Love At First Sight... *Complete*

Kelly Garcia and Justin Bieber are from two different worlds. Justin is a mega pop star where as Kelly is a girl who isn't liked by anyone but her one friend Missy. But what happens when those two worlds collide at one of Justin's concerts. Is it love at first sight or not? My first Movella!!! I hope you enjoy!!!


38. I'm So Happy For You!

Kelly's P.O.V

"Hey baby girl." My mom said. I turned around and my parents were standing there. I smiled and ran up to them. "Mama! Daddy!" I hugged them. "I've missed you guys." I said. "We've missed you too." I was smiling. "I love you guys." I didn't here a voice back. I looked around. They were walking away. "MOM! DAD! Come back." They turned around. "Sorry baby girl. We can't. We love you." My dad said. In the distance I saw headlights. "COME BACK." The headlights were coming closer. "LOOK OUT!" I shouted. I woke up to J shaking me. "Wake up Kelly!" I was crying so hard. "Mom. Dad! Come back!" I ran to their room. "Come back!" I said. "Kelly..." I turned around and J was standing there. "I saw them! They hugged me. They told me they missed me." "Baby. It was a dream." "And, then the head lights came and they wouldn't listen to me. I told them to come back but they wouldn't. They wouldn't come back." I fell to the ground crying when J came back and hugged me. "Shh. It's okay." I calmed down and sighed. "It's never going to stop. Is it?" "I don't know babe. But I am right here with you." J got up and helped me up. I looked at my parents timer. Right next to their neatly made bed like it always was. Shawn and I haven't got the courage to clean out their room. Anyways, it was 5 in the afternoon.. "Well, let's go downstairs." J said. J took my hand and started to lead me out of the room. "You know what J. Can we lay down in here?" "Are you sure?" I nodded. "Okay." I walked over to the bed and felt the covers. I got under the covers that I would cuddle my parents during a storm. The covers that would cover the people that I love so much. J got on my dad's side and I got in my moms. It smelt just like them. I cuddled up close to J and looked at him. "I'm sorry." "For what? Missing your parents? Babe. It's okay." I nodded and sighed. "I just hope that I won't forget their voices or something." "Babe. You have those home videos." I nodded and turned. I got out of their bed and walked over to their closet. I looked and found the box marked photos.
I opened the curtains and sat on the bed. I heard the door open. "You okay?" Shawn came in. I nodded. "Where is everyone?" "Missy and Ryan went to Ryan's house. Chaz and Leslie went to Chaz's house and Demi and Molly went shopping for something. Why were you screaming come back before?" "I had a dream about mom and dad. I ran into here." He nodded. "Hey baby sis. I have a question for you." "Shoot." "How much do you like Molly?" "I love her to be honest. She is so nice. You have a keeper."

"Cool. I know it has only been 5 months with her. But, I'm thinking of asking her to marry me..." I gave the picture box to Justin and jumped on top of Shawn. "DO IT!" I hugged him. "Woahhhh. Okay, okay!'' I laughed. "I'm so happy!" "I haven't asked her yet. Her parents said it would be fine." I nodded. "So, did you get her a ring????" He nodded. "And it has been burning a hole in my pocket since yesterday." "Good! I'm going to have a sister in-law!" "I haven't asked her yet." "Oh, like she could say no to you." "Yea, yea, yea, what are you looking at?"

"The picture box." He nodded and we were all looking at the photos. J looked at a photo and started laughing. "What?" He showed me the picture. It was me on my 4 birthday and I had cake all over my face. I smiled. "I was only 4." "You were so adorable... what happened?" Shawn said. I smiled and lightly pushed him. "Wow, thanks." "Just kidding. You are still my adorable little sister." I smiled. I found a picture of Shawn, mom, dad and I and I smiled. I put the picture back in the box and we heard the door open down stairs. "Hello?" I heard Molly shout. "One second!" I shouted.

"I have an idea about how you can ask her." I said. 

Skip 2 hours.

"This is going to be perfect!" I said. I was sat in Justin's car as we headed to the beach. My idea was going perfect. We got there and set everything up. We had two stools, one for J and one for me. J's guitar was set up. I texted Shawn that everything was ready. I looked down at my dress. I was wearing a red dress, black heels and did my hair in a fishtail braid. ( Shawn texted me back telling me they were on their way. I walked over to J and hugged him. "Thanks for the help." He nodded and kissed me. "Anytime babe." I smiled and walked over to everyone else. "Are we all ready?" Everyone else nodded. "What song are you and Justin going to sing?" "Marry Me by Jason Derulo." "Perfect song choice."

Molly's P.O.V

"Where are we going?" I asked Shawn for the fifth time. "It's a surprise." He said with a smile. I looked down and smoothed out my dress. Since Shawn told me to wear something fancy for tonight I had my magenta dress and white shoes. I had curled my hair and put a bow in the back.( "Close your eyes." Shawn told me. I closed my eyes and I felt the car stop. Shawn got out of the car and came on my side. He opened my door. I felt him take my hand and lead me out of the car. He covered my eyes and took me on something soft like sand. "Are we at the beach?" "One second babe." I smiled and all of a sudden he stopped. "Okay. Open your eyes." I opened them and he removed his hands. I gasped. "Wow. This is beautiful!" I said. There was a round table with a rose in the middle and candles on top of the table. I turned around and kissed him. "I'm glad you like it." We walked over to the table and he pulled out my chair. "Such a gentleman." I said. He laughed. Kelly walked up with menus. "Hello. Welcome to the Garcia dinner. Our specials are spaghetti, spaghetti, or spaghetti." I opened the menu and all it said was spaghetti. "I guess we will have the spaghetti." I said. "Good choice." Kelly said taking our menus. "Your food should be out in just a minute." I smiled and took a sip of my water. "This is beautiful." "Yea, you are." I smiled. "Here is your food." Kelly said as she set our food down. "Thanks." Shawn and I said at the same time. We all laughed. "Refill on the water miss?" Justin said as he walked behind Kelly with some water. "Sure." He poured Shawn and I some water. "If you need anything else just ring the bell." Kelly said pointing to the bell. They walked away and we started eating. "Wow, this is really good spaghetti." "Yea, that's Kelly's special recipe." I nodded and ate. I finished my bowl and Kelly came out again. "We have chocolate cake for desert." "I'll have one." "Me too." I said. "Okay." Justin came out and gave us our chocolate cake. "What is this all about?" I asked Shawn. "Can't we have a special date without something special going on?" I smiled. "I guess." I finished my cake.

Kelly came out and got our plates. "Now, for the special entertainment of the night." She brought the plates to where ever they were bringing our stuff. "Please look to your left." I heard someone say. Justin and Kelly were sitting on stools, while Justin had his guitar.
Justin starting playing and singing.

105 is the number that comes to my head,

When I think of all the years I want to be with you.

Then they got to the chorus. Kelly's started singing.

I'll say "Will you marry me?" I swear that I will mean it,

I'll say "Will you marry me?" Singing.

Then they harmonized in a beautiful harmony,

Ooh whoa ooh oh
Ooh whoa ooh oh
Ooh whoa ooh oh

 Oh, yeah
They finished the song and I started clapping. "That was beautiful." They bowed. Everyone came out and stood by Kelly and Justin.  Kelly got her phone out and pointed the camera towards me. I heard someone clear their throat from behind me. I turned around and saw Shawn on one knee. I gasped and put my hands over my mouth. He opened the box, revealing a beautiful ring! "Molly Mae Turner, I have been in love with you since the day I laid eyes on you. You are the most beautiful girl I could have ever dated. So, with saying that, will you make me the happiest man on earth and take my hand in marriage?" I smiled and nodded. Shawn took my hand and slid the ring on my finger. He got up and spun me around, kissing me when my feet touched the ground. He turned towards everyone else. "SHE SAID YES!!!!!!" He shouted. Kelly ran up and hugged the both of us, followed by everyone else forming a big group hug. I'm so glad that I got to be part of this wonderful family.

Kelly's P.O.V

She said yes! I'm so happy. We packed everything up and headed home. I said goodbye to Missy and Ryan. Chaz had decided to have himself and Leslie stay at his parents place since it wasn't as late as it was yesterday. Demi stayed in the guest room. I said goodnight to Shawn, Molly and Demi and headed to my room. I took a quick shower and changed into sweat pants and a tank top. J was already in bed asleep. I laid down and kissed his cheek. I cuddled into him and I felt his arms wrap around my waist. "Goodnight babe." He said. "Goodnight." "I love you." "I love you too." And with that I fell asleep.

A/N YAYYY!!! MARRIAGE!!!!!! It went from sad to happy too! Well, THANKS FOR READING SO FAR!!! MUCH MORE TO COME!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!<3




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