Memories of No One

Scarlett woke up in the hospital two months ago, with no memory of anything. There's a guy, Drake, claiming that he's her boyfriend, but Scarlett doesn't remember him and shes trying has hard as she can, but shes falling for someone else that she meets, Zayn Malik. Will she bring back the memories with Drake or will she start something new with Zayn. What happens when people from her past find her? What will she choose her past or her future?


5. Chapter 4

I looked at my self in the mirror one more time. I had teal shorts, a white tank top, and white flats. My hair was straightened and down. I had light makeup on, just a small bit of eye shadow,eye liner, and mascara. I wore a long necklace,ring, and five small bracelets. I sprayed Victoria Secret perfume over my body, and I was done. 

Zayn would be here any minute now. He was excited when I called last night and told him I was coming. I didn't tell him the reason I was coming is because of Drake, but that doesn't matter. It's going to be a few people, we're going to drink a bit and just hang out. I don't know who exactly's going to be there, all I know they're all close friends of Zayn. Any way Drake won't even know, he left early this morning, because of yesterday.

I heard Zayn's horn bump in the front yard. I turned off the lights in my room and grabbed my phone. I turned off the tv and went out the door. Zayn was waiting in my drive way, looking at something in his glove compartment. I went to open the passenger door, but it was locked. I knocked on the window slightly. Zayn looked up and unlocked the door. 

"I'm sorry, I didn't know it was locked."

"It's okay." 

"And sorry I didn't open your door for you." 

"Oh that's okay, that would have been a little overboard." 

"Yea, I guess so." He grabbed a piece of paper out of the glove compartment and closed it. He then backed up and we were on our way to his house. 


When we arrived at his house there were four other cars there, I wondered who i'd be meeting today. When we walked inside it was silent. I looked at Zayn. 

"I thought you had people over." 

"I do." 

"Where are they?"

"No telling."  I followed Zayn through the house. We walked through the den first, which seemed to be the size of half of my flat. We looked in his kitchen and then the pool room. He had a huge indoor pool, inside a room with plenty of glass windows. We went through a door that led outside and fount them sitting on the patio. 

They glanced at Zayn and I and then went back to their conversation, but soon turned back.

"No fair Zayn, I told El it was guy night!" The older looking one moaned. 

"I didn't know mate." Zayn said patting him on the back. 

Zayn pulled out the colorful cushioned chair, allowing me to sit down and him to push me back in. He grabbed two beers and took the seat next to me. Zayn handed me the Bud Light beer and smiled. 

"How'd you know if I drink beer?" I asked curiously. I did favor beer though. I would rather wine or fruity drinks, but for a small party beer was wonderful. I opened the can and took a sip. 

"Good guess, I guess." 

"Zayns got a girlfriend." I turned over to my right and caught the blonde head chanting.  

Zayn gave him an immediate death stare and replied, "No we do not go out Niall." I guess the blonde head is Niall. I laughed. 

"Everyone this is Scarlet and shes just a friend." Zayn announced.

A brown, curly haired guy stood up and introduced him self to me. "I'm Harry." He was tall, not to much taller than Zayn but taller. "And this ... wonderful guy next to me is Louis." 

"Seriously! I could have done that my self." Louis looked older than the other guys, but defiantly seemed less serious. A small giggle escaped my chapped lips. I looked around me and realized someone was missing. I was missing someones name, the guy next to me. He was quite. I could see he was messaging someone on his phone. After clicking send he looked up and introduced himself.

"I'm Liam, it's a pleasure to meet you." 


We sat down for the next forty five  minutes making small talk about the past few days. Niall told us some story about a food advertisement he seen that turned out to be fake. He must have complained about it for ten minutes. Liam told us his latest learning on women's clothes, that he learned shopping with his girlfriend. We heard Harry's opinion on yellow toe nails. I don't even know how he got on that subject. Louis explained to me his love of carrots, while the other guys talked about a recent game. 

"Okay, I don't know about you lameos but I'm getting another drink." Louis was on his sixth drink and honestly if drinks another glass, I don't think he'll be able to stand anymore. 

"Are you sure Louis?" 

"Scarlet, are you trying to say i'm not capable of doing a little drink if I want to." His sentence were starting to sound completely off. 

"Maybe you should pass on this one mate." Zayn said while messing up Louis hair.

"Well since I can still walk i'll take another one." Harry said and then stuck his tongue out at Louis. 

Niall walked to the kitchen and then came back with a bag of Doritos. "Well i'm going to eat." 

"Hmmh, I'll take both, Harry can you fix me a glass and Niall share the chips!" I punched Niall softly in the arm. 

"Watch out mates we got a punch boxer over here." Everyone laughed and soon went back to what they were doing.  


The remaining of the night we all drunk and laughed. Liam went home around eleven, his girlfriend was waiting up for him and he didn't want her to go to sleep with out him. The rest of us eventually went lay down in the den. We all managed to fit on the sofa. It was pretty big, it was one of he sofas you sit in the corner due to the curve in the middle. I laid in the middle of the sofa, on the curve and Zayn next to me and Niall next to him. On the other side of me was Louis and then Harry. We got all covered up in small blankets and throw pillows. 

We fought over which movie we were gonna rent. Since no one would agree, we just put on a regular station. Zayn fell asleep first. Then Harry and Niall. Louis and I stayed up for quite a while. 


"HUUUH." Louis groaned loud.

"Louis, shh. What is it?" 

"I'm hungry!" He demanded.

"Um there's a fridge and pantry in the kitchen." Louis was now pacing back and forth. 

"That's not good enough. Want to come to the store with me?" Louis brightened up when he thought of going to the store.

"I guess." Louis grabbed his keys and we were off. 


I turned corner after corner in Walmart, after Louis. He went down every isle, from toilet paper to chips, to electronics to baby diapers. Finally he stopped in front of the vegetables and picked up some carrots. 

"You made me go down every isle in this store and all you needed was carrots." I rolled my eyes and grabbed a green apple. 


"Why are you singing Pink at this time of the night in Walmart?" I handed my apple to Louis. "And quite down, your being to loud."

"WE WILL NEVER BE, NEVER BE ANYTHING BUT LOUD AND NITTY GRITTY DIRTY LITTLE FREAKS." I ran over to Louis and covered his mouth mid sentence. 

"Are you nuts, your going to get us kicked out!" 

"You want to see kicked out!" Louis began running down the isles and knocking down everything off the shelves. That's not even the worst part he began screaming, saying that barney was coming after him. Even though I was trying my hardest to keep a straight face, I could no longer hold it, I began laughing really loud. I laid on the floor, due to my laughter taking over. Sure enough there was a security officer there with in three minutes. 

"You two need to get out now before I call the police." Louis grabbed his carrots and my apple and froze for a second. "GO." Louis ran to me and grabbed my hand and began running. 

"Time to run," He said. 

When we got into the car, Louis peeled out the parking lot. We laughed for a while and then it got silent. I wondered, did I do this before my coma. Did I have friends who would get me kicked out of Walmart, or were my friends boring snobs. I blocked my curious old life thoughts slip away, as I got into a deep conversation with Louis about his previous Starbucks commotion. 



I woke up due to the interminable banging on my leg. I turned myself onto my back and slowly sat up. I was outside, well not outside but in the doorway. Which technically half of my leg was outside. Why the hell was I sleeping in the doorway. I walked inside, shut the door, and made my way to the living room where the boys where sleeping. They were all all still sound asleep. I looked at Louis and seen him all snuggled up in a blanket. He must have put me in the door way. I sat in between Zayn and Louis. I softly and slowly began slapping Louis on his cheek. He didn't seem to wake up, but Zayn did. 

"What are you doing up so early? It's like seven or something." 

"Well I woke up in the door way so not much of a choice."


"Long story short. Walmart. Carrots. Police. Running. Fell asleep in the car. Woke up in door way."

"That made perfect sense. Well I say you get him back by putting all kind of junk on his face."

 Zayn and I ran to the kitchen looking for things to put on Louis face. I fount chocolate syrup and whipped cream, while Zayn fount marshmallows. We hurried over to Louis and gently traced his face with the chocolate syrup. We placed marshmallows all around his faced and topped it with whipped cream. Our laughter filled the room awakening everyone except Louis, but it didn't take long for him to wake up to. 

He yawned loudly and felt his face. It took him a minute to really realize that he had all of that on his face. 

"What is this on my face!" 

"Payback." Louis took a big scoop off of his face and chased me around the house attempting to smash the mess of junk in his hand onto my face. 


Zayn brought me home a little past 12. He asked if I wanted to stay a little longer and go somewhere with the guys, but I turned the offer down. 

"Okay, keep in touch. The guys and I might go bowling this week, i'll call you if we do."

"Okay sounds good." I hugged Zayn and told him to call me before they go bowling.





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