Love At First Sight... *Complete*

Kelly Garcia and Justin Bieber are from two different worlds. Justin is a mega pop star where as Kelly is a girl who isn't liked by anyone but her one friend Missy. But what happens when those two worlds collide at one of Justin's concerts. Is it love at first sight or not? My first Movella!!! I hope you enjoy!!!


26. Our Duet And The Hate

Kelly's P.O.V

I took a deep breath before stepping out on stage. Everyone was clapping. I saw J standing there and that made my experience a heck of a lot better. I went up to him and he hugged me. We pulled apart and I turned to the audience. "Hello Houston!" There was clapping coming from everywhere. "Well, tonight, I'm going to be doing a duet with this beautiful girl I call my girlfriend."

The music started and there was no turning back now.

J just finished his verse and chorus and it was my time to sing. I was nervous, but after a while of singing it, the worry just eased away. My verse was done and everyone clapped. I was happy that there wasn't any hate at the moment. J and I harmonized and did the rest of the song together and everything went great. When the song was over, I was so happy. J pulled me into a hug and whispered, "You did babe!" I smiled and kissed him. There were aww's coming from the audience. I looked at the crowd and waved. "Thanks for letting me sing for you guys!" I walked off stage to be engulfed with hugs. "That was amazing!" Missy said. "Thanks!" I looked at Shawn and he was smiling. The closer I got to him, I could see the tears in his eyes. I went and hugged him. "I'm so proud of you baby sis." He said. "Thanks Shawn." We hugged for a minute. We heard J say, "Thanks everyone for coming out! I love you all and Never Say Never!" He waved and came over to me. He lifted me up and spun me around! "That was amazing Kel!" I laughed and said, "Thanks." J set me down and kissed me. "Well, great job you two!" Pattie said as she hugged us. "Thanks Pattie!" I said. "You are very welcome." "Thanks mom." He kissed her cheek. "Your welcome sweetie." J and I waved to everyone. "See you guys later!" We went to the bus. "So, how's your ankle feeling?" He asked as we got closer to the bus. "It doesn't hurt that much, it's bearable" He nodded and took my hand. We got on to the bus. I went and grabbed my laptop and sat next to J on the couch. He had Ridiculousness on. I love this show. I went on YouTube to watch some Joey Graceffa. I looked at the home page and the first video was J and I singing. "J look." I said. He smiled. "You're famous now." I smiled and put my head phones in. I listened to the video and I was surprised. We sounded actually really good together. I smiled into the video at our harmonizing. I looked at J and he looked at me. "We are really good." I took out one of my head phones and put it in his ear. I turned my attention back to the screen and listened to the rest of the video. We took the headphones out and sat there. "That was really good." J said. I nodded at him. "I'm so glad that we had done that!" We smiled. J went back to watching the T.V while I looked at the comments. I smiled at the first comment: Wow! She is really good! Great Job Kelly and Justin! I kept scrolling until I saw something.

Omg! She is terrible. Her pitch is way off! She sounds like a dying cat! I suggest Justin finding someone who could sing... like me!

More and more comments like, She's horrible! and Huge mistake and much more.

I could feel the tears coming. I kept reading them until it  just became to much. I threw my laptop to the side of me and ran to the room. I slammed the door shut, locked it and laid on the bed.

"Kelly! What's wrong." I heard J on the other side of the door. I just kept sobbing into the pillow. "Baby, please let me in." I didn't move from my position. I heard J walk away. A couple of minutes later he was back. "Ignore those people. They are just jerks looking for attention." I kept crying. "Please." I could tell that he was holding back tears. "Why are you crying?" I asked as I opened the door. "Because, I hate seeing you like this." I sighed and went to the bed. I sat and hugged my pillow. He came and sat next to me. I took a deep breath. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed the side of my head. "I don't know what I did wrong." I whispered. "You did nothing." "I obviously did something. I could take the little hate before but this was too much." J sat up and turned me so I was looking at him. "Kelly Sophia Garcia! You are an amazing girl! Don't let the hate get to you. They are self centered jerks. You are beautiful and I love you." I nodded and laid my head on his shoulder. "Thanks J." He kissed my forehead and said, anytime. I got up and changed into my pajamas and laid down. My phone went off and I looked at it. J had updated his status on Twitter. It said:

@justinbieber: To all the haters, please stop hating on my girlfriend @kellygarcia. She is amazing! I love her. If you hate on her then you hate on me. Please just stop. And to whoever is supporting her, thanks. You are the true fans and I love you for that!

I smiled and looked at him. I kissed him. "Thanks babe. That really means a lot. I love you too." He smiled and side hugged me. "Anytime babe. Anytime." "Goodnight J. I love you." "Goodnight babe. I love you too." We kissed and I fell asleep in his arms.

A/N Heyyy! Sorry......... Please don't be mad! Anyway! Love you all! Much more to come!!!! <3


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