Best Song Ever! Best Life Ever?

^ Niall and Gemma start to date, Harry is over-protective of his sister. how does harry feel about Nemma?
^Nigeal met a girl on Her name is Averi. They start to like each other. Nigeal moves from England to America. He goes to a new school, Swope Middle School. Nigeal ends up going to the same school as Averi. And so on.
^ Nigeal's (and Harry's) parents have a new baby on the way.
(Im making up the story as I go on so I don't really know what will happen.) **comment any ideas you have for me to use**


9. Chapter 9

                     ***AVERI'S POV***

I couldn't believe it! I met One Direction today! Its been a dream of mine for the 3 years of One Direction to meet them! And I finally have! I would be screaming and crying but I kept it all inside. Nigeal would probably be upset if I did because he might think I only liked him to get to his brothers. Right now we were all in the game room playing truth or dare.

"Harry, Truth or Dare?" Louis asked.


"I dare you to eat a piece of pizza with mustard on it!"

"ohhhhhh" Everybody laughed.

"k" Harry ran down stairs and came back up with pizza and mustard. He did it. GROSS!! Everybody laughed.

"Nigeal, Truth Or Dare?" Harry asked.

"Truth," Nigeal said.

"Puss-say," Louis coughed. Everybody laughed.

"Okay, Do you like Averi?" Harry laughed. Everybody laughed again.

"Yep," Nigeal smiled.

"Awwww," Gemma cooed.

"Niall, Truth or Dare?" Nigeal asked.

"Truth," Niall laughed, "Just kidding. Dare!"

"I dare you to run around the neighborhood in nothing but your boxers and a bear hat on," Everybody laughed.

"Okay," Niall said, stripping down into his boxers. OH MY GOD! HIS ABS!! Niall walked to his room and came out with a bear hat. He put it on and walked downstairs. We all followed him. He went down the driveway and walked out the gate then started running up and the down the streets screaming and yelling. Then he came back up into the gate and we were all laughing.

"Now lets go inside. Its staring to rain," Niall said and we all headed back inside to the second floor.

"Okay, your turn," Louis said to Niall.

"Louis, Truth or Dare?" Niall asked.

"Dare," Louis said.

"I dare you t-" Niall was interrupted by a loud thunder. We all looked outside and it was pouring. We turned and looked at Niall, who had an evil grin on his face.

"Uhhh," Louis started, "I change my mind! TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH!!"

"I dare you to run outside in your boxers and Gemma's bra and knee-high socks. Go knock on someones door and ask for a huge bear hug," Niall grinned. Everybody turned to see Louis stripping down into his boxers. Gemma went upstairs and came back down with a bra. Louis put it on and went to his room to get knee-high socks. He looked ridiculous! It was so funny! We all went outside. Louis got off the patio, walked down the driveway, out the gate, down the street, and stopped in front a house. We all watched him. He was soaked by the rain! A lady that looked about 20 or 21 answered the door. Louis talked and the lady nodded so Louis opened his arms wide. The lady opened her arms too and Louis and the lady hugged. Louis even picked her up and twirled her while hugging her! We were all laughing. The lady and Louis talked for about 5 minutes until we called him. He waved to the lady and ran over to us.

"I just scored a girl!" Louis yelled over the sound of the rain. We all laughed and walked back to our area. Louis got dressed and came to join us. It was already 6:20. I had to be home at 7. We heard a door open and we all ran to the balcony to see who came in.

"Mum! Dad!" They all screamed and ran downstairs. I giggled at the way they say mom, they say mum.

"Wheres Kenny?" I heard a woman ask.

"Sleeping in his room," Niall said.

"Okay. Hey Zeus," The woman said. I slowly walked down the stairs.

"Oh, Hello," A man, im guessing their dad, said.

"Mum, Dad, this is my friend, Averi," Nigeal said.

"Hi Averi," The parents said. I smiled and waved to them.

"Well were going to take a nap, boys. And girls. And dog. Well be down to cook dinner later," The mom said.

"K," We all said.

"I have to be home in 30 minutes," I reminded Nigeal.

"I know. Follow me," He said grabbing my hand. "Guys, im going to show Averi the Recording studio. Ill meet you in the Movie Theatre?" Nigeal said.

"Okay. Don't break anything. Well be in the Movie Theatre," Harry winked at /nigeal. Oh well. Nigeal lead me to the 4th floor. There were a bunch of rooms. He lead me into one that  had a gold sign with the words, 'RECORDING STUDIO'. awesome, they even have a recording studio! Nigeal and I walked in it and we started messing with things. He went in the recording room and put on the headphones. I turned on the mike and pressed a button that said 'echo'.

"Averi," Nigeal said. Averi, averi, averi, averi. Theres the echo. We laughed.

"I love you," He said. I love you, I love you, love you. I blushed. I pressed a buttom that said 'normal'. He gestured me in the room. I walked in there and sat on a stool next to him.

"Averi, I love you," He said. I stood up and so did he.

"My brother always told me never tell a guy you love them. But, I love you, too, Nigeal," I smiled. He was staring into my eyes. Was he going to kiss me? He put his hands on my waist and pulled me closer to him. He stared into my eyes and I stared into his. No, no, no ,no! Im afraid, I cant, please don't kiss me! He was leaning in and I turned my head causing him to kiss my cheek .Thank you!

"Sorry," I said.

"Its fine," He said back. "Come on, The boys are ready," He said grabbing my hand. We walked to the movie theatre and sat down in the back. Where were the boys?

"Uhmm, Where are the boys?" I asked. He smiled.

"Its a surprise concert for you," He whispered. The lights dimmed and there was a cute spotlight on the stage. The curtain rose and the 5 boys stood there, their backs facing us. The music started playing and they sang a few of my favorite songs. I Would, I want, I Wish, Kiss You, Best Song Ever, One Way Or Another, Live While Were Young, And a few more. By the time they were done they let me take pictures with them and Nigeal and they signed some posters and they signed a notebook I had in my back pack. I started crying when they hugged me.

"Why are you crying?" Niall asked.

"You guys are my idols! Its been my dream to meet you since I seen you guys on the X-Factor! And here I am with my best friend and my idols!" I cried and talked.

"Awee, youre so sweet," Harry said and kissed my cheek. I cried and laughed.

"Niall, me and my best friend, Rhiannon love you so much. Like we cant even explain. Sorry, Liam, Louis, Harry, and Zayn," I smiled hugging them as tight as I can.

"Awee. I like you," Niall laughed.

"Its fine," The others laughed.

"Thank you for making my dream come true, Nigeal. Add this to the list of things I love about you," I cried, hugging him. I kissed him on the cheek and he hugged me tighter.

"I love you Averi," He said.

"I love you too," I said.

"Its 7. Want us to come with to drive you home?" Zayn asked.

"Sure," I said. And they drove me to my little home in the Swope neighborhood.

















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