After 18 Years

Darcy Tanner ran away from home on her 18th birthday, in search of her father. A little over 18 years before, her mother- Ariel- found out that she was pregnant with Harry Styles' child. She fled to America, scared to end the career that he enjoyed so much. Now, when Darcy forces Harry and Ariel to reunite will they fall back into love? Will revisiting their youth be painful or the thing that makes them happiest? Will everything be the same again, even after 18 years apart?


30. Ideas

Why?” I questioned. Last time I saw Theo Horan he was a tiny little baby, I'd love to see how he grew up...

“Well, you know how much I love to play matchmaker.” Harry explained awkwardly.

“You're kidding right?” I snickered. He couldn't be serious right now.

“No actually. I'm serious. Theo's a good kid. I think they'd work well together.” He mused, turning a very red apple around in his hands.

“When did you get this bright idea to set up our daughter with Niall's nephew?” I asked, my eyes narrowing slightly.

“Pretty quick after I met her. It kind of killed the idea when you told me she had a boyfriend. But now the possibility is wide open.” He grinned.

“She just went through a bad break up. I don't know if another guy would make anything better.” I said hesitantly, as much as I would love it if Darcy ended up with Theo, I didn't quite know if this was a good idea.

“They can start off as friends! Theo is a real gentleman, hard to find these days.” Harry persisted. A real gentleman was hard to find back in my day as well, I was glad Greg and Denise raised him right.

“When were you thinking they should meet?” I questioned.

“Tomorrow. I thought we could invite him over. Then you and I could go out for a little bit, maybe meet up with Aleisha and Niall, he told me they were free.” He answered simply.

"Tomorrow?" I let out a sort of strangled-cough. The man was crazy. I fell in love with a loon...

"Yup, tomorrow." He nodded. 

“And how long have you been planning this?” I raised my eyebrows at him.

“I emailed Niall while you and Darc were playing with your clothes.” He teased. I stole the apple out of his hands, taking a bite as I mulled over the idea he was proposing to me.

“Hey!” He exclaimed, I smirked. The kind of smirk on a child's face when they know they're in trouble, and are amused by it.

“Does Theo already think he's coming over?” I asked as the thought came to me. Harry nodded, and now it was his turn to have the child-who's-in-trouble look on his face. I took another bite of his apple, not surprised.

“Where are we going to meet Niall and Aleisha?” I gave in. Harry grinned, he'd gotten his wish...

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