I'm Not Perfect I'm Me

Carter isnt your tipical girl. She loves skate boarding. But she loves to fight. She is more like a guy than a girl. She's not popular. Her best friends name is Luke There just like brother and sister nothing more. But she does fall for the popular Austin Mahone.


1. Carter Lee Styles (made up name)

Hey-o I'm Carter 

My hobbies are skate boarding, boxing, sports and singing/rapping.

Favorites - food-steak, color- red, restrant- subway, drink- dr.pepper, and sport- wrestling and soccer

Height- 5'5

Hair color- blonde with brown underneath Curly

Eyes- hazel

Siblings- Harry Styles And Gemma Styles

rLucky number- 16

Favorite Band- One Direction

Age- 161/2

Favorite singer and rapper- Selena Gomez & Drake 

I'm here in Miami for wrestling for girls for a couple years. I haven't seen my family in 2 years and I get to see them today for a couple of weeks.

Ya I know I'm not like my brother. Not even close.

 Well that's me Carter Lee Styles


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