Love can't last... Can it?

This is my first one so no hate please. Cassidy and Katrina are best friends and have dreamed of meeting their teenage hearthrobs, Harry Styles and Niall Horan. Niall and Katrina fall in love. But what happens when someone new falls for Katrina...? Will she stay with niall? Or her mystery love....


8. It's finally time

Lou POV:

Zayn and Trina are done. I feel guilty for this but I'm happy. I realized that all along I have loved her. So I'm writing her a song. I'm calling it "A Thousand Years" apparently they broke up because of her feelings for me! Yes!!!

Trina POV:

Zayn was right I do love Lou. I approached Lou's door and knocked. He quickly answered and pulled me to a hug. "Hello, love. How are you holding?" "Actually, very well." I answered Lou. "Look Trina..." I cut him off. "Lou wait. I need to tell you something. I'm in love with you." His eyes were glistening and he was smiling. He said "I feel the same way about you. I have something for you." 

Lou POV: 

Here goes nothing. I started to strum the guitar. "Heart beats fast. Colors and promises. How to be brave, how can I love when I'm afraid to fall but watching you stand alone every breath every hour has come to this. One step loserrrr. I have died everyday waiting for you darling don't be afraid I have loved you for a thousand years I'll love you for a thousand more. And all along I believed I would find you time has brought your heart to me I have loved you for a thousand years ill love you for a thousand more." (I won't say the whole song but this song is called a thousand years by Christina Perri to anyone wondering) Trina had tears streaming down her face. And then she kissed me. And it was a perfect kiss. By the best girl. "I love you" I told her. "I love you too" she said. And those words made my life. I love Katrina Margaret Anthony and hopefully Tomlinson some day. But for now I just call her my baby. THE END. I will do a sequel but it will only include Michela Harry Katrina and Lou and occasionally Liam. Just so you see how they ended up. I was real anxious to end this one because I have a great idea for a new one which will be starting tomorrow. I love you all and hope if you read this you liked my first novella. Thank you very much! Much love, ❤Trina

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