Gracie has known Marcel her whole life.He was the adorable,cheeky kid who always sat in the front of the classroom.One thing is,is that she is starting to fall for him.And she doesn't even know it.Will she fall for the dorky,cute side of him?Or the dark,protective side?And will he choose being with her or the populars?


6. Chapter 6

Marcel's P.O.V

I decided on the Harry look for school today,since people liked it better than Marcel. I honestly liked it better than Marcel. I arrived at school ,where all the girls were already drooling over me. But,I only had one girl on my mind. I didn't care about the other girls here. They slept with every guy here. Gracie,she was different. She got bullied some. I don't understand why she would,though. She's to pretty to get bullied. She's so,real. Unlike these other ones,who look like a crayon raped their face. It was crazy.

"Hey Marcel."

"You look good."

"You should call me sometime."

These girls were unbelievable. I saw Gracie at her locker,getting her books out. She was,crying? Why would she cry? Whoever did this was going to pay.

"What's wrong?" I asked as I walked up to her locker. Her eyes were red and puffy,tear stains were starting to form on her cheeks.


"Gracie,you know you can tell me anything, right?"

She sighed,taking out her phone. There was a text from an unknown number.

"You slut,you and Marcel won't last. Now he's going to be mine,since he's changed for the better. You better be getting over him quick."

I wrapped her in a tight hug. Was this girl seriously trying to break me and Gracie apart? I mean,we're not even really together. Sure,we kissed,but I haven't officially asked her out yet. And now everybody seems to like me just because I got rid of the Marcel look. But,I may just have to go to his life if she's going to get treated this way.

"Meet me outside when school gets out,"I whispered in her ear. She nodded her head slightly,turning around and walking to her first period class.


Gracie's P.O.V

School was slower today than usual. I guess because I was waiting to meet Marcel right after. The final bell rang and I slwoly got up,actually not ready for this. What was he going to do? My stomach flip-flopped in every which direction.

I saw him standing at the doors to the school. He was casually messing with his phone,probably texing someone. I walked up behind him and tapped his shoulder. He jumped a little bit,but smiled when he realized it was just me. He took my hand in his and led me to a small park about 10 minutes from the school. We sat down on a bench,the awkward silence consuming us both.

"Gracie," Marcel finally said,breaking the silence. I looked up at him.

"I've never been the best person in relationships. Bt,I was,uh,wondering,if you would,uh-"

"Of course I'll be your girlfriend,"I said,cutting him off. He smiled and wrapped me in a hug.

"But,I have a question for you."

"And what is it?' he asked,looking concerned.

"Why did you change? I mean,I love the new Marcel,but I love the old,dorky and adorable Marcel."

"It's hard to explain. I got bullied because of how I used to act and dress. I didn't want that anymore. I thought,maybe if I was like this,people would stop treating me wrongly. But,now that;s changed. Instead of going after me,they are going after the people I care about. I want to stay like this,but,I think I'm going back to the old Marcel. I can't stand the way you're being treated. I would rather myself be beaten up or talked bad about than you."

I was trying to process all of this. Which side do I want? I don't want him to get hurt. I sound just like him. I would rather myself get hurt. He's been through enough.

"Which side do you like best?" I asked,the words just slipping out of my mouth.

"I love both sides. But,I would much rather have this side. Where people don't judge me as much."

"I never judged you," I said,giving his hand a squeeze. He smiled down at me. I don't know how or why,but I have fallen in love. But,which Marcel do I want to be with? Protective,newly popular Marcel,or dorky,adorable Marcel?

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