Fell In Love With The Bad Boy

When Kimberly and her mother move to England she goes to a new school. Her Family is rich but she isn't a spoiled brat. She is very caring, loving, and she is very pretty. She has straight brown hair, brown eyes, and she has a perfect smile. But what happens when she get's enrolled to a new school and meets Harry the school's bad boy? Will she fall in love with him? Will he do whatever to make her his girlfriend? And will she be safe with him?


3. Knuckle Sandwhich for Lunch



                Kimberly's pov


              When class ended harry and i went to our next class which was history. History um i don't really like history but oh well. When we went inside my teacher introduced himself " hello i am Mr. Dickson and i am your new teacher and you must be Kimberly well take a seat next to Taylor." he said. I wonder who is Taylor? " Taylor could you raise your hand?" the teacher said. When she raised her hand i was doomed it was that girl with blonde hair and the girl who told me to back away from Harry. " Taylor this is your new partner Kimberly, Kimberly this is Taylor" he said. And with that he was at his desk. I then turned back to Taylor she looked at me with disgust and rolled her eyes. I just ignored her, i didn't have time for this crap. While i was writing notes i noticed from the corner of my eye that he was staring at me. I just turned and gave him a smile. When i looked back i could see Taylor jealous and she was boiling up from anger. I just chuckled and went back to my notes. When the bell rang everybody left except me, Harry, and..... Taylor. She walked over to Harry and i and asked Harry if he wanted to eat lunch with her but he said no that he was going to eat with me and his friends. All i saw was her boiling up and storming out of the classroom. I looked at Harry and we both started to laugh. When we walked out we went our separate ways to our lockers to put our books in while i was doing that a boy came up to me " hey hot stuff would you like to go out with me sometime?" he said. " No thank you" i said. " come on babe we could go to my house and we could have some fun." he said. Now i just felt disgusted. He just wanted to have sex with me. " i said no you filthy pig." i spat at him. Before i could walk away he slammed me into the lockers and started to kiss my neck which felt disgusting. " STOP IT GET OFF ME YOU PIG!" i yelled. But before i could say something else he slapped me.




                Harry's pov


               I was at my locker when i heard a voice yelling. But this was a familiar voice it was.... Kimberly. I ran to her locker just to see her getting slapped by ......Micheal. Micheal the worlds biggest pervert in school. He finds a pretty girl sleeps with them then the next day he tells everyone how the sex was bad and he tells the details to and makes his victim a living hell. But not this one Micheal no not this girl she is mine and that is final. " HEY LET HER GO" i screamed he then stopped and they both looked at me. He is going to pay big time no one messes with my girl even though she is not my girlfriend.....yet. I ran to him and just punch him in the jaw so hard he went flying to the ground. He then came back up and punched me in the face. It didn't hurt that much really i take boxing lessons and i know what it is like. I then punched him in the stomach. And right before anything we were in a fight. There was punching and kicking and blood coming out. While we were fighting Kimberly yelled to stop and that's what i did. I stopped. She came up to me and took my hand in her hand and we ran to the janitor's closet their was a first aid kit so she cleaned me up. She was rubbing the blood off my cheek which was a cut. She then came down to my....lips. She stared at them then she started to rub all the blood from my lip. Once she finished with my lips she put the towel down and turned around " Thank you Harry for saving me" she said. But before i could do anything she...kissed me! I kissed back of course and then she pulled away.



           Kimberly's pov


                 Did i just kiss him!! What did i just do! What about if he doesn't like me back. But wait so why did he kiss me back? Does he.....love me back? We just stood their and before i could say something he kissed me. Wait what! He then pulled back " so do you wanna go my friends are waiting." he said. I just nodded and we left. When we got to the table there were four boys. A blonde one with blue eyes. The other one had black hair styled in a quiff. The next boy had fuzzy hair and had blue eyes. And the last one had kinda a quiff but it was fuzzy to but anyways his eyes her brown. I had to admit they were all attractive. Harry introduced them to me their names are Nial, Zayn, Louis, and Liam. They were all nice and we chatted before the bell rang and we had to leave. But we all had the same class so we walked together.


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