Inseparable Or So I Thought... *Completed*

Hi, my name is Christy Brantley, I have a best friend named Niall Horan. We have been best friends since our baby days. Then he tries out for the X Factor and he joins One Direction. He starts being a jerk, he goes to my school but he pretends like he never knew me. What can I do to make him remember?


1. Just Hanging Out

"Niall! Kick it!" I yell to him because he won't kick the soccer ball to me.

"Eh she isn't very good!" He says and I laugh at him and I start running toward him.

"Niall, I am the best on your team!" I say and he laughs and he finally kicks and it goes through my legs and I start chasing it but he is faster and he kicks the ball into the goal.

"GOAL! GO NIALL!!" He yells and starts cheering.

"You two are so funny." His mum says.

"Yeah Niall here has 2 points and I have 5." I say and she laughs.

"I want in on this." Greg, his brother says and I shrug and Niall picks me up from behind.

"I WIN!!!" He yells and I start laughing.

"Fine, winner goes against Greg!" I say and Niall puts me down.

"That would be me." He says and I push him.

"Nope." I say and he grabs my wrist and picks me up again. "Put me down, lets get this game on." I say and he puts me down and we race to the ball.

We play until he wins the game and I go inside and I sit with his mum.

"Nothing like brotherly competition." She says and I laugh.

"I know, I was so letting him win." I say and his mom giggles.

"You two are so silly when you are put together." She says and I smile.

"You and my mum decided to make us best friends." I say and she shrugs.

"Well I think it's sweet." She says and I look at her.

"What is?" I ask, getting some of the crisps in the cabinet.

"That you two spend so much time together." She says and I shrug.

"He is like my only friend, I don't bother with anyone else since I have him." I say and she looks at me and smiles.

"That is so sweet." She says and I blush a little and I am happy that Greg and Niall come in to stop this awkward conversation.

"I WON!" Niall yells and Greg laughs.

"No I did." Greg says and Niall pushes him and I laugh.

"Ok looks like it's time for me to go home." I say, getting off the stool and I walk over and I hug Niall's mum like I always do and then I hug Greg and then I hug Niall.

"Mum can I go to Christy's house?" Niall asks and she smiles and shrugs.

"Tell her I said hi." She says and I nod and we leave. We walk to my house which is just down the street and we go inside.

"I'M HOME MUM!" I yell and I go to the kitchen.

"Hello sweetie oh and you brought my favorite boy, come and give your second mother a hug!" She says and I shake my head and Niall walks up to her and hugs her.

"What's for dinner?" I ask, getting out two Dr. Peppers and giving one to Niall.

"I just ordered a pizza and I am about to go pick it up." She says and I nod and I go to the living room and I plop down on the couch and I put my feet on the coffee table and Niall does the same. "Well um you stay here." She says and I look at her and smile.

"Ok." I say and she laughs and rolls her eyes and leaves.

"I get the remote!" Niall says, grabbing it from the table.

"No!" I yell and I try to take it from him but he holds it away from me and I just give up. He turns on the telly and puts it on the other side of him. "Godfather!" I say and he nods and I laugh.

About 20 Minutes Later

"I'm back!" My mum yells and me and Niall jump up and look at each other and then we run to the kitchen. I grab a plate and so does he and we wait for her to put down the boxes and I keep hitting his hands and he hits mine but I get my pizza first. "Does everything have to be a competition between you two?" She asks and I shrug and I go back to the living room and I sit back on the couch like I was before and so does Niall and this time my mum joins us.

"Niall are you staying the night?" I ask, still watching the telly.

"Yeah but I have to ask my mum." He says and I laugh.

"We sound like kids. Oh and mum Maura says hi." I say and she pulls out her phone and probably starts texting Niall's mum.

"She says I can." He says and I nod and finish eating and I set my plate on the table.

"Ok and I still have some of your clothes." I say and he nods and I yawn. Niall sets his plate on mine and my mum picks them up and takes them to the kitchen. I fall asleep before I finish the movie but I do feel something heavy fall onto my shoulder. I wake up and it is Niall's head, I close my eyes again and I fall asleep.

Authors Note

How was this chapter? Hope you liked it. -Doug

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