Fell In Love With The Bad Boy

When Kimberly and her mother move to England she goes to a new school. Her Family is rich but she isn't a spoiled brat. She is very caring, loving, and she is very pretty. She has straight brown hair, brown eyes, and she has a perfect smile. But what happens when she get's enrolled to a new school and meets Harry the school's bad boy? Will she fall in love with him? Will he do whatever to make her his girlfriend? And will she be safe with him?


22. Wedding Day and Forever


      Harry's pov

    Today was the day where Kimberly is going to be mine forever. All the boys helped me do my tux. I was really nervous. My hands were shaking and they were sweating. " Dude calm down" Niall said. " I'm sorry it's just that you know..nervous." i said. " Just try to calm down" Liam said patting my back. Only 10 more minuets until the wedding starts. " Come on man we have to go, you have to be at the end of the aisle waiting for your future wife" Zayn said. " OK let's go" i said. I really had a weird feeling and i didn't know what it was all i did was shook it off. And we all went down the aisle and stood on our positions waiting for my future wife.


          Kimberly's pov

     All the girls helped me put on my dress while my stylist did my hair and makeup. I was really nervous. My hands were shaking. There was really alot of pressure on me. " Kimberly!" i heard Natalie yell. " Yes?" i asked. " I have been talking to you, is it to tight?" she asked. " No it's fine" i said. " Kimberly just calm down, breathe" she said. I did what she told me to do and it actually helped. I had a weird feeling but i didn't know what it was. " Ok bye Kimberly we will see you at the end of the aisle" the girls said. " OK see you there" i said. I was looking at the mirror when my mother came in. " Oh Kimberly you look like a princess!" my mom said while hugging. "Thanks mom" i said while pulling back. " 1 more minuet" she said and opened the door and waited for me to come with her. Since i didn't have my dad i chose my mom to take me down the aisle. I looked at the mirror one more time and left with her. We were at the doors and we just waited.


                Harry's pov

     I was waiting for the love of my life to walk down the aisle and i was getting very nervous. The music started and everyone got up and faced the doors. The doors opened and revealed Kimberly with a beautiful dress.    



I smiled at her and she smiled at me. When they got to the end of the aisle Kimberly's mom handed her over to me. " Take good care of my little girl" she said before handing me Kimberly. I grabbed Kimberly's hands and we both stared at each other and listened to the guy say his words. After about an hour we were at the end. " You may now kiss the bride" the man said. I grabbed Kimberly and kissed her very passionately. We pulled back and everybody was cheering for us. Me and Kimberly walked off to the carage. That's right a carage with horses instead of a car i thought it be romantic. We got in and drove to the Venue to have a good time. " I love you Harry" Kimberly said. " I love you to Kimberly" i said. I leaned down and kissed her. " Forever" she said when we pulled back. " And Together" i said which made her smile. We got to the venue and once we got in everybody cheered for us.



We sat down in our big table with big chairs. We danced and had fun. Me and Kimberly did our slow dance. " OK EVERYBODY TIME FOR THE BRIDE TO THROW HER FLOWER TO THE LUCKY GIRL TO GET MARRIED NEXT!" the dj said. " 1..2..3!" and with that Kimberly threw it and omg! The flower thing ripped into four and Elounor, Natalie, Perrie, and Leslie had the four pieces to the flower. We cheered for them and they blushed.  It was getting late so i called the man to get us our cake i ordered the cake and i wanted to surprise Kimberly. " Here is yourcake!" the man said and brought it out.



I could see that Kimberly was surprised because of her face. " This is beautiful!" she said. We cut the cake and served it out to everyone and we both ate our cakes. A couple of hours later the party was over and everyone left. So me and Kimberly left for our honeymoon to the Bahamas. I really wanted to make this special for the both of us. We got on the plane and flew over there. I woke up and it was already 12:00 pm. I looked at Kimberly and she was sleeping. " Wake up we are here" i told her. Her eyes fluttered open and she yawned. " Good morning Husband" she said smiling. " Good morning my beautiful wife" i said which made her giggle. We got off the plane and took a boat to our destination. When we got there Kimberly's face was so funny she just had her mouth opened and her eyes were popping out of her face. " This is beautiful Harry thank you" she said. " Anything for you" i said.




         Kimberly's pov

    I couldn't believe Harry did all of this. He was just amazing. We got in the cabin and it was big. It had a big bed with a plasma T.V with everything you could imaging in a house. it might look small outside but inside it is big. I plopped on the bed and Harry came next to me. He kissed me and i kissed him back. Let's just say that night was full of love and passion. The next day me and Harry went walking on the shore and we got in the water. " Omg i never seen water so blue" i said. " Well now you have" Harry said from behind me wrapping his arms around my waist and his chin on my shoulder. The sun was setting and we just stared at the sun set. " I love you Harry" i said. " I love you to" he said. " I never knew that i would fall in love with the bad boy, but you changed all of that and i will always be forever be grateful to you for saving my life and making me happy, I love you" i said. " I love you to infinity.." he said. " And beyond" i finished.




                                                                    The End






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