Gracie has known Marcel her whole life.He was the adorable,cheeky kid who always sat in the front of the classroom.One thing is,is that she is starting to fall for him.And she doesn't even know it.Will she fall for the dorky,cute side of him?Or the dark,protective side?And will he choose being with her or the populars?


10. Chapter 10

Gracie's P.O.V

It's been a couple of months since Marcel and I started to date. And I must say,it has been the best 2 months of my life. But people are still bullying him. I have tried to get them to stop. Talked to the principal,my parents,even his parents about the whole situation. I seem to be the only one to care about him. It's gotten pretty bad. He's came home with several bruises,some a dark purple or blue. He isn't as talkative as he used to be. Something's up,and he won't tell me.

I'm just going to have to give him his space.

Marcel's P.O.V

The bullying has gotten worse. I haven't told anyone yet,but I've started to cut my wrists and thighs. I didn't mean to start. It just sort of...happened. I've gotten beat up pretty bad the past couple of months. Mentally and physically. People telling me that I'm worthless. Nobody loves me. I oughta die. Gracie has given up on me. That one was the worst. Honestly,I believe the others. I should die. I am worthless. I'm not even sure if Gracie loves me anymore.

I've thought of suicide many times. That may be my only escape. My escape from all of the hatred,all of the pain. But I would leave Gracie. Heartbroken,gone. I can't do that to her. But,what will I do to stop the jerks that push me around?


I got beat up again today. Gracie doesn't know yet. I have been hiding a lot of stuff from her. I'm scared to tell her any of it. And honestly,today is the day that I want to die. I want to be away from all of this. Even Gracie. That sweet angel. We haven't really talked this week,which makes me very upset.

I trudged up the steps,heading to the bathroom. Reaching into the familiar cabinet,I grab the blade once again.

One cut for the bullies.

One cut for the fight.

Another for the pain.

And lastly,one for Gracie. The blood poured from the last cut,landing on the white floor below. I heard a knock on the door,then it screeching open.


It was her. I was losing blood quick,getting dizzy.. I reached for the sink,knocking over several bottles. She must've heard me,her steps quickening up the stairs. What she found must have scared her. Then,nothing. Everything went black.

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