A Cinderella Story

There is two sides to every story.
In every Cinderella fairy tale only one story has been told; Cinderella lives with her evil step sisters. What if it was the other way round? Two sisters living with their evil step sister? Cinderella is a poor girl with a horrible life.... Or is she? And is it?


3. Ghost?

I dragged his body towards the the grave I had dug. His eyes eyes were wide and glassy, his skin cold and clammy. His muscular body felt light in my arms as if something heavy had been removed. As I neared the grave I hesitated. His family what will they think? Could I at least leave him so they could find him and give him a proper burial? 
The eerie voice echoed in my head, and the figure was their again, smiling encouraging me. "Screw them I thought, they deserve to suffer!" The woman nodded as I lowered his body into the grave and tossed the dirt on top. My task was complete, I had done what I came here to do.
I was about to throw the last pile of dirt on when something Shiny caught my eye. A necklace. I ripped it off his neck and had a proper look at it. It was on a silver chain and was heart shaped with ILY on it. I turned it over. My heart stopped. Engraved was with love from shelby. Red hot anger burned inside me. How dare Shelby take him from me! "It's ok." I looked up and she was there; again.
"Who are you?" I whispered. She smiled and ignoring me softly replied,
"You can fix that." She took it from me then handed it back. At first it was the same, and then the words changed. They now said 
'With love from Mummy' I gasped and looked around for the figure, but she had vanished. 
I put the necklace on just as I got text from my dad; 
Dad: Wher r u?
Ella: On my way bak
Dad: K hury up
Ella: I'm comin! B ther soon
Dad: Wher r u anywayz?
I had to think for a couple of minutes before replying.
Ella: @ the park
As I walked home I thought of the figure. Who was she really? How come she came to me? Was she a ghost? Or something else?


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