Love can't last... Can it?

This is my first one so no hate please. Cassidy and Katrina are best friends and have dreamed of meeting their teenage hearthrobs, Harry Styles and Niall Horan. Niall and Katrina fall in love. But what happens when someone new falls for Katrina...? Will she stay with niall? Or her mystery love....


7. So it's not him or him... Or him.

Michela POV:

We were watching toy story when Katrina came in and wasting her heart out. Poor thing. "Who needs a butt whooping?" I asked her. She looked up and half smiled. "Z-Zayn broke u-up www-with mm-me." She does through tears. I saw Harry grimace and scowl. He walked out of the room. I heard him knock on the door. "Why did you do this to her?!?" He shouted at Zayn. Katrina and I walked out the door. "Girls day?" I suggested. She nodded and smiled. We wen to get our hair and nails done and then went shopping. By the time we got home everyone simmered down. Harry and Lou were talking not yelling and the boys were watching the Telly. Toy story. Of course. Liam picked. Katrina and the rest the boys went to bed. All but Harry and me. We were watching a movie and he asked if I was hungry. "Starved." I said. "What would you like, love?" He said smiling, showing his dimples. He's so cute. "Pancakes?" I suggested. "M'lady, lets." He grabbed my hand and led me to the kitchen. When I was looking for milk Harry smashed eggs on my head. "Hey!!!" I yelled as he starts laughing. I grabbed a handful of flour and threw it at him. Now we were running around the whole house throwing flour eggs and dumping milk on each other. After our little food fight we went to clean up. We grabbed our pancakes and watched the notebook. It started to rain outside and Harry grabbed my hand and yanked me out there. "I've wanted to this so long." He leaned in and kissed me. In the pouring rain. We stood there. Kissing. I love Harry Styles. I can't believe I fell for him. And he caught me. 

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