The Perfect Couple~ Will anything tear them apart?

I was challenged by my boyfriend to write a short story. So here it is.


1. Short Story

Cheyenne graduated as head cheerleader, straight-A student, prom queen, and homecoming queen. Trevor graduated as head of the football team, he wasn't smart at all, so he relied on Cheyenne. Cheyenne and Trevor began dating in 9th grade and in the 10th grade, they became the "perfect couple." They never fought, and when they were together, they were happy as could be.

Throughout high school, Cheyenne struggled. She had her school work, cheer-leading, volleyball, basketball, and helping Trevor with his school work. The only thing they didn't agree on was their outlooks on life. Cheyenne believed that hard work and smarts was the way to succeed. Trevor believed in using his good looks and that he was going to get a career in football by getting scholarships. 

Now, they are a new married couple. Trevor didn't want to be married, heck he didn't want to be tied down to one girl. What Cheyenne didn't know was at all the "football parties" Trevor slept with many different girls. Cheyenne completely devoted herself to Trevor, she had even lost her virginity to him. She was head over heels in love with him, but he didn't care about her. He constantly cheated, but no one ever said anything because of their "perfect couple" label, and no on wanted to hurt Cheyenne.

Sitting at their new home, Trevor watches football as Cheyenne cooks dinner. She loved the fact that he proposed to her. But, she could tell something was wrong, he had been acting weird since they got married. She just shrugged it off. They sat in silence at dinner, Cheyenne was waiting to make her announcement.

After dinner, Trevor got a phone call. He didn't stay in the dinning room, he left to the living room. Cheyenne couldn't make out what he was saying, she didn't really care. What she could tell was it was great news. Although her news was good news too. He walked back into the dinning room. "I have something to tell you, it's important," Cheyenne told Trevor. "Me first," he interrupted her. "I'm moving," he said. "To where?" Cheyenne asked. "I don't know, where ever they need me." "They?" Cheyenne asked. "Yeah, I got a football scholarship finally. You can come with me."

Cheyenne sighed. "I can't. I can't move around, I need to stay in one spot." "Why?" He asked. She sighed again, and put her hands on her stomach. "I'm pregnant." Trevor froze. "Who's is it?" He asked. Cheyenne looked at him weirdly. "Trevor you're the only one I've been with." "You're joking right?" He asked. "No," she stopped, "did you think I slept around?" "Well, yeah," he said then stopped. Cheyenne walked away from him, but stopped. She threw papers at him, they verified the child was his. 

Cheyenne woke up to find Trevor on the couch. All these years he thought she slept around, what had he done? She felt uneasy. but she felt comfort that he was still here. But was he really going to stay? Or was he going to walk right out of her life? Would he leave his child for football? She began making breakfast as Trevor woke up.

Nine months later, Cheyenne lay on the delivery bed. She screams and pushes again. Her baby girl is born. Trevor sits there holding her hand. As she holds her daughter Hannah, Trevor leaves. When Cheyenne is released, her mother takes her home. When she walks into her house, she walks into a surprise. All of Trevor's stuff, gone. On the counter lay a note: "Dear Cheyenne, I have left to fulfill my dream in football. Hannah is beautiful, I will send child support when I get paid. I'm sorry. P.S. In high school I did some things with other girls. Love, Trevor." She put the note down.

He was really gone. She couldn't believe it, he just up and left. Will he really pay? How did seeing Hannah not get him to stay? With no idea what to do, Cheyenne called her mom and told her everything. Her mother came over to comfort her, and to help her out. How would she tell Hannah?

A year later, Cheyenne is on her feet again. She has a job, her mother watches Hannah, and her mother had introduced her to a wonderful man. He is living with them when he's not working, and he spends a lot of time with Hannah. Cheyenne is in love with him, but she knows deep down, she still loves Trevor. Trevor has been sending child support, and extra money for Cheyenne. 

Two months later, Cheyenne broke up with her new boyfriend. She was hurt, but she knew what she wanted. Her and Hannah flew out to live with Trevor. They went and watched his game. After the game they went to his house. He was shocked they were there, but Cheyenne was in for a bigger shock, half naked girls walking around. Not one, or two, but seven or eight.

She left Trevor, just as he did her. Cheyenne and Hannah moved back home. Luckily that wonderful man agreed to take her back. After a year Cheyenne was married, and had another child on the way. Trevor got severely injured and got fired. He crawled back to Cheyenne to find her happy. He decided not to bother her, moved in with his family and never saw Cheyenne again. The high school sweet hearts torn apart by a child, and fame. 

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