'Love at First Sight'

I never believed in 'love at first sight'. Until one day that all changed. Hi! My name is Natalie. I'm 18 going to be 19 in two weeks. I recently moved to London thanks to my step-dads' new job. I wasn't into the idea of moving to another country because i have my friends and some of my family here in California. But thank god my sister convinced me.


2. Moving Day


                                       Today is the day were we fly to England. My sister Kimberly finally convinced me on coming along. Yesterday was 'Moving Day'. We packed everything and put it in the moving truck so it can be sent over seas. This morning I woke up to my sister jumping on my bed screaming my name.''NATALIE WAKE UP'' ''Go away it barely 4 in the morning go back to bed'' ''NO WE HAVE TO LEAVE IN 1 HOURS'' ''Okay I''m up''. She kept jumping on my so I kicked her of and she fell on her bum.'' Hey what was that for'' ''For waking me up''. I got off my bed and went straight to the bathroom, walking straight past Kimberly on the floor. I decided to take a shower so I turned on the water while I took off my clothes. I got in letting the warm water hit my back. I got out of the shower after doing my business. I blow dryed my hair and got dress. I did my makeup and just did my hair in a neat bun. I was ready to go. I went downstairs to the kitchen we everyone else was eating breakfast. It was 4:30 by now. We decided to leave at 4:50 because our flight was at 5:45. It takes 20 minutes form my house to LAX. We arrived at the airport at 5:15. We went threw security it was know 5:35. We waited out side out gate. After waiting our gate number was called.''Gate number 273 now boarding''.****skipping the plane ride**** We finally arrived at Heathrow airport it is now 4:00 pm here. We got our suitcases at baggiging claim. We got a taxi home. It took 40 minutes to finally arrive at our new house. We got everything out of the taxi, my step-dad pay the man and we all walked in the house. It was huge. I went staight to my room to unpack. I opened the door and my room is bigger than the one in California. It had a balcony, a huge walk-in-closet, a bathroom attached to it, and a new king sized bed. I unpacked everything in my room and it looked amazing. Today was a very exaughsting day. I got ready for bed. I layed in bed looking at the ceiling thinking what would happen while we're here. My thoughts drifted me into a deep sleep.

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