Memories of No One

Scarlett woke up in the hospital two months ago, with no memory of anything. There's a guy, Drake, claiming that he's her boyfriend, but Scarlett doesn't remember him and shes trying has hard as she can, but shes falling for someone else that she meets, Zayn Malik. Will she bring back the memories with Drake or will she start something new with Zayn. What happens when people from her past find her? What will she choose her past or her future?


4. Chapter 3

"Do you want a ham sandwich or a bag of pasta roni?" I asked Drake. It was one o'clock and I was beginning to get hungry. Drake had crashed here on the sofa last night, because he claimed he was too tired to drive home. 

"I don't care." 

"Come on you have to give me an answer."

"What ever you want." Drakes attitude was growing and it was really starting to bother me. It started off when I woke up and asked him if he could hurry up in the morning. He replied with a of course i'll stay out of your bathroom too. I didn't question his answer because I figured he just had the morning angry's, but then it happened again. I asked him to switch seat with me, because I wanted to have the recliner chair to lay back and he replied ouh yea, I forgot you don't like to stay with the same thing for too long. I ignored that one trying to figure out what is problem is but, he's really starting to aggravate me. 

"Okay, Drake what's the problem you've been being a complete ass since yesterday?"

"Me being a complete ass. Maybe you should think that through." 

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about you Scarlett. I'm trying, trying to get you to remember our past and your off flirting with random guys at the store!" Drake had hopped out of his chair and was right in front of me by now. And our voices had raised to a low scream. 

"I'm trying Drake. I'm trying has hard has I can! You think it doesn't hurt me. That I see this guy that's madly in love with me and I can't do anything because I don't feel the same way. and the worst part is knowing that I loved him, not in a past life or has a child but the past few years and I can't remember him or anything to be exact." 

"You can try more," 

"I'm not done," I cut off Drake,"And what do you mean flirting with another guy, I have not been flirting."

"How are you going to say that, I seen you with that guy in Walmart." 

"What are you talking about!" 

"You gave him your number and he kissed you."

"Zayn, your talking about Zayn. I met him the other night and hes having a small get together and invited me. and he kissed me on my cheek!" I was screaming now, I was pissed.

"That's more than what you let me kiss and your not going to that 'get together'." He said get together in a sarcastic way.

"I'm sorry I won't let you stick your tongue down my throat, I just don't feel comfortable with you like that. and you have no right to tell me what I can and can't do." What was he saying, this is still my life, if I can remember it or not.

"I do not, I can't even get close to your mouth and i'm not letting you go to this guys house, so you can go screw around with him." 

"I'm done with this conversation." 

"I'm not." 

"You better be or i'm done with you." I threw the bag of pasta on the ground and stormed off to the bathroom. How could he be so. so. ignorant?! I would never cheat on him, even though it wasn't even like we were together. I don't even see Josh has anything more than a friend. And I don't care what Drake says, i'm going to that party. I picked up my phone and went to Josh's number, he saved it has ZAYN with a tiger, beer, and party emoji behind it. I put my finger on the call button.

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