Best Song Ever! Best Life Ever?

^ Niall and Gemma start to date, Harry is over-protective of his sister. how does harry feel about Nemma?
^Nigeal met a girl on Her name is Averi. They start to like each other. Nigeal moves from England to America. He goes to a new school, Swope Middle School. Nigeal ends up going to the same school as Averi. And so on.
^ Nigeal's (and Harry's) parents have a new baby on the way.
(Im making up the story as I go on so I don't really know what will happen.) **comment any ideas you have for me to use**


8. Chapter 8

                         **NIGEAL'S POV**

I hugged Averi before going into the gym. It felt good to hug her. Like it was meant to be. I walked into the huge gym and there were about 30 boys staring at me. The coach walked over to me.

"Name, and Grade!" He shouted. He spits when he talks. I didn't know what he meant so I tilted my head.

"Excuse me?" I questioned him. I could see anger in his eyes so I pulled out my schedule and gave it to him.

"Nigeal, 8. Whats hard about saying that?" He questioned me.

"Im sorry. I didn't understand because you didn't use proper grammer by asking," I sassed back to him.

"Oh, we got a brainiac," He laughed. "Your spot is in row 3, 4 spots down," He said. I went and sat where he told me to. He started calling row and after that everybody got up and walked  around or sat somewhere. I was walking around near the bleachers. I didn't know anybody so what was I supposed to do? Just then the doors opened and all the girls came in. I saw Averi and ran over to her.

"Nigeal!" She shouted running over to me. I held out my arms and she ran into them. I could see a boy glaring at me. That's weird. I shook it off and laughed with Averi. She walked me over to the bleachers and we sat and talked. Her friends started calling her over and I told her she can can go hangout with them so I sat alone on the bleachers.

"Hey, New Kid," I looked around to see who said that but didn't see anyone.

"Behind you, dipthong," I looked behind me and it was that boy.

"Im Brandon," He said. I held out my hand to shake it but he just looked at me weirdly so I quickly put my hand down.

"Nigeal," I said trying to be cool.

"Whatever. Anyways, Averi is my girl. Backk the flip off," He said in a low voice. Averi didn't say she had a boyfriend.

"Oh. Ok, Averi didn't say she was taken. My mistake," I forced a fake smile and a little chuckle.

"See ya around, kid," He said before walking off with his friends. A kidd is a baby goat! Oh wait, in America they call children kids. I saw Averi walking over to me so I stood up.

"Hey, Nez," She smiled.

"I didn't know you liked somebody," I told her, thinking about that Brandon guy.

"Well, I like you," She smiled.

"Then whos Brandon?" I questioned her.

"Don't talk to Brandon, hes rude! Whatever he said, he was lying. I do not like him," She informed me with a stern look.

"Well, Okay," I smiled, I believe her.

"Lets get our stuff. The bell is about to ring," She said grabbing my hand. I decided to forget about what Brandon said.

        ***SKIP AHEAD TO 8TH PERIOD***

Averi and I walked into Ms.Evaline's class. Home-Ec. I sat down at Averi's table next to her friend, Rhiannon. Rhiannon smiled at me, I smiled back.

"Good Afternoon, class. Please Welcome our new student, Nigeal Sty-" She couldn't finish her sentence because I cut her off.

"Stylin. Nigeal Stylin," It sounded retarted but I didn't want anybody knowing my last name because then they will only like me because Harry is my brother. The teacher looked at me wierldly but then went back to what she was saying.

"Please welcome Nigeal Stylin. Nigeal, Please come up here and introduce yourself," She said gesturing me to come up. I got up and started to speak.

"Hi, Im Nigeal. I just moved here from London, England in the UK. Uhm, Im 13. And, uhmm, I like poatatoes?" I didn't know what to say and everybody laughed when I said I liked potatoes. They all clapped and I sat back down.

"Well, Thank you Nigeal. Today class, were going to be assigned partners for The Baby Project," Everybody clapped, I guess this was a big deal. The teacher went on, "Rhiannon and Matt, Michy and Jake, Brandon and Lindsey..." She paired everybody up. "Averi, I know you turned in the No-Project Pass but may you please pair up with Nigeal and use the pass for the next project?" She asked.

"Sure," Averi smiled.

"Okay, Averi and Nigeal. Everybody sit with your partners," The teacher said. Matt and Jake sat at our table. Matt and Rhiannon, Michy and Jake, and Averi and I all sat across from our partner. Rhiannon, Michy, and Averi sat on one side and Matt, Jake, and I sat on the opposite side. We started discussing our names for our baby and that kind of stuff.

"Im going to pass out the babies now. They has a black box inside of then that makes them cry, go to the bathroom, burp, etc. You have to care for your babies. Take turns taking the baby home. I expect that by the end of the project in 2 weeks, this baby still looks brand-new. Once you get your baby, come up to the bin to pick out an outfit and a blanket abd to get some extra baby diapers. Yes this is like a real baby," The teacher explained. She handed Averi and I two babies.

"Uhmm, Ms, Why two babies?" I asked.

"Because, you two were the last ones paired up. The last ones get the twins," She smiled. I looked at Averi and she looked just as confused as me.

"Okay," I said. She went walking off giving everybody a baby. I looked at the baby dolls. Wow. I didn't know baby dolls were that detailed. It looked real. We got a boy and a girl, and we actually got a boy and girl. Like I said, they were detailed.

"What about Autum and Adam?" Averi asked.

"Or Nick and Nicole?" I offered.

"Or Josh and Jenna?" She said, smiling.

"Or Emma and Elliot?" I asked.

"I like Elliot," she said smiling.

"I like Autom," I said back.

"Elliot and Autom," She said.

"Our little babies," I laughed. We got up and walked over to the big bin full of baby clothes. She picked out little leggings and a pink shirt that said 'Little Stinker' in blue lettering. I luckily found little jeans and a blue shirt that said 'Little Monster' in green lettering. We laughed t how much the two outfits looked alike. I grabbed a blue blanket for Elliot and a pink blanket for Autom.

"Aww, Theyre so cute," She said, cradling Elliot in her arms.

"They really are," I said, cradling Autom in mine.

"Want to come over to my new house after school?" I asked, hoping she would say yes. I just wanted to be near her.

"Well, I have cheer practice until 5:30, maybe after?" She asked.

"Of course. I could pick you up afterwards," I offered.

"That would be great. Ill text my mom," She said getting her phone out.


The bell rang and I walked with Averi out of the classroom.

"I have to go change for practice. See you around 5:30?" She said, I nodded.

"Ill be here. Ill be in a white limo," I  said. She laughed.

"Nice car!" She almost shouted, laughing.

"Sorry my brother is famous so my mom  decided to go overboard and buy a limo," I said laughing. We laughed together.

"Well I really need to go change. I have 10  minutes before practice, bye," She said, walking down the hall and waving. I walked out into the pick-up area and saw my limo. I noticed a bunch of kids were staring at the limo. I walked over to the limo and once I got there my limo driver, Tony, opened the door for me.

"Thank you Tony," I said, giving him a 5 dollar bill. He nodded, shut the door, and got in the limo. He drove off without speaking. Once we got to my house I opened my own door, walked over to his door, and opened it.

"Why thank you, Nigeal," He smiled. We both walked inside and he walked to his room. He, our maid, and our cook each have a room. They are all on the lower level. When you are on the first floor, theres a staircase going down and that's the service headquarters where Tony, Vanessa, and Carol sleep. Then on the lower-level there is another staircase going to the basement. Like I said, the house is HUGE! I walked over to Louis' door and knocked.

"Come in," He said. I walked in and he was lying in bed.

"Did you sleep all day?" I laughed.

"Yeah, kinda," He said sleepily.

"The boys get home in about 5 minutes, wanna order pizza? Also my friend is coming over after her cheer practice at 5:30 so were picking her up," I said.

"Well order pizza when we pick up your little friend," He said, laughing.

"Shut up!" I blushed.

"Go out so I can change," He said. I walked out and shut the door. I went to Zayn's room and knocked. He told me to come in so I did.

"You gotta wake up, the boys are on theyre way. Also my friend is coming over at 5:30," I said.

"K," He said as I left the room.

My parents were at work. Kenny was sleeping in his room. Zeus was outside. Wheres Gemma? I knocked on her door, no answer. So I walked in. She wasn't in there. She probably went to pick up the boys. I walked up to Kennys room and got him dressed.  He is a really cute baby. He had green eyes and dimples like Harry and me. He had blonde hair, though. His hair had cute little Shirley Temple curls at the ends. I put him in a green shirt with the words 'RockStar!' on it in silver lettering. I put him in jeans. I walked downstairs with Kenny and went outside.

"Zeus!" I called.  Zeus barked and ran up to me. He jumped up with his paws on my shoulders and licked my face. "Down, boy. Watch out for Kenny," I ordered. Zeus jumped down and ran off chasing a bird. I put Kenny in the baby swing in our backyard and started pushing him.

                     **LATER THAT DAY!**  **5:25 pm**

I have to get to the school and pick up Averi. 10 more minutes! I was sitting next to Louis on the couch.

"Hey, Lou. Wanna come with me to pick up my friend?" I asked.

"Sure," He said, getting up. We walked to the door.

"WERE PICKING UP MY FRIEND!" I yelled then Louis and I walked to the limo. Tony was waiting for us. He opened the door and we got in.


We sat in the limo for about 5 minutes then we saw a bunch of girls in shorts and orange t-shirts walking out. I noticed a few girls I met today. Then Averi came out talking to a lady with blonde hair, that must be the coach. I walked out and ran up to Averi.

"Hey, Averi," I smiled.

"Hi, Nez. You actually do have a limo. Wow," She said staring at my limo.

"Yeah," I smiled.

"This is Coach Jenna. Coach Jenna, this is my friend, Nigeal. Today was his first day of school and im going to his house to hangout," She smiled.

"Nice to meet you Nigeal. Have fun Averi. Remember practice tomorrow," Coach Jenna said.

"Okay," Averi said.

"Bye," Averi and I said at the same  time. We laughed while walking back to the limo. I opened the door for her and her eyes widened. She screamed.

"What?!?" I shouted.

"I-I-I-Its Louis Tomlinson!" She whisper-shouted.

"Im Harry's brother, remember?" I said, smiling.

"I remember, I didn't think I would meet any of One Direction , though," She said smiling.

"Hello," Louis said, smiling. I helped Averi get in the limo. We sat next to each other.

"Hi, Louis. Im a big fan! Sorry im just so happy. Im hanging out with my best friend and I got to meet a member of my favorite band!" I could see Averi's eyes start to get watery. Yuup, Shes a Directioner.

"Its alright, mate," Louis smiled. Averi and Louis talked for the 5 minutes on the way home. Once the limo pulled into the circular driveway, I could see Averi's surprised face.

"This is HUGE!!!!!!" She shouted. I laughed.

"Yep. My brother and his mates have a lot of money and, well, this happens," We both laughed. Louis opened the door and walked up to open the door for our driver. He tipped our driver $5. Then we all walked inside.

"Wow, Big House," She said looking at the grand staircases and giant entry room.

"Theyre home!" That was Harry.

"Come on!" And Zayn.

"I just want to eat already!" And Niall.

"Calm Down!" And Liam.

"BARK BARK!!" And Zeus.

"ZEUS! CALM DOWN!" And Gemma.

"WAAAAAAAA!!" And Kenny.

Just them Zeus came running over jumping on me with Gemma right behind him. And shortly after came running in Harry, Zayn, Liam, then Niall. And Little Kennny in Niall's arms.

"Down Boy!" I shouted and Zeus who immediately sat down.

"Uhmmm," I could tell Averi was a bit nervous and happy.

"Averi, This is my brother, Harry, His mates, Niall, Liam, and Zayn. My sister, Gemma. My baby brother, Kenny. And my dog, Zeus," I introduced her to everybody.

"I know who they are! Hi, Harry, Niall, Liam, Zayn, and Gemma. Hello, Zeus. Hi there, Kenny," Averi smiled.

"Hi," They all said, well except for Zeus and Kenny.

"Pizza?" Niall said. He was always hungry.

"Come on," I said, grabbing Averi's hand. She pulled away. Strange. We all got ourselves pizza and sat at the huge table.

"So, Averi. Are you and Nigeal a thing?" Harry laughed. I punched his arm and noticed Averi blushed.

"Let me ask the questions. Averi, Have you guys kissed yet?" Niall asked. Everybody laughed. Once again, Averi blushed.

"No we haven't!" I yelled at Niall.

"Okay, Have you guys held hands?" Louis asked. Once again everybody laughed and Averi's cheeks got even redder and she slowly nodded.

"Aww, you guys are so cute," Gemma said.

"Shu-" I was cut off by Averi,

"Thank you," She smiled. I smiled back. We finished our pizza and all went up stairs to the game room.















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