Breaking Her Heart *Completed*

Hi, my name is Christy Kendrick I am 19 and so is my twin sister Veronica obviously. I am the only one who gets to call her Ron. I have a younger sister she is 15 and her name is Karen. Well Ron is getting married to the famous Zayn Malik but I haven't got to officially meet him because Ron bought them their own beach house and they stay there all the time and hasn't thought about bringing him to meet the family. The other reason is probably because Karen has a major crush on Louis Tomlinson and Ron doesn't want Karen to ask Zayn is she could meet him. What's going to happen when Mr. Famous meets me?


14. My Hardest Decision

I am sitting on my couch watching the telly when there is a knock on my door. I get up and I go to the door and I open it and Karen and her boyfriend Brad are standing there.

"Hi." I say and Brad starts looking me up and down and smiling. "Look at me like that again and I am going to punch you." I say and he looks away and I let them in and then I go back to my spot on the couch. There is another knock on my door about 20 minutes later, I sigh and I get up and I answer the door and Ron is standing there puffy eyed, with no Zayn. "What happened?" I ask, pulling her in and she sits down on the couch and I sit next to her.

"He hit me." She says, staring at the ground and I stare at her.

"What?" I say and she looks at me.

"He hit me." She says and I just stare at her.

"Why?" I ask and she stands up and paces.

"I accused him of cheating because he came home smelling like girl perfume and he had swollen lips like he just kissed someone." She says and I bite my lip. "Then he hit me across the face." She says and I curl up my fists.

"Go home, lock your door and don't let anyone in." I say and I hug her.

"Just make sure he isn't cheating, I love him and I know I can trust you." She says and I just nod and she leaves and I sit on my couch and I wait because I know he will show up here. Sure enough about 2 hours later there is a knock on my door. I go to find Karen and her and Brad are in the backroom.

"Stay in here, leave the door shut and don't come out." I say and she nods and I close the door and I go and answer the front door and Zayn is standing there with puffy eyes. I just look at him. "What do you want?" I ask, crossing my arms.

"She is catching on." He says, grabbing my hand but I yank it away and he stares at me.

"Are you stupid?! You fucking hit her?!" I yell and he looks at me blankly.

"What?" He asks and I roll my eyes.

"You know what I am talking about! You hit her because she thought you are cheating on her!" I yell.

"I am really stressed and she is not helping." He says and I push him backwards.

"Don't you ever put your hands on her again or I will kill you." I say and he looks at me and steps forward and I step back.

"I shouldn't have slapped her, I know and I won't ever do it again." He says, grabbing my arms but I yank them away and I push him again. "You know what hurts more than a slap? When her own twin sister is in love with her fiancé." He says and I glare at him.

"I never said I was in love with you. Zayn I hate you." I say and he stares at me and I fight back tears. "I will make your life easier. I don't ever want to see you again." I say and I close the door on him and I lock it and I sit on the couch and I let the tears stream down my face. That was the hardest decision I have ever had to make.

Authors Note

Hey my lovelies! I hope you liked this chapter! -Doug the Girl/∞StyPayHorLikSon∞

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