Rainbow Adventure

Rainbow dash is living her normal Pegasus life, until we'll to be honest I don't know nobody ever knew what happend!


1. A Perfect Day

                     Mlp fanfic series

  Rainbow adventure
           Chapter 1

  Rainbow Dash sat quietly on her cloud couch. She dreamed of being with the wonder-bolts, but then she remembered the lessons of friendship she had learned during then, she sighed. She loved her friends very dearly, but felt that deep hole inside her that could only be filled with the thrill of speed! She decided to go for a fly, she began with a simple cloud chase. She was flying and she saw.... THE WONDERBOLTS! She excitedly flew over, only to be interrupted by a cotton candy cloud. 
 Discord replied "Me," and points to himself
 Rainbow sighs "Yes you," with a slightly annoyed tone.
 "Well what did I do?"
  "You totally ruined my chance to talk with the wonderbolts!"
 Fluttershy crosses the road with ducks and looks up.
 Dash rolls her eyes
 "You know he's the element of chaos," fluttershy continues.
 Discord gives Rainbow his kitten eyes.
 "I am the element of chaos and sometime I just," Rainbow knows that he's going to give his 'speech' again, "-cough cough- one who has chaos needs to let it free, one who uses chaos must take advantage of it, thus create harmony."
 Rainbow rolls her eyes.
Rainbow dash looks where the wonderbolts where and they're now covered in reporters, tourists, and fans. Rainbow Dash fills with anger,  
 "THAT'S IT!" and starts to fly off to sugarcube corner. Twilight walks up to fluttershy, "What was that all about?"
 "I dunno rainbow just stormed off."
A few minutes later...
"Ooooo somepony said there WAS CHOCOLATE RAIN!!!" Pinkie spies the cotton candy clouds and her eyes go wide 
 "NOM NOM NOM NOM... Mmm I love cotton candy!"
 "Well, hope you like those clouds," rainbow starts flying twards the train station, "I've got a date with destiny!"

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