Best Song Ever! Best Life Ever?

^ Niall and Gemma start to date, Harry is over-protective of his sister. how does harry feel about Nemma?
^Nigeal met a girl on Her name is Averi. They start to like each other. Nigeal moves from England to America. He goes to a new school, Swope Middle School. Nigeal ends up going to the same school as Averi. And so on.
^ Nigeal's (and Harry's) parents have a new baby on the way.
(Im making up the story as I go on so I don't really know what will happen.) **comment any ideas you have for me to use**


5. Chapter 5

                        **NIALL'S POV**

I was in my room when I heard Harry's baby brother, Kenny, crying. I walked up stairs and into Kenny's room. I saw Gemma cradling Kenny trying to calm him down. She was singing him a lullaby. She sang so softly and sweetly. Shes so beautiful. Oh, no,no, no, no, no! No Niall! Shes 24 and youre 19! You have millions of fans to love! Don't fall in love with Harry's sister! Shes just soo---

"Hi Niall," Gemma said, cutting my thoughts off.

"Oh, Uhm, Hey Gemma," I said innocently.

"What are you doing up here?" She asked with her beautiful eyes staring at mine.

"I heard Kenny crying and came up to check on him. You, uhh, sing good," I flashed a big smile and winked at her. She laughed.

"Kenny just needed to be rocked and sang to," She said carefully placing Kenny in the crib.

"Oh. I never noticed how beautiful you are," I winked and flashed a big smile. She smiled back.

"Youre not so bad yourself," She laughed. I walked up to her and grabbed her waist. I pulled her close to me and looked into her gorgeous eyes. I looked at her lips, biting mine. I looked back up to her eyes. She nodded as if giving me permission to kiss her.I smiled, grabbing her face gently. I slowly leaned in and kissed her. We were kissing when Harry walked in.

"Woah!" Harry shouted. I quickly pulled away from her.

"Uhmm, Hi, Uhmm, Harry," I stuttered. He grabbed his sisters hand and pulled her away from me. I could tell he was just being the protective brother he is.

"What the f***, Niall?? Shes my sister! Really?!?" He shouted at me. Gemma stood there, staring at her brother.

                         **HARRY'S POV**

I heard some foot steps upstairs so I went to check it out. Kenny's light was on so I opened the door. I saw Niall kissing Gemme. What the f***?!? Shes my sister, who does he think he is?

"Woah!" I shouted. Niall jumped and pulled away from the kiss.

"UHmm. Hi, Uhmm, Harry," Niall stuttered. I grabbed my sisters hand and pulled her away from Niall. I was really protective over Gemma even though she was older then me by at least 5 years. Im 19 and shes 24.  

"What the f****, Niall?? Shes my sister! Really?!?" I shouted at Niall. Gemma was standing next to me just staring at me.

                  **GEMMA'S POV**

"Hi Niall," I said.

"Oh, Uhm, Hey Gemma," He said innocently.

"What are you doing up here?" I asked staring into his blue eyes.

"I heard Kenny crying and came up to check on him. You, uhh, sing good,"  He flashed a big smile and winked at me. I laughed.

"Kenny just needed to be rocked and sang to," I said carefully placing Kenny in the crib.

"Oh. I never noticed how beautiful you are," He winked and flashed a big smile. I smiled back.

"Youre not so bad yourself," I laughed. He walked up to me and grabbed my waist. He pulled me close to him and looked into my eyes. He looked at my lips, biting his. He looked back up at my eyes as if asking permission to kiss me so I nodded. He smiled, grabbing my face gently. He slowly leaned in and kissed me. We were kissing when Harry walked in.

"Woah!" Harry shouted. Niall quickly pulled away from me.

"Uhmm, Hi, Uhmm, Harry," He stuttered. Harry grabbed my hand and pulled me away from Niall. My brother was very protective over me, even though Im 24 and hes 19.

"What the f***, Niall?? Shes my sister! Really?!?" Harry shouted at Niall. I stood there, staring at my brother. Why was he freaking out? Well, Niall is his best friend, like his brother, and Niall kissed me. I guess its weird that his 'brother' kissed his sister...? Idk. I ran back to my room and left Niall and Harry in Kenny's room. I shut my door and locked it. I can not fall in love with my brother's best friend. But Niall is just, I like him. He talented and cute and funny and sweet and just, hes himself. I fell asleep with Niall in my thoughts and a smile on my face. Oh Gemma, why did you fall in love with your little brother's best friend? That I will never know.

                     **LOUIS' POV**

I woke up to the sound of yelling. I heard Harry shout something. I went up stairs to Kenny's room where the yelling came from. Harry was screaming and yelling at Niall while sitting in top of him. I saw that Niall had now a swollen black eye and a bloody face. I jumped on Harry and tried to pull him off. I finally got him off and yelled for Zayn and Liam. They came running in. Zayn helped me hold Harry back. Liam went to care for Niall, whos eye was now swollen and black. Liam took Niall out of the room and Zayn and I took Harry downstairs to Zayn's room.

"Whats going on mate?" Zayn asked Harry.

"Niall kissed my sister! Niall kissed my Gemma!" Harry shouted. We all knew Harry was very protective of his big sister. I cant believe Niall would do that.

"Seriously?" I asked, stunned.

"Yes, so I punch his eye. And his nose. And his stomach. And his lip. And I kicked his leg. And then you guys came in..." Harry said disappointed in himself.

"Mate, you cant beat up your brother because he kissed your sister," Zayn stated.

"Im sorry. I regret it. But im very pro--" He did get to finish because Zayn and I said at the same time,

"Protective over Gemma,"

"Yes, that. Wheres Gemma?" Harry asked getting up. Zayn pulled him back down.

"Mate, don't bother her. Shes probably asleep. Go to bed," Zayn said and Harry went to his room. Zayn and I got up and went to Liam's room where Liam and Niall were to check on them.

               **NIALL'S POV**

Harry yelled at me and Gemma ran out of the room. Harry kicked my leg causing me to fall over. He got on top of me and started punching me. I could feel my nose start to bleed. Then he punched my stomach and I let out a little scream. Harry kept yelling at me then Louis came in and yelled for Zayn and Liam. They pulled him off of me and Liam helped me up. We went to his room. Liam started treating my black eye and bloody nose and busted lip.

"What happened, Mate?" Liam asked, carefully wiping my bloody face. It really hurt but I need to man up.

"I kissed Gemma and she kissed back and Harry walked in and blew up. Gemma ran off and Harry started to beat me up," I said, frustrated.

"Woah, You and Gemma kissed? You know Harry is protective," Liam informed me.

"Well, it kinda just happened. And she kissed back," I said.

"Come on, lets get some ice for your eye and a bandaid for you lip," Liam said. He was always so caring. Liam helped me up from sitting on the toilet. We were about to go the door but Zayn and Louis were standing in the doorway.

"Hello mate," Zayn said. Then he looked at me and my busted face and said, "Oii, Im so sorry. Harry said hes sorry too. He just got very protective."

"Louis, help me go get Niall some ice and a wash clothe," Liam said. Louis went downstairs to get what he was told to.

"Thanks, guys. Im sorry I messed up. And I cant believe he gave me a black eye. Girls love my eyes," I laughed and so did the other boys. We heard a door open and Nigeal came out of his room.

"Hey little man, go back to bed," Zayn said.

"What happened?" Nigeal asked, worriedly.

"Your brother beat me up cuz I issed youre sister now go to sleep," I said annoyed.

"Oh, Night boys," He said before returning back to his room.












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