Inseparable Or So I Thought... *Completed*

Hi, my name is Christy Brantley, I have a best friend named Niall Horan. We have been best friends since our baby days. Then he tries out for the X Factor and he joins One Direction. He starts being a jerk, he goes to my school but he pretends like he never knew me. What can I do to make him remember?


2. What?

I wake up the next morning and Niall's head is on my shoulder. I pick up his head and I get up and I set his head on the couch and I go to the kitchen.

"You two are so cute when you are asleep." My mum says.

"Mom!" I groan and she hands me a cup of tea and I sit down.

"What!" She says and I laugh.

"Bacon?" Niall asks, popping his head into the kitchen.

"Good boy." My mum says and I laugh and he sits next to me and she hands him a cup of tea too.

"Yes! I get first piece!" He yells and I elbow him and he laughs.

"You always do!" I whine and he smiles at me and my mum hands him the piece but he holds it out for me and I go to grab it but at the last second he pulls it away and eats it. "Niall James Horan!" I yell and he looks at me innocently.

"What?" He asks and I push him and he puts up his head. "Nialler like a puma!" He says and I laugh.

"Ok bacon is done, now for pancakes." My mum says, putting the bacon on the table in front of us and I grab a piece and I start eating it. "What's on the agenda today?" My mum asks, flipping a pancake.

"Well it's open mic night at Coffee Beans tonight." I say and my mum looks at me.

"But you don't sing." She says and I sigh.

"I have told you a million times before. I am a guitar player and drummer but I only play guitar there." Me and Niall say and I look at him and he is grinning and I laugh.

"Oh right." She says and I get another piece of bacon and I get up.

"I am insulted!" I say and she laughs and I sneak a cookie.

"Oh!!!!" Niall yells and my mum looks at him and he is pointing at me and she looks at me.

"Christy!" My mum says and I put it back.

"Thanks Niall!" I say and I sit back down and pout. He leans over to me and pokes my cheek and I look away and Niall comes up behind me and hugs me. "No I am mad at you." I say and he starts tickling me.

"You can't stay mad at me!" He says and he picks me up and takes me to the living room.

"Horan!" I yell and he drops me on the couch and I get up. I start chasing him and I jump on his back and my mom just looks at us crazy.

"Smile!" She says and snaps a picture of us.

"PANCAKES!" Me and Niall yell and I hop off his back and I grab a plate and I pile on pancakes and so does he and I put syrup on them and I go sit down and Niall sits next to me and we start eating.

"I swear you two could be related." My mom says and we just smile at her with a mouthful of pancakes.

After Breakfast

"Can I come with you to mic night tonight?" Niall asks, throwing up the soccer ball and catching and I turn away from my laptop and I look at him.

"Yeah." I say and I pick up my guitar and I play a few chords.

"Everyone's going to be chanting my name! Niall! Niall!" He says and I laugh and I start the beginning of a song that I don't remember the name of.

"That would be amazing." I say, fantasizing about being onstage doing a guitar solo and people cheering.

"What's your dream Christy?" Niall asks and I look at him.

"I want to be a professional guitar player or soccer player." I say and he smiles and he grabs my guitar and starts playing a song.

"Follow your dream." He says and I smile.

"What's your dream Niall?" I ask and he shrugs.

"Maybe performing at MSG." He says and I stand up and start to get my outfit together.

"You might want to go through the clothes you left here and see if you have anything you can wear tonight." I say and he nods and gets up and looks through my drawers and I turn around and he was in my undergarment drawer. "Niall!" I yell and he turns and blushes and I point him to the drawer they are in and he goes there and looks in.

Later That Night

I check my outfit one last time in the full mirror and then I turn to Niall and I do a full spin.

"How do I look?" I ask and he smiles.

"Like a girl." He says and I laugh and I grab my guitar and we leave my room.

"Bye mom!" I yell.

"Bye mom!" Niall yells and I look at him and he grins.

"Bye kids have fun!" She yells back and we leave.

At Coffee Beans

"I would like to introduce our regular, Christy!" Shelby says and everyone starts clapping and I get on stage and sit in the chair and I see Niall in the front and he is smiling.

"Hey everyone!" I say and they cheer and I begin playing. It is totally silent and I glance up and Niall is just staring and smiling like an idiot. After I am finished everyone starts clapping and I get up and I got off stage.

"Good job!" Niall says and I hug him.

"Now for a newbie everyone Niall Horan." Shelby says and people start clapping and I sit down and I look at him.

"Hi everyone, I am a singer and I will be singing 'So Sick' by Ne Yo." He says and I look a little confused and he smiles at me and starts singing. Niall sings? He is amazing. I just stare up at him and he just looks at me. After he is finished barely anyone claps and he gets off stage.

"That was amazing, I didn't know you were a singer! I thought you were a guitarist." I say and he smiles.

"I'm both." He says and I hug him.

"That's amazing! It doesn't matter if they didn't clap, I thought you were great!" I exclaim and I pick up my guitar and we leave. Niall is a singer and a good one. Maybe we could be in a band together.

Authors Note

How was this chapter? I hope you liked it!

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