Memories of No One

Scarlett woke up in the hospital two months ago, with no memory of anything. There's a guy, Drake, claiming that he's her boyfriend, but Scarlett doesn't remember him and shes trying has hard as she can, but shes falling for someone else that she meets, Zayn Malik. Will she bring back the memories with Drake or will she start something new with Zayn. What happens when people from her past find her? What will she choose her past or her future?


2. Chapter 1

   I decided I would go out tonight. A lot has been going on and I think I should go out one night and get everything off my mind. 

   I leaned over the faucet bowl and splashed a handful of water on my face, lathered some face cleanser onto my face, and rinsed it off. I don't really know if I get bad acne, so far my face hasn't seemed oily, but I put on the face cleanser because I figured if I had it must have used it for a reason . I'm not complaining though, it's smells just like fresh pomegranate fruit. I brushed my teeth and plucked my eyebrows. I walked into my closet and examined my clothes. My wardrobe wasn't bad, but it seemed a little to grown up for me. I guess I use to dress like I was older, but not anymore. I dug all through my closet, I fount a big blue container in the back corner of the closet. I opened it to find a piles of clothes. They had a pile of shorts, a pile of jeans, a pile of shirts, and a few dressed laied on top of it all. The clothes was beautiful, the shorts all seemed brand new and the blouses had the most beautiful designs. I grabbed the container and emptied it onto my bed. 

   I ended up choosing to wear a pair of white shorts, they were short but they did cover up my behind, a black tube top and to finish the outfit off I wore a pair of black heels. I looked through my jewelry stand and picked out a pair of diamond earrings, a long infinity sign necklace, and a few thin bracelets.

   I don't know if I use to wear makeup a lot, form the pictures it looks like I didn't on much, but today I would. I'm tired of people recognizing the girl I use to be, I don't know her, all i know is i'm not her anymore. Maybe one day I'll remember everything, but has of right now i'm not going to pretend to be someone i'm not. I'm going to do what I feel like I want to do. 


   The place I went to is more of a lounge than a club. Its called 'The Spot', it sounds really lame but I figured it would be a perfect place to start off. It was dark inside, but their were plenty of small sources of lights set up around the place, mainly small lamps. The place smelt of alcohol , cologne, and sweat. They had a small stage towards the back of the room, some small band  was singing covers of songs, I don't know if my old self knew these song or not but they weren't that bad. Right in front of the stage was a small dance floor. Two girls, who were obviously wasted were dancing together. One falling down onto the floor and the other grabbing onto stage trying to stay grounded. They had a man, that looked like he was in maybe his early 40 sitting by the bar drinking a beer. It wasn't much, but it was enough for me to enjoy myself. I will drink a few drinks, enough that I will still be able to drive home and that will be enough for me. 

   I told the bartender to give me her favorite, because I didn't remember mines. I didn't even know if I use to drink. What if I never drunk my entire life and this will be my first time, or what if im a recovering alcoholic. The bartender came back with my drink about a two minutes after. It was in a shorter cup, but it was wider, which allowed it to have much more drink. The drink was a light pink color. You could smell the alcohol in it. I took a sip of it and I could tell it was basically a lemonade flavored drink. 

   For most of the night I just watched the band. At some point I moved from the bar to a booth, on the side of the club. It was very relaxing and that made me think I could come here more often. The server walked over to my booth and handed me another drink. 

   "I didn't order this."  I said handing the drink back. 

   "Someone ordered it for you." She turned her head to the far end of the bar. I didn't realize it, but someone else was in here. He was sitting down drinking a drink and looking at something on his phone. He looked up from his phone and must have seen me looking, because he waved. I smiled and mouthed thank you towards him. I got a smirk in reply. I tried the drink he gave me. It was strong, strong enough to make me squint my eyes. It left a burning sensation down my throat. I coughed a bit trying to get the burning to go away. It didn't seem to work so I gulped a large cup of water down. It helped a little bit, but not enough. 

   "Need some help there?" I looked up to see the man who was sitting at the far end of the bar. The one who gave me this drink, which gave me this incredible burning sensation. 

   He had dark brown hair, which could be an imitation black, which he had quiffed. He had bright brown eyes, that seemed to shine for lust. He had facial hair, but it was faded. He was wearing a black leather jacket, which was covering a gray shirt, a pair of black jeans, and a pair of black dress shoes. I could tell he wore abercrombie and fitch cologne, he smelt like he poured the whole bottle on him. 

   "What did you do? Spike my drink?" I didn't think he would do something like that, and it never really hit me until after I said that. What if hes some rapist who spiked my drink and is about to take me. 

   "No not at all. It's just a mixture of some of my favorite ingredients. and it gave me a reason to walk over here." 

   "What cocaine and hot sauce." He laughed at my response, but I was serious. I didn't know what this man had just gave me. 

   He handed me a bottle of drink. It was inside a water bottle, but you could clearly tell that it wasn't water because it was fizzing. "It'll help take the sting away." 

   I looked at him and wondered if I should drink this. I mean after all he was the one who gave me the first drink. I looked at the bottle and then back at him. "How do I know if I can trust you or not." 

   "You don't." I thought he would answer with something like ' ouh you know you can trust me babe ' but no he replies with you don't!

   "What do you mean, I don't?" 

   "Life's a mystery. Knowing who you can trust and who you can love is a difficult thing. One day someone can be your boyfriend, the next he came seem like a complete stranger." 

   "You have no idea." 

   "So you've been hurt before?" 

   "I guess you can say that." It seemed like with that one sentence he said, he said he describe my entire life the past few months. He looked at the water bottle and then back at me. 

   "So are you going to trust me." I may not know this guy, but from that one sentence he made it seem like he was another part of me. I unscrewed the cap on the bottle and took a swallow. I felt the coldness lather my throat. And slowly I could feel the sting fading. "Hmm, most people don't drink it, they usually just throw the bottle back at me." 

   "WHAT! You've done this to other people!" Was he completely insane. Now I was starting to believe he was a rapist or kidnapper. 

   "No, i'm just messing with you. By the way i'm Zayn, Zayn Malik." 

   "I'm Scarlet, Scarlet Jackson." 

   "Nice to meet you Scarlet, may I take a seat." he gestured his hand toward the booth across from me and I shook my head acknowledging him. 


   For the rest of the night we made small talk. He asked questions about my parents and about my childhood, I made most of it up. I told him my parents were dead, which honestly, I believed at the moment, because I haven''t seen them and Drake never mentioned them. I told him that my childhood wasn't worth talking about. I grew up in a low class family and my life was just like any other kid in the world. I really didn't know if my parents had money or if they were really low class, because like I said I haven't seen them and you would think that if your daughter was in a coma and woke up you would go to see her. 

   On the other hand Zayn's child hood was amazing . He had stories, real stories. He told me stories about his sisters, and some experiences he had in high school where he almost got arrested for holding drugs for someone. How his mom would tell him these amazing stories right before he went to bed, has a child. I wondered what my child hood was like, was I told bed time stories, what kind of trouble did I get into, but I guess I wouldn't know until my memory was back. 


   Zayn and I ended the night at about two. We didn't say much to each other while leaving, we didn't even exchange numbers. Zayn seemed like a nice person and a great friend, I hope we can meet again one day in the future. 



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