Breaking Her Heart *Completed*

Hi, my name is Christy Kendrick I am 19 and so is my twin sister Veronica obviously. I am the only one who gets to call her Ron. I have a younger sister she is 15 and her name is Karen. Well Ron is getting married to the famous Zayn Malik but I haven't got to officially meet him because Ron bought them their own beach house and they stay there all the time and hasn't thought about bringing him to meet the family. The other reason is probably because Karen has a major crush on Louis Tomlinson and Ron doesn't want Karen to ask Zayn is she could meet him. What's going to happen when Mr. Famous meets me?


13. Making Sure She Keeps Quiet

"Karen." I say and she just stares at us.

"Wait until Veronica finds out about this." She says and I grab her arm.

"Karen, you wouldn't understand." I say and she crosses her arms.

"What isn't there to understand? You want Veronica's fiancé." She says but I shake my head.

"No it isn't. Everything happened by accident." I say and she laughs.

"Sure!" She says and pulls out her phone and I take it from her and I throw it to Zayn.

"Karen. Don't tell Ron. It will break her heart." I say and she shakes her head.

"Why shouldn't I?" She asks and I stand taller.

"I will tell aunt Shelby about your boyfriend." I say and she laughs.

"It won't be as bad as me telling her and Veronica that you have been sneaking around with her fiancé." She says and I glare at her.

"I have not been sneaking around with Zayn." I say and he gets up and walks up behind me.

"Then what do you call it?" She asks and I shrug.

"Would you really do this, Karen?" Zayn asks and she looks up at him.

"Give me one reason I shouldn't." She says, standing taller too.

"I can have Louis sing to you. Your favorite song and he might kiss you." He says and she just stares at him.

"No." She says and I stomp my foot. I am about to strangle her. He puts his hand on my back.

"Karen! What will it take for you to keep your mouth shut?" I ask and she starts to think.

"I get to kiss Louis, for sure and I get to have Brad over here and you tell me how this all happened." She says and I roll my eyes.

"Fine." I say and she smiles and we all sit down and I start to tell her. She actually gets tears in her eyes and I roll my eyes and Zayn grabs my hand and I look at him.

"You guys are such a cute couple." She says and I look at her.

"We aren't dating." I say and she looks at me confused. "I told you, you wouldn't understand." I say and she rolls her eyes and then she comes and sits in the middle of us and puts her arms around us.

"Don't you feel better? You got to tell someone." She says and I just think i'm not very happy but I just smile at her.

Authors Note

Hey my lovelies! I hope you liked my chapter! -Doug the Girl/∞StyPayHorLikSon∞

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