After 18 Years

Darcy Tanner ran away from home on her 18th birthday, in search of her father. A little over 18 years before, her mother- Ariel- found out that she was pregnant with Harry Styles' child. She fled to America, scared to end the career that he enjoyed so much. Now, when Darcy forces Harry and Ariel to reunite will they fall back into love? Will revisiting their youth be painful or the thing that makes them happiest? Will everything be the same again, even after 18 years apart?


24. Assumptions

“What happened?” Harry demanded, taken aback.

“I stepped on a piece of glass.” I answered, watching the blood from my foot begin to drip to the floor. It was a piece of glass, now it was a whole bunch of pieces, all lodged in my foot.

“I knew one of us would get cut.” He shook his head. Without hesitating he picked me up and set me on the counter. The blood continued to drip from my foot onto the floor. Well shit, that hurt...

“ How the hell did I miss a piece this big? I'll be right back.” Harry mumbled mostly to himself. Then he disappeared from the room, but walked back in very quickly after leaving, his long legs carrying him far and fast with each stride. In his hand was the first aid kit. He knelt down in front of me so that he was level with my foot. First, he gently dabbed the blood off my foot. When he prodded the wound with tweezers I pulled my foot away automatically. He smiled apologetically up at me.

“Sorry, sorry. I didn't mean to take my foot away.” I murmured.

“That's fine, it's pretty deep in there Ariel, we might have to bring you to the hospital...” Harry said, dabbing my foot off again.

“No no no. No hospitals.” I insisted.

“Then you have to let me clean it, and you can't move.” He mumbled.

“I'll be fine, just get the glass out.” I replied, ready to bite my lip and bear it.

“Just tell me if I hurt you okay? If it hurts too much I'm taking you to see a doctor.” He sighed.

"I promise." I lied.

He went back to picking out glass, I didn't make a peep, despite the fact that it hurt like hell.

 “Damn Ariel. How did you even manage to do this?” He murmured. I didn't answer, he seemed to be talking to himself again. Harry was picking glass slivers out for 10 minutes. Liam walked in near the end. He only slightly cracked the door open to look in before coming all the way into the room, which was weird... Liam right away noticed the blood on the floor near the door, then the blood underneath where my foot was hanging. The slivers of glass that Harry had gotten out of my foot sat on a paper towel next to him.

 “What happened in here?” Liam questioned, confused. He seemed utterly surprised.

“Stop walking Liam. I don't know if all the glass is cleaned up or not.” Harry ordered, not looking up at him.

“I stepped on a piece of glass.” I answered Liam's question wincing as Harry pulled out yet another sliver.

“We were wondering what you two were doing in here... No one thought either of you could have been hurt, we just assumed.... Never mind. Is there anything I can do to help?” Liam asked.

“Hold up. You assumed what?” I narrowed my eyes at him. Harry snickered from the floor, and Liam stared uncomfortably around the room.

“They haven't changed much.” Harry mumbled, setting the tweezers down and lifting my foot higher to examine. I felt my whole face heat up until I was on fire. I didn't look at Harry or Liam. 

“I think I got all the glass out. Can you grab me a bowl with water and a rag?” Harry asked, looking up at Liam. Liam nodded and darted from the room. He was back soon carrying exactly what Harry had asked for. “Thanks, stay here. I might need more help.” Harry said.

Liam nodded, leaning against the counter across from me. I cringed back a little bit as Harry touched the warm rag to my foot. It felt burning hot to the cut area.

“Did that hurt?” Harry questioned, pulling away immediately.

“No, it just stunned me a bit. It felt nice.” I lied. He didn't look totally convinced but he didn't question any further. I made sure not to move again. Liam knew that I just flat out lied. He said nothing to Harry though, bless him. I heard the peroxide sizzle on my foot before Harry finished by wrapping my foot in a bandage material.

“I think we're done.” Harry smiled, standing up. I smiled weakly at him, I couldn't quite muster a full grin. I began to get down from the counter, but he placed a hand on my leg. “Don't get down yet.” He ordered. I returned to my original position. He and Liam cleaned up the floor, making sure to rid the kitchen of anymore broken glass. When they finished, Liam gave us a smile before returning to the group of people in the living room. Harry lifted me off the counter, but instead of setting me down on the ground, he planted a sweet kiss on my lips, then carried me to the living room.

“You don't have to carry me everywhere. I'm quite capable of walking.” I insisted.

“I disagree, but either way this is more fun.” He grinned, setting me down on one of the couches. He then disappeared to get the games he originally planned on getting.

“How's your foot?” Perrie asked.

“It's fine. Harry cleaned out the glass, he did a really good job.” I smiled, happy he didn't make me go to the hospital. 

“Can you walk?” She questioned.

“Yes.” I answered, though I didn't really know.

“Then why was Harry carrying you?” She wondered.

“Well, I haven't tried to walk yet and he didn't think I could.” I murmured.

“Ah, I see now.” She laughed. I smiled, blush creeping its way into my cheeks as I remembered what Liam had said. Before I could think too long about it Harry returned with Pictionary and scrabble.

“Okay people break into two teams.” Harry grinned. We formed teams quickly and played for a long time. I won't bore you with the details. It was pretty anti-climatic... But hey, what else are we supposed to do? Though I was perfectly capable, Harry wouldn't even let me stand up...

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