Love can't last... Can it?

This is my first one so no hate please. Cassidy and Katrina are best friends and have dreamed of meeting their teenage hearthrobs, Harry Styles and Niall Horan. Niall and Katrina fall in love. But what happens when someone new falls for Katrina...? Will she stay with niall? Or her mystery love....


1. Katrina & Cassidy

Katrina's POV:

"Cassidy hurry up for God's sake!!" I yelled to my best friend. 

"Jesus, I'm coming!" She replied. 

"I don't want to be late for one direction!!" I screamed. 

You see, Cassidy and I love them. I love Niall and Cassidy loves Harry. 

Cassidy came down in a cute British flag crop top and red shorts with her short bob-cut blonde hair straight and sleeked back where I was wearing a cute mid-thigh navy blue strapless dress and a cute brown buckle belt and flats to match with my light brown and blond highlighted hair curled perfectly. We were ready to see the boys! We were on our way out when we saw one direction approaching us. "Hello, babes. It seems our bus has broke down. Could you give us a lift please?" Asked Niall. I tried to keep my cool and said "Yeah it course we were just on our way." "Oh thank you, doll." Harry said. I never realized how charming he was. They all hopped in and Niall rode shot gun with me. We all got out at the concert and to repay us they gave us backstage passes!!! Eek!!! 

Harry POV:

"Hey, mate." I said to Niall. "Yeah?" He replied. "What did you think of the lovely girls who drove us?" I asked. "Oh, welll.... Ummm..." "Come on lad spit it out!" I shouted. "The girl with the brown hair is just perfect." He said. "Aw does Niall have a crush?!" Asked Zayn walking in. "Shut up!!!" Niall yelled. "Oh would that be why you gave them the passes mate?" Louis asked. "I just wanna know her better now." Niall answered. "Oh would that be all then, lad?" Liam answered laughing. "I was hoping to get to know her well enough to go on your with her." Niall quickly answered, smiling. "BOYS! It's time!!!" Yelled Paul. And with that we ran straight out only to see her in the front row....

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