A Cinderella Story

There is two sides to every story.
In every Cinderella fairy tale only one story has been told; Cinderella lives with her evil step sisters. What if it was the other way round? Two sisters living with their evil step sister? Cinderella is a poor girl with a horrible life.... Or is she? And is it?


1. Prologue

I see her, slowly edging closer, that wicked gleam in her penetrating, ice blue eyes. The howling wind and freezing snow buffet around me and for a moment I lose sight of her. I look wildly around and just manage to dive out of the way before a dagger comes flying at me. I roll over, but she's on top of me pinning me down, such strength from a little body. I reach for my sword, but she grabs my arm and twists it. As I writhe in agony she hisses

"Did you really think you could defeat me? Your family has failed for three centuries and you are the very Hawthorne, I will take great pleasure devouring your soul." She smiles wickedly and leans in closer, and closer. I try to pull away but then I feel her lips on mine. I forget everything, warmth spreads through my body and a blinding golden light is coming off her skin. For a few seconds its perfect then the light fades and face is feeling like its being ripped off, I try to scream but her lips are clamped firmly over my mouth. My head is spinning, my vision is blurry. I  relax slightly and her hand comes off my arms and onto my chest. I grab my sword and plunge it it as hard as I can into where I think her heart is. She looks at me in horror, then there is a noise like glass shattering and she breaks away in front of me. I gasp in shock, me a young man defeated Angelique, a witch who has sucked on my families souls for centuries. I slowly stand up and begin my long trek down the mountain when something makes me stop in my tracks, a long sad wailing sound. I draw my sword and slowly walk to where its coming from. I stop in surprise when I see it, a newborn baby in a blue blanket wailing in distress. I look around, not a soul in sight. I tenderly pick the baby up and it stops crying. Those same penetrating cold blue eyes look at me. "No." I tell myself firmly, "someone just left it here." I cradle the baby in my arms and stroll down the mountain ignoring the lump forming in my throat...

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