Love At First Sight... *Complete*

Kelly Garcia and Justin Bieber are from two different worlds. Justin is a mega pop star where as Kelly is a girl who isn't liked by anyone but her one friend Missy. But what happens when those two worlds collide at one of Justin's concerts. Is it love at first sight or not? My first Movella!!! I hope you enjoy!!!


13. The Letters

Kelly's P.O.V.

 I woke up. I looked around and nobody was in Shawn's room. I sighed. The door opened and I turned to look at the wall. Tears were brimming at my eyes. I heard a sigh. "Baby, please." I just kept looking at the wall as Justin sat down. "Look at me please." I turned but put the blanket over my head. "Please..." I pulled the blanket down and looked at him. He was staring at me with caring eyes. I started crying and he pulled me into a hug. I put my face in his chest while he was rubbing my back. I looked up at him and lightly kissed his lips. "When are those people coming?" "Half an hour." I looked at my brother's clock and it was 1. "I should get ready, wait where is Missy?" "She had to go talk to her parents. She said that she would be back later." "Ok." Justin stood up and pulled me up with him. We walked out the door, kissed one more time, and I went to get ready.

I didn't want to dress up so I  just put on my black sleeveless blouse and skinny jeans. ( I went downstairs and got an apple to eat. Justin and Shawn were talking. I went up to them and kissed each of them on the cheek. "Hi." I said really quietly. "Hi." They said back. I sat and ate my apple when the doorbell rang. I got up and answered it. There was a guy in a suit and he had a briefcase. "Hello. Are you Kelly Garcia?" "I am." "I am here to discuss the death of your parents Lance and Karen Garcia. Is your brother here?" "Yes. You can come in. We are just in the kitchen. Follow me." I started walking and my brother was in the kitchen with Justin. "Shawn this is... " "Richard Harz." "Hello Mr.Harz. I'm Shawn Garcia." Shawn said while shaking his hand. "And this is Justin Bieber." Mr.Harz looked at him shocked. "Hello sir." Justin said shaking his hand. "Ok. I have the wills and letters your parents have written to you."
"The wills state that Shawn will keep the house. Kelly will inherit her mothers diamond jewelry. Shawn get his fathers motorcycle. Kelly will get the money that is left in the bank, but spilt with Shawn. That is about it. Oh, and here are the letters your parents have written for each other." He handed each of us a letter. "Oh, and this is for you Justin." I looked at him confused. On the envelope it said, to the man who my daughter loves. I smiled, knowing it was from my daddy. "Well that's it. I hope you guys will get some closure from those letters. And I'm deeply sorry for your loss." We shook his hand and he left. I sat back down at the table and looked at the envelope. "I'm going to read this now are you guys?" They just nodded. On the envelope it said, Our Little Girl. I smiled and opened the envelope. There were two letters one from my dad and one from my mom. I read my mom's first.

Dear My Darling,

Hi honey. I guess when you are reading this your father and I have gone to heaven. You don't know how hard it is to write this. I'm going to start by saying this. I love you. I'm so lucky to have you as a daughter. Now I don't want you to mope around like you did when Lucy passed away. That golden retriever was like your best friend. Honey, you are my favorite girl in the whole world. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have you in my life. I was blessed with a beautiful baby girl. I hope that Shawn is taking care of you and you guys are sticking together. I'm crying right now just writing this. I can't believe that I am your mother. Don't take that in a mean way either. I see that your dad is writing a letter you your lover? Well whoever that is I give them my blessing. Haha. There is no reason to be sad at a time like this. Baby girl, it was my time to go. Maybe I'll see Lucy up here.I promise I'll give her a good belly rub from you. Well, I love you so much baby. There will be times that are bad and times that are good. Right now please don't give up on life and leave everything you have alone. I don't know how many times I can say I love you. I love you to the moon and back. Once again I love you.

Love you so much,


I put that note down and had tears streaming down my face.  I was so happy to read that. Now it was time to read my dad's note.

Hey There My Little Girl,

Hi Sweetie. Mommy and I have gone up to heaven, haven't we? Well, don't worry, we are watching down on you. You never thought that your dad would cry... well I am now. Kel, I can't tell you how much I love you. There is nothing in the world that is big enough. Remember that time when your mom and I came home from that one month business trip. How happy you were when you saw me come out of the car and you ran out to me. I want you to be like that. Don't close everything out because we are gone. I am going to write a little letter to the man of your dreams. Do you still LOVEEEEE Justin Bieber? Gosh, he is all you have been talking about. All you ever talk about. I love you my little girl. Baby, don't be sad. And tell Shawn to stop blubbering. I love both of you so much. Never break the bond you have. For mom and I please. You guys might be all you have left for each other. I am so glad that you are my daughter Kelly. I couldn't ask for the better daughter. I hope that you know how much I love you. Don't worry, mom and I will stay together forever. Well, I hate to say it but this is goodbye... actually no it's not. This is a see you soon. I will forever be with you. I love you. You will always be daddy's little girl. Princess, I love you, I love you, I love you. 

Love you forever,


I put daddy's letter down and smiled, but the tears wouldn't stop. I looked at Justin and he had a smile on his face but also had a couple tears on his face. Shawn was sitting there starring at the letters he had. "Hey, Justin, you mind if I read the letter that my dad left for 'My Lover'?" "I don't mind one bit." He said handing me the letter.

Dear The Man of My Daughters Dreams,

Hello. I guess my daughter is in LOVEEEEE with you. I hope that you are making her happy. She is my little girl and I love her. She is a special. You lose someone like her, you lose an angel. I can tell that you and her will be together forever. I might not know you or I might. I don't really know when I'm going to die. It might be tomorrow, maybe when I'm 100. Any way, please just take care of her. I'm absolutely positive that you and I would have gotten along just great. But I do have to say this. If you break my little girls heart, I will haunt you. I'm sure Shawn has said something along those lines to you already. Like father, like son, right? Anyway, I wanted to say thanks. Thanks for filling my baby's heart with love. Please just make sure she doesn't shut out everything in the world. That's all I ask of you. Well son, thanks. If you ever meet me or come to my grave, call me Mr.Garcia. Oh, I'm just kidding, Call me Lance.


Lance. P.S I guess if my daughter loves you, I love you too. And so does my wife Karen.

I got up and hugged Justin. We looked each other in the eyes and pecked each other on the lips. My daddy was right. This boy has filled my heart with love. "Kelly, I have to tell you something?" "Yes?" "I truly am in love with you." I smiled and kissed him again, this time with alittle more passion. "Justin, I truly do love you too. Um, I'll be right back." I walked outside and it was beautiful out. I looked up into the sky. "I love you mommy and daddy." I could imagine them smiling down back at me. I blew a kiss to the sky and went back in the house. "How are you feeling baby sis?" Shawn asked me. He was smiling alittle bit. "A lot better."


A/N I'm so sorry that I haven't updated all weekend. I was camping and yea! I'm SORRY!! I tried to make this chapter alittle longer. I'll update tomorrow!!! Anyway, thanks for reading so far. Much more to come. LOVE YOU ALL!!! <3


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