Breaking Her Heart *Completed*

Hi, my name is Christy Kendrick I am 19 and so is my twin sister Veronica obviously. I am the only one who gets to call her Ron. I have a younger sister she is 15 and her name is Karen. Well Ron is getting married to the famous Zayn Malik but I haven't got to officially meet him because Ron bought them their own beach house and they stay there all the time and hasn't thought about bringing him to meet the family. The other reason is probably because Karen has a major crush on Louis Tomlinson and Ron doesn't want Karen to ask Zayn is she could meet him. What's going to happen when Mr. Famous meets me?


17. Cleaning Up His Mess

"He's in love with you?!" Ron yells at me and I just stare at her.

"I guess so." I say and I fight back my urge to go chase him.

"You are the one he cheated on me with!?" She yells but I shake my head.

"Nothing ever happened, all those times you brought him over we talked about how much he loved you, I didn't know he loved me." I say and she starts crying and I hug her and she cries on my shoulder. She runs into the dressing room and locks the door and I just stare at everyone. "Everyone can leave." I say and everyone gets up and piles out of the room and I walk out and I go to the dressing room and it's quiet. I knock on the door but there is no answer and I run around looking for the person who has a key and they open the door and Ron is passed out on the floor. I scream and people start rushing around to call paramedics. They get here and I tell them everything and they take her to the hospital and I go home because I can't handle it and I just sit in my living room feeling like a complete jerk. I cry because I am and then there is a knock on my door. I open the door and Karen is standing there and then she just hugs me and I hug her.

"I'm sorry." She says and I just think, why?

"What did you do?" I ask and she looks at me.

"Nothing, I just feel really bad." She says and I nod and she hugs me and I keep crying. I am about to shut the door when someone's hand stops it. I look up and Zayn is standing there. "Oh I kind of brought him." She says and I look at her.

"Go somewhere, so we can talk." I say and she just sits on the couch and I roll my eyes.

"I'm sorry." He says and I shake my head.

"Leaving me to deal with Veronica. She was pissed. She almost killed herself!" I shout and his mouth opens and tears well in his eyes.

"I didn't want this to happen but I couldn't go through with the wedding when the girl I was meant to be with is not the one I am getting married to." He says and I bite my lip.

"Aw!" Karen says and I turn and glare at her. "You can't hate him after he said that." She says and I turn back to him and he stepped closer and now I look up at him.

"I love you, I feel really bad for Veronica but I love you." He says and I grab his hand.

"I love you too, a lot, it hurt me to tell you I hated you, I love you and I want you." I say and I hug him and he squeezes me tight. He kisses me and I put my arms around his neck and he puts his around my waist.

"Will you be my girlfriend?" He asks, rubbing his forehead against mine.

"Yes." I say and I kiss him again.

"One problem." Karen says and I turn towards her and she is biting her lip. "What about Veronica?" She asks and I sigh. There is always something that screws up my happy endings.

Authors Note

Hello my lovelies! I hope you liked this chapter! -Doug the Girl/∞StyPayHorLikSon∞

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