Best Song Ever! Best Life Ever?

^ Niall and Gemma start to date, Harry is over-protective of his sister. how does harry feel about Nemma?
^Nigeal met a girl on Her name is Averi. They start to like each other. Nigeal moves from England to America. He goes to a new school, Swope Middle School. Nigeal ends up going to the same school as Averi. And so on.
^ Nigeal's (and Harry's) parents have a new baby on the way.
(Im making up the story as I go on so I don't really know what will happen.) **comment any ideas you have for me to use**


3. Chapter 3

                                  **NIGEAL'S POV**

As the private jet was landing, I was looking out the window at what is now my new home, Texas. After we got off the jet, a few men unloaded our boxes. They put it in a huge moving truck. All the things that were in our house in England is now in a giant moving truck going to a big new house in a neighborhood in Texas in America. Far away from England. My family and the boys got In the limo and went to the new house. We drove up to a huge mansion. It was brick and its was pretty! There were a bunch of windows in the front. A black gate was in our way of entering the drive way. My mum got out of the limo and punched in a code at the little box on the walk in part of the gate. The gate opened and the limo drove in the circled driveway. It was beautiful! Much better than our little home in England. The boys were going to live with us so that's probably why its so huge. We went inside and there were 15 bedrooms! I went up stairs. There were two staircases to go upstairs. One on the left and one of the right. There was also a Staircase in the middle leading to another floor. And there was a balcony right next to the staircase. Once you got upstairs there was a huge living room with 3 huge floor to ceiling windows looking out to the front. There was a pool table in the right corner and a fuze-ball table in the left corner. There was a giant television machine in the middle hanging on the wall and a huge couch that turned to make it look like two couches in front of the television machine! Im guessing that's the game room...? I went over to the 'balcony' between the two staircases and yelled down to the boys.

"Hey guys! This place is awesome! Come up here!" I yelled down before running back over to the couch. I looked to the left and there was a hallway, I looked to the right and there was another hallway. I went down the left hallway and saw three bedrooms. All huge with a bathroom and a walk-in closet. At the end of the hallway was a door. I went out the door and it was yet, another hallway, except this hallway was very small. There was a door about five steps forward. I walked over to it and peered out the blinds. A balcony! I went out and there was a spiral staircase leading into the backyard. I quickly went back up stairs and went to the right hallway. It was the same as the left hallway. I went up to the third floor. It was almost the same format as the second floor except instead of a fuze-ball machine and a pool table, there was a fridge and a bar. The room was pretty much blank other than that. There were also three floor to ceiling windows. I went to the Left hall way, same thing as downstairs. I went to the right hallway, again, same thing as downstairs. I saw There was a spiral staircase going up near the staircase going down. I went up the spiral staircase and there was a fourth floor. I went to one room the had a golden sign that said 'POOL'. SWEET! There was a Jacuzzi and a baby pool and a large swimming pool with a mini diving board. I exited the room and walked over to another room that said 'STUDIO'. Of course it was a recoding studio. Probably for One Direction. I closed the door and walked across the blank room to a door that said 'SCREENING ROOM/THEATRE'. I went inside and there was a medium sized stage with little spot lights on the ceiling in the opposite of where the door was. I went down the cute little isle that had little red lights on the floor like in movie theatres. There were seats from where the door was up to the stage. I went behind a black curtain on the side of the stage. There were four doors backstage. The first one said 'COSTUMES AND PROPS', the second one said 'MAKEUP AND HAIR', the third one said 'CHANGING ROOMS', and the fourth one said 'STORAGE'. This is a great house! I didn't want to look at the fifth floor. I took the elevator downstairs and joined everybody at the table.

"This house is amazing!" I half-shouted. My parents were smiling hugely. What were they so happy about?

"We wanted to tell you kids something," My dad started. All the kids looked at Mum and Dad.

"Well, kids, and boys, Were having a baby," My mum smiled. All the kids looked annoyed. Kenny is only one and my parents are having their fifth kid.

"Yay. Woohoo. Cool. Awesome," All of us kids were saying acting surprised and happy.

"Harry, Niall, and Nigeal, you boys are in Hallway Left on the second floor. Zayn, Liam, Louis, You boys are in Hallway Right on the second floor. Gemma,you and Kenny are in Hallway Left on the third floor while your father and I are in the downstairs bedroom. The guest bedrooms are in Hallway Right on the third floor and In Hallway Right on the fifth floor. Everybody take a box and go to your rooms. We have two elevators you kids can use. Have fun unpacking. Dinner is at 8 so be ready," My mum smiled as she explained. All us kids nodded and got to work. 

The movers put all the furnature in the house, all we had to do was unpack. I found my phone charger and plugged it in. I got on to and clicked on mine and Averi's chat. She was online like usual. I smiled as I started typing.

Hey- From You

Hi- From Pikkimystery

I just found out my mum and dad are having another baby.- From You

Cool, hows the new house- From Pikkimystery


WOW! THATS HUGE!- From Pikkimystery

Yeah I know.-From You

lol. when ared you starting school?- From Pikkimystery

Thursday. I have to unpack today and tomorrow.- From You

okay. cant wait to meet you Thursday. remember im showing you around- From Pikkimystery

Thanks a lot :)- From You

No problem. its my job, literally lol. Every cheerleader has to be in the welcome committee.- From Pikkimystery

Wow, your a cheerleader? I love cheerleaders! lol- From You

lol yep. gtg. bye xoxo- From Pikkimystery

bye babe;) xoxoxo- From You

I turned off my phone and started unpacking. This goes there, That goes here. Gosh so much work!












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