Gracie has known Marcel her whole life.He was the adorable,cheeky kid who always sat in the front of the classroom.One thing is,is that she is starting to fall for him.And she doesn't even know it.Will she fall for the dorky,cute side of him?Or the dark,protective side?And will he choose being with her or the populars?


4. Chapter 4

Tonight is the night of prom. I am wearing a white,sparkly dress that goes to the middle of my thigh. It has a cream color ribbon around the waist and a white flower on the ribbon.I decided on plain white heels and light makeup. I never really cared for makeup at all. While I was he getting dressed,I kept thinking if what Marcel told me. How was he going to impress me? As I put on the last shoe,there was a knock on the door. I went to answer and was surprised by who it was. There he was. But,it didn't look like him. He didn't have on his glasses,his hair was up sorta like a quiff,and he was just. Perfect. 

"Are you ready to go? Or do you want to keep staring at me?" He chuckled. I snapped out of my thoughts and nodded my head. He smiled and took my hand. He lead me over to his black Cheverolet Camaro and helped me inside. It was surprisingly very clean. It had leather seats that were also black. He walked over to the drivers side and got in.

"You look beautiful," he said,smiling the same cheeky smile that I know. I blushed.  

"Thanks. You look,amazing."

"I'm guessing you noticed the differences to,huh?" he chuckled. I quickly nodded my head and smiled. He started the car and pulled out of the driveway. I put my hand down on the glove department beside him. He smiled and held it. Our hands fit perfectly together. To bad the school was close.

I really didn't want this moment to end.


Hey guys! Sorry about thus chapter. It was hard to really write this one. But,I assure you,the next one will be better! On a different nite,what did y'all think of the Best Song Ever music video? I thought it was the best one yet,honestly!

Ok,I'm gonna write more tomorrow,I promise. Hope y'all like the book!


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