Best Song Ever! Best Life Ever?

^ Niall and Gemma start to date, Harry is over-protective of his sister. how does harry feel about Nemma?
^Nigeal met a girl on Her name is Averi. They start to like each other. Nigeal moves from England to America. He goes to a new school, Swope Middle School. Nigeal ends up going to the same school as Averi. And so on.
^ Nigeal's (and Harry's) parents have a new baby on the way.
(Im making up the story as I go on so I don't really know what will happen.) **comment any ideas you have for me to use**


1. Chapter 1

                          **NIGEAL'S POV**

I sat in my empty room staring at all the packed and ready-to-go boxes. Im leaving England to go to stinkin' America!! Im so mad! Just because my brother is mostly in America doesn't mean my mom needs to move the whole family there. Cant I just stay with my uncle? Im leaving my girlfriend, Lilli, and my other best friends, Brice, Ryan, and Kenzie. Im leaving my school, Briarwood Academy, too! Im so mad and sad. My mom is ruining my life!! I heard my brother call me so I went downstairs.

"Yes, Harry?" I asked.

"Are you all packed and ready? We leave tomorrow morning with the boys in the private jet," Harry informed me. Gosh! I hate all this fame. Tours, private jets, limos? Cant we be normal for a while?

"Yes, Harry," I said. Harry noticed the sad expression on my face.

"Whats wrong, Nigeal?" He asked.

"Nothing, its just that I don't want to leave. I cant leave Lilli, or Brice, or Kenzie, or Ryan. I cant leave Briarwood Academy. I cant leave, I don't want to!" I shouted almost crying. My dog, Zeus, came over and stood next to me. Hes a pretty big dog. Hes a brown and Black German Shepard with blue and Brown eyes. His eyes were beautiful. Lilli had blue eyes. Ill miss Lilli. Harry cut me out of my thoughts,

"Its fine, Nezzi. How about once we get to America I take you to this cool club I heard has Teen Nights?" He offered, petting Zeus. I hated him calling me Nezzi. I also hate calling him Hazza or Haz, his name is Harry! Gosh!

"Don't call me Nezzi, you know I don't like it," I said coldly. "And sure, Ill go to that club," I said smiling.

"Cool. I have to go. The boys are waiting for me at the studio. See ya later, Little Bro," Harry said, leaving. I was home alone with Zeus, my dog, and Kenneth, my baby brother. My mum was at work and so was my dad. Harry was at the studio. And our sister, Gemma, was shopping. I hate being stuck with Kenneth.

About 2 hours past and the phone rang. It was Lilli, I declined. I didn't want to talk to her, I was planning on breaking up with her because I cant do long distance relationships. I got a text and looked down at my phone.

Hey Baby- From Lilli

Hi Lil- From You

wyd- From Lilli

babysitting Kenneth- From You

sounds fun lol where is evry1- From Lilli

Harry went to the studio, Gemma is shopping, mum and Dad are working. And im home alone with Kenneth. I wish Zeus could babysit- From You

Oh. lol. It sux ur moving:(- From Lilli

Yeah, I don't want to. Ill leave Briarwood, Kenzie, Brice, and Ryan- From You

And youll be leaving your girlfriend, me- From Lilli

Uhmm, about that 'girlfriend part'.... I have to break up with you- From You

WHAT??? Why?:(- From Lilli

My mum said I have to because were moving...- From You

BS, Tell me the truth!:(- From Lilli

Okay, I cant do long distance relationships. im sorry- From You

can you do me a favour?- From Lilli

Sure, what is it?- From You

Can you come to the park in 30 minutes?- From Lilli

Uhmm, im babysitting, remember?- From You

Bring Kenneth, and you could also walk Zeus- From Lilli

Great idea. Ill be there.- From You

See you then;) I Love you <3rom Lilli

Love you too<3- From You

I turned my phone off and got ready. I dressed in a blue Areopostal shirt and some jeans. I went down the hall to Kenneth's room. He was awake playing with a stuffed animal in is crib. He is so cute. He has dimples and green eyes like me and Harry. I put some Guess jeans and a green shirt on him. I put some converse socks on his little feet. I got his diaper back and put him in his stroller. I walked outside and Zeus followed. I shut the door and headed for the park. Once I got to the park I waited for Lilli. I played with Kenny for a little bit when I saw Lilli turn the corner and head towards the baby swings where Kenny, Zeus, and I were.

"Hey Lil," I said awkwardly.

"Shut up and kiss me," She smiled and walked next to me. I always loved her pushy side.

"Don't mind if I do," I laughed. I leaned in closer to her and closed my eyes, she did the same. Our lips touched. I pulled away and smiled. "Im going to miss you," I said while hugging her.

"Ill miss you too," She said sadly. I could feel how sad she was. I just broke up with her and im moving tomorrow morning. We sat on the bench while Kenny slept in his stroller and Zeus was running in the grass.

"I love you Lil," I whispered in her ear.

"I love you too, Nezzi," She smiled. I hate when people call me Nezzi, but when she does it its kinda cute. We were watching Zeus run around when I got a text, I looked down at my phone and it was Harry.

Where are you?- From Harry

At the park with Lilli, Kenny, and Zeus.- From You

Come home, mum, dad, and Gemma are home. were going out to eat with the boys.- From Harry

okay, pick me and Lil up from the park and drive her home?- From You

sure. Be there in 5- From Harry

"Lil, Harry is picking us up in 5 minutes and driving you home. My mom wants me to go to dinner with my family and the boys," I said.

"Oh, Okay," She said.

"Zeus!" I called, and he came running over. We walked over to the parking lot to wait for Harry.


"Hes here, come on," I said holding out my hand for her. She grabbed my hand and we both pushed the stroller to the limo. Harry opened the door and Zeus hopped in. Harry put Kenny and the stroller in and then Lilli and I got in. It was silent on the ride to Lilli's house. The limo stopped in front of Lilli's house. I opened the door and got out and held the door for Lilli. We walked up to her door and I turned to her.

"Im really going to miss you baby!" I whisper-shouted. I kissed her and I felt a smile on her lips, I smiled too. I pulled away after about 30 seconds.

"Ill never forget how great you kiss, Nezzi," She smiled and winked with her beautiful blue eyes.

"Never forget this kiss," I said before I pulled her close, leaned in, and kissed her once again.

"I love you! Im really going to miss you! I love you so much, Lilli Evaline Francis," I said, tears threatening to fall. She started crying.

"I love you, too! im going to miss you baby! I will always love you, Nigeal Keith Styles," She cried.

I gave her one last kiss before walking back to the car. I waved to her as she walked inside. After she got Inside, we drove off.

"Youll find someone else. Trust me, Nigeal," Harry smiled, trying to cheer me up. What he didn't know is that I already found someone else. Once we got home I went upstairs to change. I got dressed into dark jeans and a blue Areopostal button down. I went to the bathroom and combed my curly brown hair so I wasn't frizzy. I flipped my hair to the side, just like my brother.I brushed my teeth and went back to my room. I put on my blue converse and grabbed my phone and walked downstairs. Everybody was waiting on me. I smiled and we all walked out the door leaving Zeus home alone.

                                            *** AT THE RESTURANT-OLIVE GARDEN***

We sat at the large table deciding what we wanted to order. I decided on a little salad. I wasn't that hungry. We ordered our food and about 30 minutes later it was delivered to our table. I ate in silence as Niall, Zayn, Liam, Louis, Harry, Gemma, Mum, and Dad all talked and laughed and ate.

"Hey buddy, Whats up?" Niall asked me trying to start conversation.

"Nothing much. I broke up with Lilli today, Im moving to stupid America tomorrow," I said, annoyed.

"Oh. America isn't that bad. youll be going to Swope Middle School in Houston, Texas. And were all going to learn how to ride horses," He said, excited obviously. Ive actually always wanted to learn to ride horses, and surf.

"Really? Can we buy a horse? I want a black horse with, uhmm, with a white spot on his forehead and I want to name him Midnight or Thunder," I said imagining me riding a shiny black horse with a white spot the shape of a lightning bolt on his forehead.

"Sure, anything for you. Youre like my little brother," Niall smiled before going back to talking and eating.

                                                                    ***AT HOME***

I sat on my bed with Zeus and logged on to It was a website where you can contact people you don't know. It was completely anonymous. Ive been chatting with a girl. Her username was Pikkimystery. My username was Mysteriousdude. We cant say our real names, though. I clicked on our chat and she was online. Yay, I thought. I began chatting with her.

Hey, my mystery girl;)- From You

Hey, My mystery boy;)- From Pikkimystery

So I kinda have had a crush on her, I mean her personality. I don't really know her. And yeah, I liked her when I was still dating Lilli. Horrible, right? I know.

Hows it going- From You

Good, I haven't been going to church lately, though. But yesterday I watched One Direction's new video Best Song Ever!! it was so awesome. Whos cuter, Niall or Harry? lol- From Pikkimystery

She still doesn't know Harry is my brother and I plan on it staying that way.

idk lol. You know, I kinda look like harry;) I have curly brown hair, green eyes, and dimples. lol- From You

lol. I have wavy brown hair, brown eye, and little freckles. Were cute. I wish we could meet though:(- From Pikkimystery

Whats your name? Im Nigeal.- From You

We aren't supposed to say our names...- From Pikkimystery

Oh well, I just did. they cant do anything about it.- From You

lol, okay im Averi- From Pikkimystery

I like your name;)- From You

Thanks lol,- From Pikkimystery

Meow ^U^- From You

lol. And we danced all night to the best song ever;)- From Pikkimystery

We knew every line now I cant remember- From You

How it goes but I know- From Pikkimystery

That I wont forget her cuase we danced all night- From You

TO THE BEST SONG EVER!! lolol ermygosh guess what??- From Pikkimystery

What- From You

My mom is letting me and my sister go to a club. Its Teen Night on Sundays. I cant wait to go to Midnight Rodeo!! yayyayayayaqyay- From Pikkimystery

cool! my brother was telling me about a club where they have teen nights. wouldn't it be cool if I moved to where you lived? oh I have to go my mum wants to take take care of my baby brother- From You

lol- From Pikkimystery

whats so funny?- From You

You say 'mum'. usually people in America don't say mum. I find it cute;)- From Pikkimystery

Well I live in England. Im moving to America tomorrow because of my brothers job.- From You

OHH AWESOME!!!- From Pikkimystery

yeah, good night.  bye, my Averi- From You

good night- From Pikkimystery

I signed out and went downstairs to feed Kenny.

Later that night I decided to go to bed, I did have to wake up at 6 in the morning to catch the jet.










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