With Love,

Earan Edwards; your 17 year old typical girl, had just moved back to her Texas small town from the Philippines to enter another journey, 'college life'. Her life honestly was a bit of a bumpy road; a long list of trial, let's just say. But suddenly, after her rough teen years, something lightens her. A weakness; A secret admirer. Extreme secret admirer. Months after the mystery , she realized she's possibly in love with this guy.. Not having a clue on who he is. Think about it, when it comes to the time where she finds out, what'll change?


2. Heaven on Earth

Hot Damn.

It's like heaven threw a gift in the room.

"J-Josh... Who's that!?"

I kept my head turned towards him, tapping Josh's arm.

"Who-oh! Him? 

That's my friend, William. 
He's from my old home town, Dallas. 

Why? Interested? Thought so." Josh smirked. 

"Yeah, seems like everyone else is too." 
I rolled my eyes. 

This guy was like gold!

His dark brown, almost black hair with the way it laid down, kinda ruffled.  

His eyes were that beautiful sea blue, it all went so well with his hair and complexion. 

I was memorized. 

Just looking at him put electricity through my bones. 

"Hey Willi! Com'ere!"
Josh had called him. 

"What are you doing?!?" 
I began to have a panic attack. 

"I'm calling William, what the hell does it look like I'm doing?"

Finally William approaches us.

"Hey man, how's it goi--..

Woah, hey, who's your friend here? Your girlfriend?" 

William had asked Josh, pointing at me.

"I wish! Pretty face here is single."

Josh looked at him first, then me. 

I couldn't understand the connection quite well. 

William stood there for a moment, staring at me as I looked at my feet, running my hands through my hair. 

A finger laid upon my chin, lifting up my head.

Instantly, my eyes had met with William's. 

Hot damn, he was gorgeous. 

For a split second, it's like he was the only one in the room.

The real world came back to me, he's still where I left him.

"Yes, how may I help you?"
I shyly giggled. 

He took himself off my face, only to reach for my right hand. 

"Let's dance." 

He pulled me out of the kitchen.

I look back to Sarah, she gave me a thumbs up signal.

It didn't surprise me one bit. 

I tugged and let go of his hand, not continuing to walk on. 

"I can't really dance.." 

I was ashamed, but I'd rather tell him the truth before I humiliate myself. 

"Alright. What about drinks?"

I stumbled inside,
"I don't drink either."

"Clean one, aren't you?" 

"I beg to differ!" 
I tried to joke around and be smooth. 

"How about we just sit in my car and have normal conversation?"
He smiled and looked me directly in the eyes. 

I nodded. 

This seemed strange. 
For a hot guy like him, it sounded so abnormal. 

He presses the button on his keys to unlock his ride. 

No one noticed due to massive partying.

"Alright. What you do you wanna talk about?"
I courageously questioned. 


He pointed to me. 

"Tell me everything I need to know."
He smiled, staring at me once again. 

"What? Is this some sort of interviewing?"

I'm a bit sarcastic as sassy at this time, but I don't want to be awkward.

I need to keep myself cool.

He chuckles under his breath.

I'm Earan. 
I'm 17.
I just graduated high school.

I don't have parents, they died.
I have one brother, but he has autism. 
I moved from here, to the Philippines, back to here, for my last year of high school & for college.

I'm living at my best friend's house, Dylan Jackson who's dating my other best friend, Sarah Martin.
As you already know, I'm single.

My favorite color is blue. 
My favorite foods are sushi, mac & 
cheese, pickles & pizza.
I like to watch movies & do blah blah on social media sites.
I sing and play guitar & also trombone.

I don't know if all of that information satisfies your brain's needs and wants, but I don't know what you want to know."

He just stared at me for a while. 

I waved my hand in front of his cute face. 

"Sorry... Sorry... I was just... Never mind.. Anyways, you have nice eyes." 

William had just snapped back from something, he smiled at me again.

"You sure smile a lot."

I thought maybe he might like me.

But, he WAS one of Josh's friends. Maybe he's up to get in my pants tonight.

Surprisingly, we had hours and hours of a talking spree. 

He checked his watch.

"Already 11:46? Wow."

I looked outside the window, the wild party is still living on.

"This is nice."
I smiled at him, for I had slightly gotten comfy.

I had seen Dylan and Sarah walk outside as William and I were in silence. 

"I think my friends are ready to go home." I broke the still quietness.

William took out his phone. 

"Please don't leave without giving me a way to contact you."

"Uh..." I started.

My face turning 100 shades of red.

I entered my name and number into his cell phone. 

"Call me sometime, huh?" I simpered, stepping out of his car.

"Wait! I'd like to take a picture of you.. For remembrance.. And also, your contact photo." 
He stuttered. 

How could I say no?

"Umm.. Alright."

I posed a smile as he took my picture.

I quickly closed his car door 
and headed towards Sarah and Dylan, who were standing next to my car waiting for me.

I unlock the vehicle and we all climb in. 

When I started the engine and my phone rang.

It appeared to be an unknown number. 

I look out the window to see William holding his phone up to his ear. 

I was a little confused, but I giggled through the answer. 

"I forgot to say goodnight."
He said, pouting. 

"I'm about to drive and I'd rather not be arrested for using my phone on the road."

I backed up my car onto the street.

"You're really a goodie-goodie, aren't you? Ha, goodnight."

He had hung up already. I just ginned like an idiot, placing my phone in my front pocket. 

What was that all about?

"What was that all about?"
It's like Sarah read my mind.

Which I swear sometimes, she could. 

"Just.. Nothing."
I had butterflies in my stomach right there and then.

I dropped Sarah off to her place before me and Dylan headed home.

In a matter of minutes, we were home. 

Dylan and I had shared a room, we tip toed in the house and crashed on our beds.

"So who was Mr.Love-Of-Your-Life there?"

He was always another one to want to know everything that rotated around my life. 

Especially when it came to boys. 

Dylan was a protective friend, but I understand he doesn't want me to be mistreated. 

I spatted out.

"He's cool. 

He's nothing like Josh, which is what I like about him. 

He's from Dallas.
He lives as the only child. 
He plays guitar and sings, like me.
He's 18 and also about to start college. 
He'll be taking business, but not sure of what college yet. 
He likes my eyes, and he smiles a lot. 

I don't know why, but I feel so comfortable around him.."

"Okay. Enough said. You're in the early stages. 

Be careful."

Dylan advises me a lot, and now he was doing it again.

"Don't worry abou--"


Our talk was disturbed by the blaring noise of my phone.

I looked at my phone, it appears to be William again.

"I'll put it on speaker so you can hear!" 

Dylan rushed to be next to me.

I let my phone ring a couple of times, I didn't want William to think I was desperate. 

"Hello?" I answered, trying not to sound too strange.

"Did you make it home alright?"

He seemed really concern. 

"Yeah? I did.. Thanks."

I tried playing it cool.

"Alright, goodnight."
He whispered.


I tried to sound annoyed, but flattered at the same time. 

I hung up. 

"Okay Earan, face it. You're in loveeee!" 

Dylan tickled me. Man, did I hate that. I'm ticklish EVERYWHERE. 

I lightly punched him in the arm.


He got up and went back to his bed and played around on his phone.

I reached over to my laptop at the end of my bed and decided to watch episodes of 'The Secret Life of the American Teenager'.

"Awh! You're watching that!
Dylan yelled over.

I plugged in my headphones so I couldn't hear his constant criticism. 

It was hard for me to concentrate on the show.

All I could think about was HIM, William Ross.

I got goosebumps, 
butterflies soared through my stomach, 
my heart became a drum,
and a smiled had drawn itself on my face all over again. 

Maybe Dylan is right.

Maybe I AM in love?

Wait wait, what?

No no no no no!

This couldn't be happening to me!

Ever since Zach.. I just..

No. This can't be..

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