Memories of No One

Scarlett woke up in the hospital two months ago, with no memory of anything. There's a guy, Drake, claiming that he's her boyfriend, but Scarlett doesn't remember him and shes trying has hard as she can, but shes falling for someone else that she meets, Zayn Malik. Will she bring back the memories with Drake or will she start something new with Zayn. What happens when people from her past find her? What will she choose her past or her future?


1. Prologue

   A month ago I woke up in the hospital, with no memory of anything, I didn't even know my name. I was informed by the nurse that my name was Scarlet Jackson, and I was 19 years old. I was in a bad car accident about three months ago, and went into a coma, that lasted almost two months. I also had a boyfriend. His name was Drake, and we had been together for almost a year now. He had slept on the hospital recliner every single night, while I was in there. He claims that we were madly in love, and I believe him. I've seen pictures and videos, but I still don't feel anything towards him. Honestly, It seems like I don't even know him. 

   I quit the job, I supposedly had at the Borias, some expensive restaurant down town.  It was to hard for me, all those people there, calling me and giving me orders and the routines we had at the restaurant. I couldn't remember them and it just made it harder for me. 

   Everywhere I go I have all these people talking to me, people that know me, but I don't know them. A few days ago I had a little girl come hug me and call me nanny. I know people think this is much harder for me, but i'm totally against that. It has to be harder for them, especially my boyfriend. 

   The day I woke up in the hospital he tried to kiss me and I pushed him away, I can't imagine how empty he must have felt. He loved me and I loved him, but I just can't feel anything towards him anymore.  And I try, try to remember him and remember what we had, but it just isn't possible. And even though I've been treating him this way, like a stranger, he still comes see me everyday. I know he wants to see me and remember what we had, but I can't look at him everyday and know the pain i'm putting him through, and I also can't pretend to love somebody that I don't love. 

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