm like, hun--"

"You're always hungry!"
Sarah yelled.

We all had a good laugh about that, for no reason at all.

Ed, our driver, had pulled over to a gas station. 

Sarah, Dylan and I raided the shop.
We got sacks full of chips, 
drinks and sandwiches for the road 
as Ed got gasoline pumped. 

We climbed back into the truck, 
ready to leave, 
ready to eat. 

We all took huge gulps of our water, 
our mouths were a desert from all the yelling and singing. 
It took all four of us about 2 hours to consume all the foods we bought.

One day done, 
another day to go."

I leaned back in the seat, feeling sleepy. 

Sarah and Dylan sprawled along the back seat, in each others arms.

Can you make that less visible to my eyes?"

"How can yo-"

"Rear view mirror."
I interrupted Sarah.

"Just go to sleep already!"

"She can't. And she won't."

Dylan looked over at Sarah, making that 'isn't it obvious?' face.

"Why-- oh yeah. Never mind."

My phone went off. 

"It's him, isn't it?"


"Well, goodnight. I'm tired as fuck."

Dylan held Sarah tighter, she had already closed her eyes. 



"Uh.. Hi."

"How are you?"

"I'm okay, thanks. How about you?"

"Great. Have you eaten?"

"Yeah, we just finished a while ago. We're just on the road again."

"Keep safe, I don't want anything to happen to you, alright?"

"I'll try. I mean, I just sleep, eat and do random shit up in here."

"How many hours until you'll be there?"

"If Ed here drives fast enough.. 
Mm.. I'd say.. Maybe another day or less."

"Alright. Just hit me up when you're there. I'll be getting the keys to the condo when I arriv--"

"Woah. Wait a minute, you're gonna be staying with us?"

Hasn't Dylan said anything to you guys?"

"He more of a 'last minute' dude.
Please do inform me."

"Alright. It'll be Dylan, Sarah, you and I.

The kitchen and living room are down stairs. 

The second floor is a bit small, 
but it has two master bedrooms; one for me and Dylan, 
the other for you and Sarah.

The third floor has a bar, 
a terrace and a hot tub. 
I don't know what we'll do with the top floor, 
but yeah. 
That's basically it.

Dylan's mom was the one who chose it."


It's probably really nice, 
knowing Dylan's mom."

"I know right?

hey, I'm gonna get some rest. 

Gotta get an early move on tomorrow.

I just wanted to check on you to see if you were okay.

I'll call you when I get there, alright?"

"Yeah sure, 
I'm feeling tired myself anyways."

Sweet dreams."

you too."

"They will be, 
since they'll probably be about you."

"Ha, how.. Nice. 
Goodnight.. Again."

I was about to hang up.

I heard a little murmur;

"Shit! Did I really just say that?!"

"Yes, yes you did."

I surprised him, 
speaking into the phone mic when he thought I had already hung up. 

"Oh shit!"

Now HE was the embarrassed one. 

"No no.. 
It was cute. 

I hung up and checked the time; only 8:56. 

We just had a normal conversation."

"That's people."

"Ed, let's just pretend you're not here."

I pushed his head as we both laughed.

Then I threw my head back and closed my eyes.

I'm not able to sleep now, but I'll keep my thoughts running until I do.

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