Him and I

He looked deeply in my eyes, I knew he was sorry. But the next time he plays me, he will think twice. My name is Felicia Scott, I am a second degree murder. I was in jail for 6 years. I am 18 and am a foster child. No one knows my past... and I plan to keep it that way, until I met Liam Payne. Yes, yes Liam Payne, from One Direction.


1. About Me

Hi, my name is Felicia Scott. I have green grey eyes and a brunette. I'm 18 and I was charged for second degree murder when I was 6 years old. I had a pretty messed up life then. I was always in reach of a gun, my parents were drug addicts, and I was badly bullied in school. My mom would go to work at 4:30am and would come at 12:00am. For my dad he would go to the club and drink 'till he past out or abused me. I always had a tough time in school, being called the 'poor girl'. I always stole from the outlets and wouldn't be punished. I stole from the nearest store and never get caught.

It was the last day of school and some girl had the nerve to punch me, she was new to that school and didn't know me or anything. I didn't know she was new either, I grabbed my little pistol from my pocket and shot her. I never knew it would lead to death until I saw her, everyone looked at me and I just ran away. The police were behind me and I was to tired to keep running. And that's what got me here today. I was respected from the prison, nobody messed with me. I only had two friends, Talia and Luna. Yeah they were Latin, and I was a white girl, but we became amigos. We all gave ourselves the same last names. Scott, we don't know why Scott but we just loved it.

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