Breaking Her Heart *Completed*

Hi, my name is Christy Kendrick I am 19 and so is my twin sister Veronica obviously. I am the only one who gets to call her Ron. I have a younger sister she is 15 and her name is Karen. Well Ron is getting married to the famous Zayn Malik but I haven't got to officially meet him because Ron bought them their own beach house and they stay there all the time and hasn't thought about bringing him to meet the family. The other reason is probably because Karen has a major crush on Louis Tomlinson and Ron doesn't want Karen to ask Zayn is she could meet him. What's going to happen when Mr. Famous meets me?


5. Hanging Out


"Ok I am going to run some errands you guys hang here." Ron says to me and Zayn, after she drops him off at my apartment.

"Ok." I say awkwardly and she hugs me and kisses him and then she leaves. "What do you do for fun?" I ask him and he looks at me.

"I shoot nerf guns at the lads and we play football." He says and I look at him.

"I am pretty good at football want to play?" I ask and he smiles and I feel a little twinge in my stomach but I just ignore and I smile.

"Yeah." He says and there is a knock at my door so I go and open it and I am knocked to the ground. I get up and Karen is attacking Zayn.

"KAREN!" I yell and I run over and I grab her and I pull on her. I finally pry her off of him and he is breathing heavy. "You need to leave him alone. His life is hard enough fighting off weird people he doesn't need to add another one to the list." I say and I carry her to my door.

"I just want to learn about Louis." She says and I laugh and I look at him and then I point at him and I look at her.

"He is not Louis. You don't need to attack him and if you even think about attacking Louis I will punch you. He would probably be more than happy to tell you about Louis, if you didn't attack him!" I say and she sighs.

"I'm sorry Zayn." She says and he gets up.

"Louis is really funny, he likes girls who eats carrots, he would date a fan but not under 17, he loves all his fans as does the whole band, he is nice, witty, very fashionable, sassy, and has a cute cry face, Haz says so." Zayn says, standing next to me and he smiles at her.

"Thank you." She says and she hugs him and he hugs her and she leaves.

"Thank you." He says and I turn to him and he hugs me.

"I don't like when people don't respect space." I say and he lets go of me.

"Lets go." He says and I go and grab the soccer ball and we go out and we play for a while. I chase him down the field and I accidently trip and I fall on him and we tumble to the ground.

"Are you ok?" I ask, sitting up.

"Yeah, are you ok?" He asks in a panicked tone, looking over my face.

"Yeah, i'm fine." I say and I get up and I help him up and I steal the ball and I kick it back toward my goal. "Thank you." I say and I wink at him.

Zayn's POV

When she winked at me, I don't know why but I got butterflies in my stomach, what is this girl doing to me? No I am in love with Veronica, we are about to get married. I think of how girly Veronica is and then Christy she is more the type for sports. I go inside with her and we have lunch and then we just hang out.

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