Gracie has known Marcel her whole life.He was the adorable,cheeky kid who always sat in the front of the classroom.One thing is,is that she is starting to fall for him.And she doesn't even know it.Will she fall for the dorky,cute side of him?Or the dark,protective side?And will he choose being with her or the populars?


8. Chapter 8

Marcel's P.O.V

I can't believe he did that to her. I oughta teach him a lesson for touching my girl.

I pushed all of these thoughts behind me,only focusing on Gracie. I liked her outfit today. Simple,but effective.(See what I did there?(; ) We walked down the road,not knowing where we were going. We ended up at the park. The exact same place where I asked her out. That was a couple weeks ago. Wow,time flies. I looked down,expecting to see my beautiful Gracie,smiling at me. But,she wasn't there? I looked up to see her over by the swings,acting like a little kid again. I laughed,jogging over to where she was. I got on the swing next to her,slightly moving. I hate those moments when you forget about the world,just think about your life and what has been going on. I did get picked on today for changing back. And then she gets told she's the reason? Unbelievable. I hate that school. I hate it with a passion. I've been bullied for to long. I'm not going to let it go on any longer. The next person who messes with me,they're going to regr-

I was snapped out my thought by someone tapping me on the shoulder. I looked up to see Gracie,holding out her hand. I took it instantly,getting up from the small swing. I walked her over to a bench. We sat down,looking up at the trees. She laid her head down on my shoulder. I kissed the top of her head. We stayed that way for a little while,until I felt a little drop of water on my nose. The another on my forehead. And one more on my cheek. Then a downpour of rain came. Gracie jumped up,clinging onto me. I wrapped my arms around her waist,crashing my lips onto hers. She was stunned at first,but our lips began to move in sync. I loved this girl. And now,I'm glad I can mark this off of my bucket list. Especially since I did this with her.


Guys,it's short,but it took FOREVER. Maybe because of my brother taking the computer. But,wasn't that a sweet ending? Not of the book,but the chapter. I'm glad ya'll like the book.:D

And guess what?! 150 views! Yesss! Love you guys!


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