Fell In Love With The Bad Boy

When Kimberly and her mother move to England she goes to a new school. Her Family is rich but she isn't a spoiled brat. She is very caring, loving, and she is very pretty. She has straight brown hair, brown eyes, and she has a perfect smile. But what happens when she get's enrolled to a new school and meets Harry the school's bad boy? Will she fall in love with him? Will he do whatever to make her his girlfriend? And will she be safe with him?


7. Couple



                Kimberly's pov


           I looked out the window and found Harry and the boys waiting for me. I decided to try and get there attention. I started to hit the window and bang on it, I screamed and yelled their names but they didn't notice me. I decided to scream one last time but this time i gave everything i got. I screamed one last time and yelled out their names all of them turned around and saw me. They rushed over to the window " What happened what are you doing their!" Harry yelled. " Micheal tried to kiss me and i hit him in the balls and Micheal and his gang started to chase me now i am stuck in here please help me!" i yelled. " Ok Kimberly just stay their and stay quiet we will be right their!" Liam yelled. " Ok but hurry please!" I yelled. I ran in the corner and just stayed quiet. I then saw Micheal and his gang barge in and shut the door and Micheal came over to me and slapped me but before he could do anything Harry and the boys were trying to open the door Micheal panicked and threw me in a closet and locked it. Harry and the boys came in and started to beat them up i just stared through the creek of the closet door and watched them fight off the boys. After they beat them quite enough Micheal and his boys ran out the room. " Kimberly are you in here!" Zayn yelled. " I am in here!" i yelled. They went straight into the closet " Kimberly it's locked do you know where is the key?" Louis asked. " No i think it's around the room somewhere!" i yelled. " Everybody start looking for the key!" Niall said. After about ten minuets they couldn't find it. " Kimberly cover yourself i am going to bust the closet door open" Harry said. " One..Two..Three!!" he yelled. And before i knew it the door had busted opened. " Are you ok did they hurt you?" Harry asked. All i did was shake my head. " Thank you guys for saving me" i told them while hugging each one of them. Then Harry was last " Thank you for saving me Harry" i said. And before i could hug him he kissed me. His soft lips connecting with mine. We then pulled away. " Kimberly i know that we just met but i am in love with you so will you be my girlfriend?" he asked. I was frozen i was shocked. He felt the same way. " Yes i will love to be your girlfriend" i said. He smiled and picked me up and span me around. I was the happiest girl right now.




  Harry's pov



   Yes she is my girlfriend!! Finally! I would do whatever it takes to protect her from any dangers even if i had to risk my life. I love her and she makes me the happiest man on earth and i know that she loves me to.




          Justin's pov



     Oh Kimberly i finally found you. Just wait til i get their. You are going to regret moving over here. You don't know what's coming. I will torture you even more. I was on the plane and was heading over to England. Can't wait to get my hands on Kimberly.

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