Love At First Sight... *Complete*

Kelly Garcia and Justin Bieber are from two different worlds. Justin is a mega pop star where as Kelly is a girl who isn't liked by anyone but her one friend Missy. But what happens when those two worlds collide at one of Justin's concerts. Is it love at first sight or not? My first Movella!!! I hope you enjoy!!!


21. Meeting Demi/First Concert

Kelly's P.O.V

I woke up to movement on the bed. J was still sleeping, who was moving? I looked down to see Jaxon moving. Jazzy was by J who was holding her. I quick took a picture of that. Jaxon opened his eyes and looked at me. "Mornin' buddy." He smiled and crawled closer to me. I laughed and hugged him. "You want to help me make breakfast?" He nodded. I stood up and picked him up, and walked into the kitchen. I set him down and looked at him. "What should I make?" He shrugged his shoulders. "Pancakes?" He nodded vigorously. "Pancakes is it." I started making the pancakes. "Jaxon, you want to go wake up your brother and sister. Tell them breakfast is ready." I said my back to him. I felt two arms wrap around my waist and a kiss on my cheek. "I'm already awake." I smiled. "Really? I thought you were sleep walking." I said sarcastically. "Yummm, pancakes." I smiled and handed him his plate. "Where's Jazzy?" I asked him. "Here I am." She giggled. I smiled at her. She is so cute. I set the pancakes in front of Jazzy. "PANCAKES!" I smiled. I gave Jaxon his also and he smiled. I went and got my, then sat next to Justin. "Good pancakes babe." J said. "Thanks." We finished eating and I put the plates in the sink, I started doing the dishes. "I'll do those, you go get ready." I smiled and kissed his cheek. "Thanks."


 I went and changed into my mint colored sleeveless blouse, skinny jeans, and my mint vans.( I walked out. "You look beautiful as always." I blushed. "Thanks." He walked up to me and kissed me. "No problem babe. Are you ready to meet Demi?" I had totally forgotten, I was going to meet my idol today! I nodded.  "Wait, where are the kids?" I asked him. "Watching T.V." I walked and sat on the couch. Jaxon climbed on my lap and started playing with my fingers. I smiled as Justin sat down next to me. We watched T.V until the bus came to a stop. "We're here." I smiled and said thanks to the bus driver and walked out the bus. I looked up. Whoa. "This is where your playing?" I asked him. He nodded. I was holding Jaxon when all of a sudden I heard, "Kelly!" I looked and yelled, "Missy!" She gave Jaxon and I a hug and looked at Jaxon. "Hey cutie." He smiled and waved to her. "So, follow me." Justin said as we followed him. "J, where are we going?" He smiled, "On an adventure." I laughed and he stopped. "This is where you guys are going to be watching the concert." Missy and I nodded.

"You want to go meet someone?" I nodded. "Guys,  I'm gonna head back to the buses." Missy said. I nodded then said, "Can you take Jaxon please?" She nodded as I handed him to her. "Bye buddy, I'll see you later." He waved and with that they were off. J took my hand and started taking me somewhere. "Where are you taking me?" I asked him. "To meet someone." "I know but who?" As soon as I asked I heard a girl shout, "Justin!" I turned around and there was my idol. "Hey Demi." He said while hugging her. I was speechless. "Oh, Demi, this is my girlfriend Kelly." "Hi Kelly." She said while hugging me. "H-hi." I stuttered. Wow, way to embarrass your self Kelly, way to go. "Are you a fan?" Before I could answer, Justin interrupted saying, "Demi, that's like asking a 5 year old if they want chocolate. You are like her idol, well other than me." I smiled. "Yay, well thanks for sticking with me." I smiled. "Your welcome." "I can already tell that we are going to be the best of friends." I smiled at the thought. "Here, hand me your phone." I did as told and took her phone. We exchanged numbers. I took my phone and we started walking. I looked at J and he kissed me. We heard a noise. "Did, you take a picture of us?" I asked her. "Maybe."  My phone went off. It said she posted the picture saying, 'Aww! Look at the two love birds.' I smiled and showed J. He smiled. "So, guys I have to go. See you at the concert in two hours." She hugged us both and waved goodbye. "We have half an hour before I have to get ready, so I want to show you something. I smiled and he took me to the stage. "What are we doing here?" I asked him. He brought out a stool and had me sit on it. I smiled. Wow, I have been smiling a lot today.

He started singing OLLG. I got up when he finished and kissed him. "Why did you sing that?" I asked him. "I wanted you know that you are my one less lonely girl, and I'm your one less lonely guy." "Cheesy, but I love it and I love you." He smiled, "I love you too." He kissed me.

*Skip to Concert

Demi was almost done singing her last song when I felt two arms around me. "Good luck kiss?" I nodded and kissed him. "Good luck." He winked and ran to get the harness on. The lights got dim, and Justin came down on the angel wings. I smiled at the sight of him. I felt a hand on my shoulder and saw Demi. "He really loves you." "Why do you say that?" "He hasn't been this happy since the day he and Selena broke up." I sighed. You see, I was a big Jelena fan. But I'm so happy to be dating him. "Thanks Demi." "No probs." "Hey do you want to meet someone?" I asked her. She nodded. I looked around the room for Missy and I found her. She likes Demi, but I love her so much, since she is my inspiration. "Missy!" She turned around and gasped. "Demi, I would love you to meet my best friend Missy." They hugged each other. "It's nice to meet you." Missy said. "You too." I smiled. "I'll let you too talk." I said while walking away. I stood where I was before. I smiled at J, when he would look at me. "Hey, do you want to help me look for the OLLG?" Kenny asked from behind me. I nodded. I went through the crowd and looked for a girl. Kenny was right behind me. I saw this girl. She was just like me. The smile would not leave her face. I went up to her. I tapped on her shoulder. She turned around. "Hey, would you like to be the OLLG?" I asked her. Her face lit up. "ARE YOU KELLY GARCIA?" I nodded. "Well, would you?" She had tears streaming down her face.

"YES!" I held out my hand and she took it. I took her backstage. "Who's going to be my OLLG?" I heard J say, followed by screams. I looked at the girl. "Are you ready?" I asked her. She nodded and I pushed her onto the stage. I walked back to where I was standing before and watched the girl, how happy she looked. The song was over and I greeted her to where she was sent out. She ran to me and hugged me. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" I smiled and said "Your welcome, your welcome, your welcome!" She laughed. "What's your name?" "Jessi." I smiled. "Beautiful name. Hey would you want to exchange numbers?" I asked her. She nodded and I handed her my phone as she handed me hers. "I'll text you soon." She hugged me and walked away. I can tell we are going to be good friends. "Well, bye guys! I love you all! NEVER SAY NEVER!" J shouted walking back in here. I smiled and he kissed me. "EWW YOU'RE ALL SWEATY." I said backing away from him. He smiled. I started running away from him as he chased me. I couldn't get the smile off my face. I was fast but he was faster. I ran around a corner and hid. He slowed down. "KELLY!?!" He shouted. He started walking ahead and I ran up to him and jumped on his back. "You called?" He put me down and kissed me. "I guess I'm going to have to deal with the sweat." I said. He laughed.

"Come on." He said taking my hand. "We have to go to the meet and greet." He stopped and took a shower and changed. He took my hand, "Let's go." I smiled. We got there. "Well, I'm going to go to the bus." "Nooooo! Don't leave me!" He whined. "It's your time with your fans. I'll be in the bus." He kissed me and I walked to the bus.

I got in and went to the bed. I was playing on my phone. It was half an hour and he hadn't came back. I put the song Replay by Zendaya on. I started singing to it. It ended and I heard clapping. I turned to the door. There was J clapping at me. "That was amazing! I didn't know you could sing!" I honestly don't think that it was that good. "Thanks." I smiled. "Why didn't you tell me you could sing?" He asked. "You never asked."

Justin's P.O.V

I walked into the bus and I heard an amazing voice. I opened the door and saw Kelly sitting on the bed singing Replay by Zendaya. She had her headphones in so she didn't know that I was here. She finished and I started clapping. I never knew that she could sing!

Kelly's P.O.V

I laughed and hugged him. "Well, goodnight!" I said to him. "Goodnight babe." "I love you." I said. "I love you too." He said back. I felt his arms wrap around my side and I put my face on his chest.

A/N Heyyy! Was it to long? I didn't know when to stop writing and I'm going to my grandmas tomorrow and not coming back until Sunday.  I really hope it wasn't to long!!! I hope you like it! Much more to come! LOVE YOU ALL!!!<3



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