Memories of No One

Scarlett woke up in the hospital two months ago, with no memory of anything. There's a guy, Drake, claiming that he's her boyfriend, but Scarlett doesn't remember him and shes trying has hard as she can, but shes falling for someone else that she meets, Zayn Malik. Will she bring back the memories with Drake or will she start something new with Zayn. What happens when people from her past find her? What will she choose her past or her future?


3. Chapter 2

I let out a long yawn and wiped my eyes. My vision was still blurry and my body still not ready to stand. I squinted my eye to look at the alarm clock on the side of my bed, it was ten am. Still to early for me to get up. My body was still tired from staying out all night, but I had to get up; I had grocery shopping to do. I sat up in my bed and stretched my my body out. I got out of bed and walked into my bathroom. I brushed my teeth and ran the brush through my long hair.

I made a simple breakfast, cereal; Lucky Charms to be exact. While eating my cereal I made a mental note of what to get at the store today. I needed milk, eggs, bread, ham, tea, and some type of crackers or something to snack on. I hated going to the grocery store, people always knew me, but I didn't know them. I could hear my phone ringing back in my room. I put my spoon down in the cereal bowl and ran to get it. The rang was coming from my bed, I must have fell to sleep with my phone on my bed. I flipped the covers and moved the pillows. When I fount it, it was about to fall of the bed. I quickly picked it up and answered. 


"Hey Scarlett, what are you doing today, I thought we could hang out." I looked at the phone to see the name, Drake. I kinda figured, because no one else would be calling me.

"Well actually i'm gonna head down to Walmart, I have a few things I need to pick up."

"Okay, i'll be there in thirty minutes to pick you up. Is that okay?" I really just wanted to go by myself but honestly how could I tell him know. I knew he enjoyed seeing me because it brought back memories of us, so I always agreed. 

"Yea, that's fine."


I went to the container with the clothes I had fount the other day and laid it back out on my bed. I picked out a pair of blue jeans, a hipsta please sweater, and a pair of black vans. I didn't bother to put any make up on, it was only the store and I didn't feel like impressing anybody. I ran the brush through my hair again and walked out my room, grabbing my purse and phone.

I walked backed to the kitchen to hurry and wash the bowl I used for my cereal, before I left: Drake would be here any minute. I circled the sponge with soap around the plate numerous times, making sure I washed every inch of space on the plate. I rinsed the plate, allowing all the soap to go down the drain and placed the bowl on the on the drying stand. I turned off all the lights in the house and began typing my list on my phone. Drake pulled up and bumped his horn. 


"Okay, I'll go get the milk and eggs. You go the other way and get the bread and ham." I said trying to escape Drake's watch. 

"You sure?" 

"Yea, that way we can get this done quicker." 

"Okay then." 

Drake started walking towards the bread and I the other way. I made my way to the eggs first. I didn't really know the difference from eggs brands, so I just get whatever has long as their the large eggs. I opened the carton and span the eggs around a bit, making sure there weren't any cracks. The box had no cracks so I headed off to the milk which was only two isles down. They must have had ten different kinds of milk. Between half and whole and red or blue cap. I stared at the different milks, trying to imagine what they tasted like; it didn't work. I kept looking more towards the whole milk. Three different kinds; red, blue and white caps.

"I always get the red one." I was startled by the voice. If I didn't have a good grasp on the carton , there would be cracked eggs all over the floor. I turned around to see what random person this would be, but I was shocked at who I fount, Zayn.

"You scared the crap out of me!" I tried to keep my voice down, but he truly did startle me.

"My bad dear, I seen you having trouble with your milks and thought I should help." 

"Thanks, but a tap on the shoulder would have been nice."

"Okay next time i'll remember, tap the shoulder."

"Good." I laughed and then picked up the red cap milk. "Guess i'm going with the red."

"Wise choice." 

"So Zayn, what brings you to this joyful place?" 

"Drinks my dear Scarlett. A few friends and I are getting together at my house tomorrow. You should come."

"Um, I don't know. Sound good, but i'll have to see." 

"Okay, let me give you my number." He paused for a moment almost shouted, "Phone swap!"  I looked at Zayn with a worried expression. He sounded like a fourteen year old girl, but I let him pass with this one.  

I put my number in his phone and went to give it back to him. He was still typing away, what could he be typing. It took him about another minute for him to hand me my phone. 

"I couldn't figure out what emojis to put by my name." He said in a way that actually made him sound like he was stressed from that. 

"I could only imagine how hard of a challenge that was." We laughed. "Well I guess I should be going, one more item to get and off I go."

"Okay, now remember if you change your mind about the party, call me right away and i'm coming to get you." Zayn kissed my cheek and walked towards the check out. 

I got me a box of rits crackers and some squirt on kraft cheese and went meet back up with Drake. I looked up and down the isles and couldn't find him. Eventually I fount him waiting by the check out lines. He had everything I asked him to get, but he was just standing there. I would have thought he would have came gotten me, not just stand there and wait for me. 

"Heey, I got the eggs and milk." I said walking towards him. 

"I seen." His face was blank and something was bothering him. 

"Is something wrong?" 

"No, every thing's fine." I could tell he was lying because he wasn't talking much and if I learned anything in the past month its that he doesn't like to stop talking to me.







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